Tsedo & Dawa Products

Anu Dawa is an expert carpenter and makes beautiful carved ornaments and furniture. He trained some young unemployed youth for us who are now also skilled craftsmen. Anu Dawa now has a number of people he trained working with him. 
 Tsedo grew up in the countryside north of Lhasa. As a child, when at school or herding sheep, he dreamed of becoming a painter. At age 12, he began a 4-year apprenticeship with a tangka painter. Since then, he has painted for his livelihood.
Together, Tsedo and Dawa produce beautifully carved and painted wooden products, each uniquely made by hand.
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<p>Square Tray (small)&nbsp;</p>

Square Tray (small) 

Price: ¥695
Expertly carved and beautifully painted, this small tray brings an ornate piece of Tibetan culture into the room! Approx. 30cm square.
<p>Octagonal Tray&nbsp;</p>

Octagonal Tray 

Price: ¥845
Hand-carved and hand-painted, each tray is unique; a variety of different colours and designs, subject to availability! Approx. 30cm across.
<p>Square Tray (large)&nbsp;</p>

Square Tray (large) 

Price: ¥1080
This beautifully hand-crafted tray was produced by Tsedo and Dawa.  Utilising the expert techniques of two craftsmen, each piece truly is a work of art!  Approx. 43cm square.