Ms. Li Products

Ms. Li was born with a spinal disability that left her with no feeling or movement in her legs. She was never able to go to school because, back then, the school did not accept children with a disability. She was very curious about the outside world, and this has helped her to be motivated to learn.
A charity called Haiyuan helped Ms. Li to learn how to make handcrafted goods, as well as helping her to sell them online and 'offline'. They also encouraged her to teach others to make handcrafts. She now works as part of a small team to produce handcrafted products, as well as training others, including a mentally challenged man.
Ms. Li makes beautiful sand pictures and stuffed toys - including our llama/alpaca stuffed toy: one of our most popular items!
Browse Ms. Li's products below and, if you see anything you like, make a note of the product name and click here to choose an ordering method!


Price: ¥50
Handmade llama/alpaca soft toy from Ms. Li, available in two colours.  Very popular!


Price: ¥60
Another popular soft toy from Ms. Li!  A character from a popular Japanese cartoon.  Holding a parcel of...?
Medium Sand Pictures&nbsp;
Medium Sand Pictures 
Price: ¥51-¥80
Medium sized glass containers with beautiful pictures hand-crafted by Ms. Li!  A variety of colours and designs are available. 
<p>Small Sand Pictures&nbsp;</p>

Small Sand Pictures 

Price: ¥25 each
Small glass bottle filled with coloured sand by Ms.Li, expertly fashioned into a beautiful picture!
<p>Large Sand Pictures&nbsp;</p>

Large Sand Pictures 

Price: ¥80 each
Larger glass container filled with coloured sand by Ms.Li, expertly fashioned into a beautiful picture!  Round and square versions available.
Stuffed Cactus Desk Pals&nbsp;
Stuffed Cactus Desk Pals 
Price: ¥39 each
Little plant-pot dwelling stuffed toys to bring a smile to your desk!   Many versions available. Made by a friend of Ms. Li.