Jewellery For Bema Products

Dawa, the oldest of nine children, was raised in a small Tibetan farming village. Her family could not afford to send her to school so she left home at 18 in search of work. Serving in restaurants and cleaning houses, Dawa struggled to support her immediate family while contributing to the needs of her extended family. Because of her husband's heart condition, Dawa worked diligently as the primary breadwinner but desired to be home to raise her daughter.
After being given tools and some beads in 2009, she discovered her enjoyment in making jewellery. Today, Dawa's jewellery business not only supports her family, but also provides something she never had - an education for her daughter, Bema.
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Price: ¥60
Pictured is just a small selection from the huge range of earrings available from Bema!
<p>Multi-thread&nbsp; Necklace</p>

Multi-thread  Necklace

Price: ¥85
Just one from a huge range of necklaces available, all hand-made by Dawa.
<p>Turquoise Necklaces&nbsp;</p>

Turquoise Necklaces 

Price: ¥270 each
Turquoise necklace with a large beautiful stone pendant available, all hand-made by Dawa.
<p>Multi-thread Large Bead Necklaces&nbsp;</p>

Multi-thread Large Bead Necklaces 

Price: ¥120
Many threads with an assortment of beads in various colours and sizes, hand-made by Dawa.
<p>Double Necklaces&nbsp;</p>

Double Necklaces 

Price: ¥159
Two beaded threads adorn this necklace hand-made by Dawa.
<p>Dzi 'Tianzhu' Necklace&nbsp;</p>

Dzi 'Tianzhu' Necklace 

Price: ¥135 each
Each bead is unique.  Dzi beads are mysterious and highly sought after.  
<p>Large Bead Bracelets&nbsp;</p>

Large Bead Bracelets 

Price: ¥75 each
A range of coloured beaded bracelets, hand-woven by Dawa.
<p>Red Beaded Bracelets&nbsp;</p>

Red Beaded Bracelets 

Price: ¥90 each
A new addition to the range for 2023
<p>Dzi and Turquoise Bracelets&nbsp;</p>

Dzi and Turquoise Bracelets 

Price: ¥115 each
Beautiful beads fashioned into these great creations by Bema.
Necklace and Earring Sets&nbsp;
Necklace and Earring Sets 
Price: ¥153/set
Either red or turquoiuse beads feature in these matching sets.  New to 2023. 
<p>Stone Bracelet&nbsp;</p>

Stone Bracelet 

Price: ¥90
Large stone beads hand-woven onto this bracelet from Bema.
<p>Turquoise Necklace&nbsp;</p>

Turquoise Necklace 

Price: ¥153 each
No two of these natural turquoise beads is alike, making each necklace truly unique.
<p>White Long Necklace&nbsp;</p>

White Long Necklace 

Price: ¥75 each
A favourite among Blue Sheep customers.
<p>Black Long Necklace&nbsp;</p>

Black Long Necklace 

Price: ¥75 each
One of our best-selling products. 
<p>Blue Long Necklace&nbsp;</p>

Blue Long Necklace 

Price: ¥85 each
The extra turquoise beads make this long necklace extra special.