The Second Life Products

Recycled paper products, and peanut nougat sweets made by disabled children.
Browse 2nd Life's products below and, if you see anything you like, make a note of the product name and click here to choose an ordering method!

<p>Pressed Flower Recycled Notebooks</p>

Pressed Flower Recycled Notebooks

Price: ¥18-¥65
Recycled paper notebooks with pressed flower design on the cover, in three sizes.  Very popular!
<p>2nd Life Postcards!</p>

2nd Life Postcards!

Price: ¥15
Special printed postcards from The Second Life.
<p>Peanut Nougat</p>

Peanut Nougat

Price: ¥39/box
Nougat with peanuts, hand-made by disabled children.  Yummy! 
<p>Peanut Nougat Multipack</p>

Peanut Nougat Multipack

Price: ¥125
A box containing 4 smaller nougat boxes!