Mai Savanh Lao Products

Silk production, embroidery and weaving are part of traditional Laos art, deserving to be known more widely. Everybody has the right to make a dignified living from their work. That is why Mai Savanh Lao works with disadvantaged people in order to promote their handicrafts accodring to Fair Trade principles. Products handmade in Laos may have some irregularities. These irregularities are the distinguishing marks of handcraft and therefore highlight its uniqueness. All of their silk is hand-woven.
This producer is from Laos, and when sold out re-ordering may take some time; consider all of these products to be of limited stock!
Browse Mai Savanh Lao's products below and, if you see anything you like, make a note of the product name and click here to choose an ordering method!
<p>Side Bag&nbsp;</p>

Side Bag 

Price: ¥270-¥295 each
Silk shoulder-slung bags with long strap and button details from Mai Savanh Lao
<p>Silk Scarves&nbsp;</p>

Silk Scarves 

Price: ¥224-¥648 each
Silk scarves from Mai Savanh Lao.  A huge variety of designs and colours, each with an individual price depending on the artisan and quality.
<p>Small Pouch</p>

Small Pouch

Price: ¥80 each
Sall drawstring pouch from mai Savanh Lao
Cosmetic Bags&nbsp;
Cosmetic Bags 
Price: ¥120 each
Little handmade toiletry bags from Mai Savanh Lao.
Cushion Covers&nbsp;
Cushion Covers 
Price: ¥270 each
Square Cushion covers from Mai Savanh Lao in a range of colours.