Flowers of Dongxiang Products

In the mountains of Northwest China a Muslim group of people called the Dongxiang live. They are impoverished, and poorly educated, with the vast majority being subsistence farmers. Most men work far from home or have abandoned their family, leaving many women as the sole provider.
Flowers of Dongxiang attempts to provide the unemployed women with an income and a sense of accomplishment.
Flowers of Dongxiang seeks to give these marginalized women in northwest China dignity and an identity by offering them a means of supporting themselves and their families through their own handcrafts.
Browse Flowers of Dongxiang's products below and, if you see anything you like, make a note of the product name and click here to choose an ordering method!
<p>Embroidered Purse</p>

Embroidered Purse

Price: ¥25
Beautifully embroidered purse/small make-up bag from Dongxiang!
Embroidered Patch&nbsp;
Embroidered Patch 
Price: ¥32 each
Hand embroidered patch - for sewing onto clothing etc.  Two designs: butterfly, house.
Embroidered 'Shoe' Magnet&nbsp;
Embroidered 'Shoe' Magnet 
Price: ¥48
Beautifully hand embroidered fridge decoration.  A variety of colours available.
<p>Embroidered Christmas Decoration&nbsp;</p>

Embroidered Christmas Decoration 

Price: ¥32
Hand embroidered decoration.  Doves and snowflakes in various colours!  Perfect to hang on the tree!
<p>Knitted Baby Boots&nbsp;</p>

Knitted Baby Boots 

Price: ¥51/pair
Cute boots for babies! 
A variety of designs and colours.
<p>Autumn Scarf&nbsp;</p>

Autumn Scarf 

Price: ¥59
Autumnal colours feature in this hand-woven scarf!


Price: ¥10
Headband from Flowers of Dongxiang!
<p>Knitted Headbands</p>

Knitted Headbands

Price: ¥45 each
Knitted Headband from Flowers of Dongxiang, fluffy and warm.
<p>Knitted Wooly Hat&nbsp;</p>

Knitted Wooly Hat 

Price: ¥128
Hand-knitted hat from the flowers of Dongxiang.  A variety of colours and patterns available.
<p>Knitted Button-up Headband&nbsp;&nbsp;</p>

Knitted Button-up Headband  

Price: ¥51
Hand-knitted headband from Flowers of Dongxiang.  
<p>Knitted Baby Boots&nbsp;</p>

Knitted Baby Boots 

Price: ¥51/pair
Hand-knitted baby booties from the flowers of Dongxiang to keep baby's toes warm!
<p>Embroidered Headband&nbsp;</p>

Embroidered Headband 

Price: ¥36 each
Beautiful tie-on headbands, hand-embroidered in colourful designs.