From hats and scarves to t-shirts and shoes, below is a selection of the clothes available in our store, hand-made by our wonderful producers and artisans.
If you see anything you like, make a note of the product name and click here to choose an ordering method! Remember, everything you buy from Blue Sheep helps disadvantaged people to support themselves, and profits go to help those in need!
<p>Hearts &amp; Hands Silk Tie&nbsp;</p>

Hearts & Hands Silk Tie 

Price: ¥33 each
A range of bright ties from Hearts & Hands!.
<p>Dali Batik Square Scarf</p>

Dali Batik Square Scarf

Price: ¥32

Beautiful batik scarf, 0.5m Square.

<p>Hearts &amp; Hands Underwear bag!</p>

Hearts & Hands Underwear bag!

NEW LOW Price: ¥29 each!
Keep your pants safe in this bag featuring lingerie pattern in a range of colours!
<p>Hearts &amp; Hands Silk Bathrobe</p>

Hearts & Hands Silk Bathrobe

Price: ¥149
Several colours available!
Blue Sheep T-shirts&nbsp;
Blue Sheep T-shirts 
Price: ¥98 each
High quality cotton t-shirts with screen printed Blue Sheep logo and slogan.  Light blue, white or black.   
<p>Clothing from Nepal!</p>

Clothing from Nepal!

Price: ¥106 each
A huge variety of hemp and cotton clothing from Nepal, all at one low price! Get in touch if you'd like to know more!
Choo Workshop Indigo Batik Scarves&nbsp;
Choo Workshop Indigo Batik Scarves 
Price: ¥139-¥189 each
These beautiful scarves are hand-dyed by a team of disabled artisans in Yunnan.   
Choo Workshop Indigo Batik Hats&nbsp;
Choo Workshop Indigo Batik Hats 
Price: ¥109
Hand-dyed by a team of disabled artisans in Yunnan, each is distinctive and unique!   
Nepalese Hemp Blue Sheep Baseball Caps&nbsp;
Nepalese Hemp Blue Sheep Baseball Caps 
Price: ¥66 each
Hand made in Nepal from 100% hemp, excluding optional addition of a Blue Sheep logo!  Four different colours available.  Velcro-adjustable. 
CAMAcraft scarves&nbsp;
CAMAcraft scarves 
Price: ¥215-¥265 each
Hand-made and hand-woven scarves from Myanmar.  Many colours available!
<p>Nepalese Felt Hats&nbsp;</p>

Nepalese Felt Hats 

Price: ¥59 Each
Feel like a pixie in these beautiful hand-made hats!.  
<p>Yu Family Carved Leather Sandals</p>

Yu Family Carved Leather Sandals

Price: ¥219
Carved leather sandals from the Yu family in various designs and colours.
<p>Shangdrok Yak Wool Scarf&nbsp;</p>

Shangdrok Yak Wool Scarf 

Price: ¥720
Super soft and warm yak felt scarf in a range of colours.  
<p>Shangdrok Felt Bowler Hat&nbsp;</p>

Shangdrok Felt Bowler Hat 

Price: ¥950
Handmade from the highest quality material, this felt hat comes with an assortment of different detail finishes and in different colours.
<p>Shangdrok Floppy Felt Hat&nbsp;</p>

Shangdrok Floppy Felt Hat 

Price: ¥950
Handmade from the finest felt, this hat comes in avariety of designs and colours
<p>Amdo Little Mittens</p>

Amdo Little Mittens

Price: ¥50
handmade mittens, with silk detail in a variet of colours.
<p>Amdo Waistcoat&nbsp;</p>

Amdo Waistcoat 

Price: ¥75-¥108
Handmade 'baby vest' to keep the chest warm - also available in adult sizes!
<p>Amdo Baby Booties&nbsp;</p>

Amdo Baby Booties 

Price: ¥59
Cutie booties for wee bebbies!

available in plain (silk) or embroidered (pictured) versions.

<p>Thanksgiving Narrow Leather Belt&nbsp;</p>

Thanksgiving Narrow Leather Belt 

Price: ¥70
Elegant hand-carved leather belts.  A  variety of colours and designs. New belt-holes can be added at request!
<p>Dongxiang Knitted Baby Boots&nbsp;</p>

Dongxiang Knitted Baby Boots 

Price: ¥51/pair
Cute boots for babies! 
A variety of designs and colours.
<p>Dongxiang Headband&nbsp;</p>

Dongxiang Headband 

Price: ¥10
Headband from Flowers of Dongxiang!
<p>Thanksgiving Wide Leather Belt&nbsp;</p>

Thanksgiving Wide Leather Belt 

Price: ¥70-¥98
Wide leather belt, both in plain or patterned varieties, and in a range of colours.  New belt-holes can be added at request!
<p>Relevant Art Hair Bands&nbsp;</p>

Relevant Art Hair Bands 

Price: ¥48 each
Elasticated stretchy headband, featuring hand-embroidered Yi pattern in various colours.
<p>Relevant Art T-shirts&nbsp;</p>

Relevant Art T-shirts 

Price: ¥65-¥135
With embroidered Yi embroidery pattern.  Available in child or adult sizes.
<p>Rocking Yak Knitted Spring Cowl&nbsp;</p>

Rocking Yak Knitted Spring Cowl 

Price: ¥106-¥240
Hand knitted using yak down yarn.
<p>Rocking Yak Knitted Yak Wool Hats&nbsp;</p>

Rocking Yak Knitted Yak Wool Hats 

Price: ¥81-¥210
A series of hand-knitted hats in an assortment of colours
<p>Rocking Yak Mittens</p>

Rocking Yak Mittens

Price: ¥89-¥210
Hand knitted from Yak wool, these mittens will keep your mitts warm in the winter!
<p>Mai Savanh Lao Silk Scarves&nbsp;</p>

Mai Savanh Lao Silk Scarves 

Price: ¥120-¥648 each
Silk scarves from Mai Savanh Lao.  A huge variety of designs and colours, each with an individual price depending on the artisan and quality.
<p>Rocking Yak Scarves</p>

Rocking Yak Scarves

Price: ¥89-¥305
Knitted stripey scarf, lovingly fashioned from yakwool thread
<p>Rocking Yak Baby Booties</p>

Rocking Yak Baby Booties

Price: ¥105
Hand knitted from Yak wool, Socks for wee bebbies!
<p>Nepalese Felt Slippers&nbsp;</p>

Nepalese Felt Slippers 

Price: ¥80(kids') - ¥90(adult) 
Beautiful, creative slippers of Nepalese felt. A huge range of designs available. 
<p>Nepalese Deluxe Felt Slippers&nbsp;</p>

Nepalese Deluxe Felt Slippers 

Price: ¥106/pair 
Nepalese felt slippers with a more durable sole. Several colours available.
<p>Saoban Silk Scarf 10-1</p>

Saoban Silk Scarf 10-1

Price: ¥215
Hand woven silk scarves from Saoban of Laos.
<p>Saoban Silk Scarf 11-4</p>

Saoban Silk Scarf 11-4

Price: ¥238
Hand woven silk scarves from Saoban of Laos.
<p>Yu Family Slipper/Shoes</p>

Yu Family Slipper/Shoes

Price: ¥85
High quality handmade leather shoes, keep your feet warm and protected.
<p>Yu Family Slippers</p>

Yu Family Slippers

Price: ¥68
Handmade Leather slippers to keep your feet warm!  Low back makes them easy to slip on and off.
<p>Amdo T-Shirts</p>

Amdo T-Shirts

Price: ¥63-¥115
High quality t-shirts, long or short-sleeve, with a printed Amdo Craft logo!
<p>Saoban Silk Scarf 10-5&nbsp;</p>

Saoban Silk Scarf 10-5 

Price: ¥265 each
Hand woven silk scarves from Saoban of Laos.
<p>Amdo Knitted Hats&nbsp;</p>

Amdo Knitted Hats 

Price: ¥85
Hand-knitted hats in a range of stylinsh colours!
<p>Nepalese Hemp Hats</p>

Nepalese Hemp Hats

Price: ¥39
A huge variety of designs!  Beautifully colourful hats for men or women!