Relevant Art Products

Relevant Art seeks to preserve and promote minority arts in a way that benefits the women who make them.The village women who make Relevant Art products receive a fair wage and learn useful life skills in a friendly environment that encourages them to succeed.
Relevant Art items are produced by an enterprise-based community development project among the Nosu minority of Southwest China. This project provides skills training bonuses, on-going skills training, new product development, medical insurance, and administrative support.
Browse Relevant Art's products below and, if you see anything you like, make a note of the product name and click here to choose an ordering method!

<p>Yi Triangle Dangles&nbsp;</p>

Yi Triangle Dangles 

Price: ¥106- ¥269 each
Feature a 'hidden' pocket!  Based on traditional design, hand-made by Relevant Art's Nosu artisans. Total length approx. 80cm.
<p>Yi Cushion Covers</p>

Yi Cushion Covers

Price: ¥68 each
Velvet 39cm square cushion cover with Yi pattern (cushion not included!)


Price: ¥89-¥93 each
Featuring Yi minority patterns in a green, purple, pink, red or blue, in two different sizes.


Price: ¥136 each
Great looking and great to use, these aprons in  a range of colours feature striking, hand-sewn Yi patterns and two pockets.
<p>Placemat Sets&nbsp;</p>

Placemat Sets 

Price: ¥226/set 4
Handmade embroidered placemat/coasters with Yi pattern embroidery.


Price: ¥45 each
Beautiful pincushions, hand-made in the usual range of Relevant Art colours!
<p>Embroidered Wallets&nbsp;</p>

Embroidered Wallets 

Price: ¥68 each
Trifold wallet featuring hand-embroidered Yi pattern.
<p>Tassel Earrings&nbsp;</p>

Tassel Earrings 

Price: ¥60/pair
Made due to popular demand, these long tassel earrings feature hand-crafted embroidery by Nosu Yi artisans, and come in 6 different colours!


Price: ¥65-¥135
With embroidered Yi embroidery pattern.  Available in child or adult sizes.
<p>Hair Bands&nbsp;</p>

Hair Bands 

Price: ¥48 each
Elasticated stretchy headband, featuring hand-embroidered Yi pattern in various colours.
Price: ¥78/set 4
A set of 4 hand-embroidered coasters, featuring Yi patten. 


Price: ¥82 each
Linen trifold wallet.  
<p>Small Bag With Sling&nbsp;</p>

Small Bag With Sling 

Price: ¥60
Small quilted bag with sling, featuring hand-embroidered Yi pattern in various colours.
<p>Keyrings and Phone Dangles&nbsp;</p>

Keyrings and Phone Dangles 

Price: ¥20 each
A small piece of Yi culture on your keyring or phone!  Featuring hand-embroidered Yi pattern in a variety of colours.


Small bookmark with a message on the back!


Price: ¥35 each
Larger bookmark with Yi minority embroidery.


Price: ¥38/pair
Hand-painted chopsticks in a hand-embroidered sleeve, perfect as a small gift, or as a 'greener' alternative to disposable chopsticks!
<p>Tissue Dispensers&nbsp;</p>

Tissue Dispensers 

Price: ¥30 each
Designed to hold and dispense small tissues, these pouches feature hand-embroidered Yi design, and include a few tissues!
<p>Yi Magnet&nbsp;</p>

Yi Magnet 

Price: ¥20 each
Handmade, hand-embroidered Yi pattern magnet from Relevant Art!