Welcome to Blue Sheep Crafts & Gift Shop

We create opportunities for
disadvantaged people to earn a
living by selling hand-crafted products

We promote fairtrade practices
and strive to improve skills and
abilities of producers and staff.

We promote preservation of culture
and profits from sales are used
to help those in need.

We sell lovingly hand-crafted products
and encourage environmentally sustainable
lifestyle through our shop in Chengdu, China



Coffee & Cake



Our interest as a business is to create opportunities for economically disadvantaged people. We develop markets for skilled and hard-working craftspeople who do not have ready access to local and global markets. Some are physically challenged, some remote, some have social or financial needs. Profits made through selling handcrafts in our store are used to help people in need...

Creating Opportunities for Disadvantaged People by Developing Markets for Skilled Craftsman

Ensuring Cultural Preservation & Promoting Fair Trade Practices

Lessening Environmental Impact Through Reducing, Reusing, Recycling

Blue Sheep's Latest Arrivals!

NEW IN STORE! Blue Sheep Shop's freshest products.

New From Dropenling

<p>New From Dropenling</p>
New additions to Blue Sheep's product range!

Blue Sheep Branded Products

<p>Blue Sheep Branded Products</p>
New Blue Sheep etched vacuum-insulated flasks!

New from Relevant Art!

<p>New from Relevant Art!</p>
Reviving traditional craft design, these Yi embellishments are available at Blue Sheep once more!

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