Kangqiao Products

Kangqiao make printed products and stationary such as calendars and notebooks.
Every purchase uplifts low income families and sustains livelihood programmes.
Browse Kangqiao's products below and, if you see anything you like, make a note of the product name and click here to choose an ordering method!

Price: ¥60
Origami earrings are among many earrings available from kangqiao, including some made using beads made from paper.
<p>Minority Portrait Cards&nbsp;</p>

Minority Portrait Cards 

Price: ¥25
A huge variety of greetings cards with both English and Chinese greetings, in either portrait or landscape orientation, featuring minority headdresses on cartoon characters!
<p>Framed Pictures&nbsp;</p>

Framed Pictures 

Price: ¥60-¥345
Beautiful framed pictures, hand cut from paper and card.  Deluxe version features beautiful quilling patterns and pictures.
Price: ¥12-¥70
Coasters made from recycled material - ethically sourced and made!