Dancing Yak Products

Dancing Yak Handicrafts is a skills training center where Tibetans are trained in sewing and anything connected to it. Dancing Yak products are made of Tibetan materials only; mostly yak hair and sheep wool. They receive them from the nomad women who spin and weave it by hand. All are eco-friendly and made chemical-free. Dancing Yak have a range of different small and large shoulder bags, computer bags, iPad covers, cellphone bags, pen cases, wallets, dish sets, coasters, table runners, cushion covers, Tibetan slippers, jewellery, cards, notebooks etc.
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Toiletry Bags 
Toiletry Bags 
Price: ¥69 each
Convenient cosmetic cases, made from ornate Tibetan cloth.  Various colours, including white, purple, blue, green, red, brown and black.
Price: ¥25 each
New for 2021, these pompom keyrings are made by hand!  Perfect accessory to accompany Dancing Yak bags and purses! 
Shoulder Bag With Cord Strap
Shoulder Bag With Cord Strap
Price: ¥69 each
Durable and practical, these beautiful bags from Dancing Yak are woven with a variety of patterns and feature zip closing. 
Phone Cases 
Phone Cases 
Price: ¥79-89
Beautiful phone bags with long strap for carrying.  In two sizes. 
Placemat & Coaster Pair
Placemat & Coaster Pair
Price: ¥99/set
PLacemats and coasters, handmade with Tibetan materials, and a distinctly Tibetan design!
<p>Yak Bags</p>

Yak Bags

Price: ¥159 each
These bags are full of character!  Made from Tibetan felt, and featuring the unmistakable Yak design from Dancing Yak!
Square Placemats
Square Placemats
Price: ¥59 each
Square mats to adorn your table, ethically made by Dancing Yak's Tibetan team! 
Small Shoulder Bag&nbsp;
Small Shoulder Bag 
Price: ¥99 each
Unmistakably Tibetan small side bags with zip and toggle, in 6 different colours! 
<p>Shoulder Bag&nbsp;</p>

Shoulder Bag 

Price: ¥219
Available in a variety of colours.  Zip-up, long-strap shoulder bags. 
<p>Laptop Cases&nbsp;</p>

Laptop Cases 

Price: ¥189
Beautiful laptop sleeves with a variety of designs with silk detail.
<p>Tablet Case&nbsp;</p>

Tablet Case 

Price: ¥155
Patterned case for larger tablets.   
<p>Large Wooly Shoulder Bag</p>

Large Wooly Shoulder Bag

Price: ¥289
Wooly Larger Shoulder bag, in a various colours. Made with 100% machine-woven yak wool.
<p>Drawstring Bag&nbsp;</p>

Drawstring Bag 

Price: ¥49
Drawstring-style bag lovingly made from material with a popular pattern.
<p>Large Yak Wool Satchel&nbsp;</p>

Large Yak Wool Satchel 

Price: ¥299
Made from 100% hand-woven yak wool.  Adjustable strap.
<p>Small Satchel&nbsp;</p>

Small Satchel 

Price: ¥249
Smaller shoulder bag with strap, made with 100% machine-woven yak wool. 
<p>Cushion Cover&nbsp;</p>

Cushion Cover 

Price: ¥55
Square cushion cover, zip-up back. 
<p>Scroll Bag&nbsp;</p>

Scroll Bag 

Price: ¥18
A great accompaniment to Chinese scroll paintings from Dancing Yak.
<p>Deluxe Cushion Cover</p>

Deluxe Cushion Cover

Price: ¥189
Handmade square cushion cover with relief pattern. 
<p>K52 Bag&nbsp;</p>

K52 Bag 

Price: ¥219
Simple satchel bag with long shoulder strap, made from woven yakswool material.
K48 Bag&nbsp;
K48 Bag 
Price: ¥319
Deluxe, handmade yakswool side-bag, featuring silk detail in a variety of colours. 
<p>Dancing Yak Bag&nbsp;</p>

Dancing Yak Bag 

Price: ¥269
Small satchel bag made from Yakswool, with iconic Tibetan pattern detail.
<p>Large Yakwool Coaster</p>

Large Yakwool Coaster

Price: ¥29 each
Larger (13.5cm) square coaster, harnessing the insulating properties of yakswool!
<p>Small Yakwool Coaster&nbsp;</p>

Small Yakwool Coaster 

Price: ¥25 each
Small (11.5cm) square yakswool coaster from Dancing Yak.
Small Coaster Pair&nbsp;
Small Coaster Pair 
Price: ¥22/pair
Colourful handmade coasters, 11.5cm square.
<p>Tablet Cases (small)&nbsp;</p>

Tablet Cases (small) 

Price: ¥109
Beautifully sewn tablet covers/cases.