Ruihua Products

Ruihua hand-make and machine wooden products in Shuangliu district - part of Chengdu, home of the Blue Sheep shop. Thier products include beautiful wooden bookmarks and rulers, as well as book stands and other ornaments.
Browse Ruihua's products below and, if you see anything you like, make a note of the product name and click here to choose an ordering method!
<p>Deluxe Bookmark&nbsp;</p>

Deluxe Bookmark 

Price: ¥35
Deluxe bookmarks feature tassle, and gold lettering.
<p>Medium Wooden Bookmarks</p>

Medium Wooden Bookmarks

Price: ¥26 each
A variety of designs, featuring tassle for ease of use!
<p>Small Wooden Bookmarks&nbsp;</p>

Small Wooden Bookmarks 

Price: ¥18 each
Small wooden bookmarks from Ruihua
<p>Wooden Rulers</p>

Wooden Rulers

Price: ¥50 each
A range of designs and wood finishes.
<p>Large Wooden Cross</p>

Large Wooden Cross

Price: ¥100
Large (40cm) wooden cross from Ruihua, with hole in back for ease of hanging on a wall.
<p>Book Stand</p>

Book Stand

Price: ¥120
A huge variety of designs available.
<p>Faith Hope Love Magnet Sets</p>

Faith Hope Love Magnet Sets

Price: ¥15
Wooden magnet sets.
<p>Wooden Cross&nbsp;Magnet</p>

Wooden Cross Magnet

Price: ¥22
Simple magnetic wooden crodd from Ruihua.