Woodcarver Zhang Products

In Dong Yang city in 1986 a Christian artist decided to promote his art in China. With advice and help from others, he set up a wood-carving workshop making nativities. He trained many people in the skills necessary to carve Camphor wood by hand. Most of these trained wood-carvers were housewives whose husbands were in other cities for work.
Time has gone on, and many of these skilled artisans are now too old to carve the wood. In order to preserve the tradition, and to pass on the knowledge to a new generation, the workshop now needs to train and hire new workers to produce the art if the Woodcarver Zhang heritage it to be continued.
Most of the products from Woodcarver Zhang are still made from Camphor and Basswood.
Browse Woodcarver Zhang's products below and, if you see anything you like, make a note of the product name and click here to choose an ordering method!
<p>Small Nativity Plinth&nbsp;</p>

Small Nativity Plinth 

Price: ¥269
Pictured is just one from a huge range of plinth-style nativities, hand-carved by Zhang and his team!
Massive Nativity&nbsp;
Massive Nativity 
Price: ¥4888
Enormous nativity set, ideal for hotel or church use.  Chinese style hand-carved characters made from camphor, and a stable building with a roof of straw.
Dragon Noah's Ark&nbsp;
Dragon Noah's Ark 
Price: ¥3399
Noah's Ark set with an unmistakably Chinese style!
<p>Noah's Ark Chinese Knot</p>

Noah's Ark Chinese Knot

Price: ¥99 each
Hand-carved wood depiction of Noah's ark, at a great price!  Chinese knot-style hanging.
<p>Medium Nativity Set</p>

Medium Nativity Set

This medium-sized nativity from Woodcarver Zhang features sliding doors and bamboo features!  all the figures fit inside for storage.
Small Nativity Set&nbsp;
Small Nativity Set 
The smallest nativity 'set' from Woodcarver Zhang.  All the figures fit inside the 'stable' house!
<p>Large Nativity Knot&nbsp;</p>

Large Nativity Knot 

Price: ¥450
Hand-carved, many different styes! Unmistakably Chinese style!
<p>Praying Hands Plate&nbsp;</p>

Praying Hands Plate 

Price: ¥249
17.5cm across, hand-carved ornamental plate of camphor wood.
<p>Fish and Loaves Knot</p>

Fish and Loaves Knot

Price: ¥179
Depicting two fish and five loaves, this Chinese-style knot ornament is a conversation starter!
<p>Sower Ornament&nbsp;</p>

Sower Ornament 

Price: ¥399
From the famous parable, this free-standing ornament is beautifully hand-carved from wood.  One alternative design is available.
<p>Noah's Ark Set</p>

Noah's Ark Set

Price: ¥3399
Noah's Ark set, including pairs of animals, and a boat, all hand-carved from Camphor wood!
<p>Good Shepherd&nbsp;</p>

Good Shepherd 

Price: ¥399
This hand-carved free-standing ornament is available in one other design. 
<p>Christmas Tree Decorations&nbsp;</p>

Christmas Tree Decorations 

Price: ¥29-¥49 each
Pictured is only a small selection from a huge range of beautiful wooden tree ornaments are available.  
<p>Silver Pendants (large)&nbsp;</p>

Silver Pendants (large) 

Price: ¥220 each
Woodcarver Zhang also produce some elegant silver jewellery!

Pictured are a selection of Zhang's silver pendants, featuring Chinese characters with a range of meanings in a range of styles.

<p>XL Camphor Nativity&nbsp;&nbsp;</p>

XL Camphor Nativity  

Price: ¥2600 
A generously sized nativity, featuring wise men, shepherds, inkeeper, father, mother and baby, angel and a menagerie of animals!