Grace Chocolate Products

Established in 2007, Grace is located in Changsha, Hunan. The founder is passionate about helping disadvantaged people, teaching them to make chocolate by hand. The skills as well as the raw materials come from Belgium.
They have many delicious varieties including filled chocolates, white, milk and dark chocolate, truffles and chocolate chips; a gourmet selection!
These ladies make chocolate with passion and gratitude, trying their best to keep the elegance of the finest real Belgian chocolate.
Browse Grace Chocolate's products below and, if you see anything you like, make a note of the product name and click here to choose an ordering method!#
PLEASE NOTE: due to the hot climate in Chengdu, we tend not to stock meltable(!) items during the summer months.
<p>150g Chocolate Coated Almonds Tubs&nbsp;</p>

150g Chocolate Coated Almonds Tubs 

Price: ¥68 each
 Available in dark chocolate or white chocolate varieties.
Chocolate Beans 130g&nbsp;
Chocolate Beans 130g 
Price: ¥45
White or dark chocolate in the shape of beans!  Delicious!
<p>Dark Choc Bites 60g&nbsp;</p>

Dark Choc Bites 60g 

Price: ¥18/bag
Available in 'Coffee Toffee', 'Almond', 'Soft Dark' or 'Soft Mint' flavours.  Delicious! 
Dark Choc Bites (bulk)&nbsp;
Dark Choc Bites (bulk) 
Price: ¥60-¥100
Chocs in larger quantities!  Almond or Coffee, Mint or 'Original' flavours, 250g and 500g available.
<p>'Fresh' Chocolate Ganache.</p>

'Fresh' Chocolate Ganache.

Price: ¥88
Chocolate box includes cocoa, matcha or strawberry flavoured chocolate slab, 120g, and knife and fork!
<p>Cat Cartoon Chocolate Box&nbsp;</p>

Cat Cartoon Chocolate Box 

Price: ¥118
Small selection box with a cute lid!  105g of finest Belgian-style chocolates!
<p>Cocoa Powder 400g</p>

Cocoa Powder 400g

Price: ¥69 each
High quality cocoa powder from Grace.
<p>Dark Chocolate Baking Chips</p>

Dark Chocolate Baking Chips

Price: ¥36-¥69
We have used these in our cookies at Blue Sheep. but they're also great to eat straight form the bag! 170g or 340g bags.
<p>Chocolate Lollipops&nbsp;</p>

Chocolate Lollipops 

Price: ¥8-18 each
A huge variety!  It seems they have new designs each year. Come and see what we have in store!
<p>3-in-1 chocolate boxes.&nbsp;</p>

3-in-1 chocolate boxes. 

Price: ¥30
Three small pots of chocolate in a presentation box!  Many flavours available.
<p>Small Chocolate Boxes.&nbsp;</p>

Small Chocolate Boxes. 

Price: ¥49
Small box (4) chocolates in rose (44g) or heart (48g) varieties.  Delicious!
<p>Chocolate Tin&nbsp;</p>

Chocolate Tin 

Price: ¥268
Large Tin of expertly made chocolates from Grace!  Beautiful tin, 265g.
<p>Heart-shaped chocolate box&nbsp;</p>

Heart-shaped chocolate box 

Price: ¥128
Heart shaped box, prefect for anniversary or Valentine's day! 95g.