MSI Products

MSI Professional Services International (formerly Medical Services International) is a non-profit charitable organization founded in 1994 to provide development assistance to China.
MSI Professional Services is a non-profit organization serving the holistic needs of the people in inland China. Committed to sharing love with their lives, promoting meaningful exchange, and cooperating with the Chinese government and other entities to equip local communities to serve China’s vulnerable populations.
The handicrafts and Yi clothing produced by Moonbeam (an MSI training and production facility) quickly became very popular. These products of the Yi people slowly grew to be symbols of Zhaojue and of national pride. Since then, the government started to promote costume festivals for the Yi people. Moonbeam took on the task of promoting and passing on the Yi culture. Moonbeam has hosted numerous government officials and friends from other countries and was invited by the government to attend exhibitions as Liangshan’s representative at various festivals. The innovative concepts from Moonbeam led to the development of modern Yi clothing and handicrafts. This helped establish the sale of Yi ethnic clothing, with increasing numbers of ethnic clothing shops opening in Zhaojue and Xichang.
After the closing of MSI's Moonbeam facility due to unpaid customer invoices, and increasing competition in the marketplace, Blue Sheep decided to buy as much of their remaining product as possible. This means each item is in very limited stock!
Some of the workers from Moonbeam went on to become a teacher, a supervisor in a factory, and some decided to use the skills acquired with MSI to make their own handcrafts at home.
Browse MSI's products below and, if you see anything you like, make a note of the product name and click here to choose an ordering method!

<p>Small Framed Yi Embroidery&nbsp;</p>

Small Framed Yi Embroidery 

Price: ¥100
Traditional hand-embroiderd Yi pattern, framed.
<p>Small Drawstring Bag&nbsp;</p>

Small Drawstring Bag 

Price: ¥80
Available in several colours of embroidery on a black bag
<p>Small Bag&nbsp;</p>

Small Bag 

Price: ¥38
A basic entry-level product from MSI. 
<p>'Multi Strap' Bag&nbsp;</p>

'Multi Strap' Bag 

Price: ¥100
Multi-functional bag featuring Yi Minority pattern motif. 
<p>Small Bag&nbsp;</p>

Small Bag 

Price: ¥28 each
Makes a nice cover for an e-reader or small tablet.
<p>Round Bag&nbsp;</p>

Round Bag 

Price: ¥56
Barrel-shaped zip-up bag featuring a Yi style embroidered pattern.


Price: ¥25
Yi-Minority inspired earrings at a low price, in many designs and colours!  Get them quick while stocks last! 
<p>Small Drawstring Bag&nbsp;</p>

Small Drawstring Bag 

Price: ¥30 each
For keeping millet or spices in, but could also protect your phone or coins!  Featuring a range of patterns and colours in the Yi style
<p>Wallet/Passport Cover&nbsp;</p>

Wallet/Passport Cover 

Price: ¥28 each
Sewn Passport sleeve with convenient pockets, in a variety of colours!
<p>Waist Bag&nbsp;</p>

Waist Bag 

Price: ¥45
Bum-bag or fanny-pack, featuring embroidered Yi minority pattern in popular Yi colours!
<p>Tissue Dispenser</p>

Tissue Dispenser

Price: ¥85
Tissue box cover featuring hand-embroidered Yi pattern in typically Yi colours.
Yi Hanging Pockets&nbsp;
Yi Hanging Pockets 
Price: ¥68
Embroidered wall hanging featuring hand-embroidered Yi pattern and two handy pockets for displaying or stashing tools, pens or whatever you like!  A range of colours.