Pann Nann Ein Products

"People used to 'look down' on me because I have a disability. But now I have work and an income so people in the community look up to me."
Pann Nann Ein is a local foundation based in Dala, Myanmar. They work with persons with a range of disabilities, including hearing and physical impairment. A major cause of poverty amongst persons with disabilities is lack of work. Pann Nann Ein literally means 'Creative Royal Home' and expresses their vision to enable persons with disabilities to have full and dignified lives through the making and selling of handmade products.
At Pann Nann Ein, they also believe that handicraft activity should be used as a key component in the rehabilitation process of people with mental illness. The activities PNE are involved in focus on providing stimulation, recreation and a sense of achievement for both male and female people with mental illness.
This producer is from Myanmar, and when sold out re-ordering may take some time; consider all of these products to be of limited stock!
Browse Pann Nann Ein's products below and, if you see anything you like, make a note of the product name and click here to choose an ordering method!
<p>Coin Purse&nbsp;</p>

Coin Purse 

Price: ¥19 each
Handmade coin purses from Pann Nann Ein
<p>Pencil Case&nbsp;</p>

Pencil Case 

Price: ¥29 each
Long, zip-top pencil cases handmade by the artisans at Pann Nann Ein.
<p>Double-Zip Bag&nbsp;</p>

Double-Zip Bag 

Price: ¥36 each
Handy bag for pencils, or cosmetics, or whatever will fit!  Handmade at Pann Nann Ein.
<p>Shoulder Bag</p>

Shoulder Bag

Price: ¥40
Useful bag to save on plastic waste when shopping, or just to carry your daily essentials around!  Handmade at Pann Nann Ein.


Price: ¥40/set 4
Two colours available.  Set of four handmade coasters, from Pann Nann Ein.
<p>Magnet Sets</p>

Magnet Sets

Price: ¥30/set6
Each magnet is handmade!  Set of 6, button-style magnets for your fridge, from Pann Nann Ein.  The design of these ingenius magnets came to someone in a dream!
<p>Couple Bookmarks</p>

Couple Bookmarks

Price: ¥25/pair
Hand-cut and assembeld by the artisans at Pann Nann Ein, these bookmarks come in a range of colours.
<p>Greetings Cards</p>

Greetings Cards

Price: ¥16 each
Beautifully, expertly cut and assembeld by a team of artisans.  These greetings cards from Pann Nann Ein are stunning. 
Price: ¥35 each
Hand-cut and hand-assembled, these journals are from the team at Pann Nann Ein, Myanmar.