Yu Family Products

The Yu family make beautiful handcrafted leather goods, which allows them to take care of and provide for each other. Two of their sons were born with Beta Thalassemia, a blood disorder that causes extreme anaemia and mishappen bones and organs. They are reliant on frequent blood transfusions every 3 weeks, and will eventually require a bone marrow transplant in order to survive. Their young daughter was born with Downs Syndrome and has recently had a heart operation. 
This puts an incredible strian on the Yu family and their financial resources. So, in order to provide the level of care that their children need, they have learnt how to create these intricate leather products, allowing them financial independance and also providing them with hope. 
Browse the Yu Family's products below and, if you see anything you like, make a note of the product name and click here to choose an ordering method! If Yu Family items are out of stock, it may be possible to make them to order.

<p>'Holy' Rustic Leather Pencil Case</p>

'Holy' Rustic Leather Pencil Case

Price: ¥219
Designed by Hebing, these hand-made Yu family products are truly unique.  A leather cord closes around a hand-carved leather button.  Several designs available.  Each hand-carved item is unique! 
<p>'Holy' Rustic Leather Paperweight</p>

'Holy' Rustic Leather Paperweight

Price: ¥199
A modern spin on a traditional design, these heavy metal weights are housed in an expertly carved leather sleeve by Mrs. Yu.  Beautiful and functional!
<p>'Holy' Leather and Wood Coaster</p>

'Holy' Leather and Wood Coaster

Price: ¥109 each
Walnut wooden coasters designed and turned by Hebing, with leather inlay made by Mrs. Yu!  The result is beautiful.  Different patterns available.
<p>'Holy' Leather Lighter sleeve</p>

'Holy' Leather Lighter sleeve

Price: ¥58
With design input from Hebing, these 'Holy' branded products are hand-made by Mrs. Yu.  Several designs available.  
<p>Skateboard Pen</p>

Skateboard Pen

Price: ¥180
Eugene Yu has begun making these striking pens from broken skateboards donated by the Chengdu skate-shop, Flow.  The first batch sold out very quickly!  Many colours available.
<p>Leather Key Holder</p>

Leather Key Holder

Price: ¥166
This beautiful leather key holder helps to stop your keys from damaging the other belongings in your bag!  Hand-carved by the Yu family.
<p>Carved Leather Bag (Small)</p>

Carved Leather Bag (Small)

Price: ¥978
Beautifully carved product from the Yu family, just in time for 2020!  Stock is limited, so buy quickly if interested!
<p>Leather Card Organiser</p>

Leather Card Organiser

Price: ¥129 each
Carved namecard holder.  Insert can be easily removed/replaced.  Various designs (pictured).
<p>Carved Leather Sandals</p>

Carved Leather Sandals

Price: ¥219
Carved leather sandals from the Yu family in various designs and colours.
<p>Carved Leather Handbag</p>

Carved Leather Handbag

Price: ¥898
Ornately carved 'patchwork' design with long leather strap included. 
<p>Carved Leather Tote</p>

Carved Leather Tote

Price: ¥988
High-quality leather tote with beautifully ornate hand-carved leather detail in beautiful colours!
<p>Carved Leather 'Cat' Backpack</p>

Carved Leather 'Cat' Backpack

Price: ¥899
Hand-crafted leather backpack with an unique design.
<p>Leather Earrings</p>

Leather Earrings

Price: ¥60/pair
Hand made leather earrings from the yu family.  A variety of designs and colours available.
<p>Carved Leather Key Holder&nbsp;</p>

Carved Leather Key Holder 

Price: ¥90
Handy hard carved leather key holder, featuring maple leaf design.  Available in a range of colours.
<p>Carved Leather Notebook Covers&nbsp;</p>

Carved Leather Notebook Covers 

Price: ¥380 each
Hand-carved leather notebook cover (includes notebook!) available in two colours.
<p>Various Carved Leather Coasters&nbsp;</p>

Various Carved Leather Coasters 

Price: ¥125 each
large (14cm) hand-carved leather coasters witha variety of designs.
Coal Tit Carved Leather Coaster&nbsp;
Coal Tit Carved Leather Coaster 
Price: ¥125
large (14cm) hand-carved leather coasters with bird and branch design.
<p>Panda Leather Coaster&nbsp;</p>

Panda Leather Coaster 

Price: ¥125 each
A polygonal panda design on a 14cm diameter hand-carved leather coaster.
<p>Carved Leather Leaf Pattern Handbag&nbsp;</p>

Carved Leather Leaf Pattern Handbag 

Price: ¥1460
A beautifully and ornately carved leather handbag featuring leaf detailing and the highest quality finish.
<p>Carved Leather Handbag with Dog Design</p>

Carved Leather Handbag with Dog Design

Price: ¥629
hand-carved leather design adorns this handbag with short ahndles and optional long strap.
<p>Satchel Bag with Carved Leather Detail</p>

Satchel Bag with Carved Leather Detail

Price: ¥1460
This leather satchel bag was Intricately and ornately crafted by the Yu family. 
<p>Ornately Carved Leather Handbag&nbsp;</p>

Ornately Carved Leather Handbag 

Price: ¥1359
Meticulously hand-crafted by the Yu family, this leather handbag features carved swirling leaf and flower patterns.
<p>Carved Leather Large Handbag with Sling&nbsp;</p>

Carved Leather Large Handbag with Sling 

Price: ¥2039
A beautifully decorated large leather handbag by the Yu family, featuring hand-carved geometric patterns and cherry blossoms. 
<p>Leather Blue Sheep Keyring&nbsp;</p>

Leather Blue Sheep Keyring 

Price: ¥39
Leather keyring by the Yu family featuring our very own Blue Sheep logo! Various colours available.
<p>Carved Leather Belts&nbsp;</p>

Carved Leather Belts 

Price: ¥295
A series of expertly carved leather belts in various sizes and colours.  Different designs also available! 
<p>Flat Leather Bracelets&nbsp;</p>

Flat Leather Bracelets 

Price: ¥35
Comfortable  adjustable leather bracelets, with a series of sayings in Chinese.
<p>Leather Pen&nbsp;</p>

Leather Pen 

Price: ¥180
Expertly fashioned from leather, this pen is a handcrafted gift of the hightst quality. 
<p>Leather Bracelets&nbsp;</p>

Leather Bracelets 

Price: ¥50
Comfortable, adjustable leather bracelets in a range of colours.
<p>Carved Leather Wallet With Fish Design</p>

Carved Leather Wallet With Fish Design

Price: ¥256
Beautifully hand-crafted leather wallet from the Yu family with bold Fish design.
<p>Leather Trifold Wallet (w/fish)&nbsp;</p>

Leather Trifold Wallet (w/fish) 

Price: ¥409
Leather wallet featuring bold fish design.  Hand-carved leather by the Yu family!
<p>Carved Leather Trifold Wallet&nbsp;</p>

Carved Leather Trifold Wallet 

Price: ¥439
Leather wallet featuring ornately carved leather motif, available in a variety of designs.
<p>Leather Passport Holder</p>

Leather Passport Holder

Price: ¥185
Leather wallet designed to hold and protect a passport, featuring a Blue Sheep logo stamp!.
<p>Leather Slipper Shoes</p>

Leather Slipper Shoes

Price: ¥85/pair
Comfortable and warm handmade leather shoes with high backs for increased protection and warmth!.
<p>Eugene Yu Resin Candle Holders</p>

Eugene Yu Resin Candle Holders

Price: ¥68 each
As the Yu family expand their hand-poured resin range, these beautiful candle holders are among their latest products.  Lotus flower shape. 
<p>Leather Slippers</p>

Leather Slippers

Price: ¥68/pair
Easy to slip on and off, these low-back slippers will keep your feet warm inside!  Handmade from leather by the Yu family!
<p>Honey from Wenjiang</p>

Honey from Wenjiang

Price: ¥89
Honey made by the brother of Mr. Yu!