Eden Ministry Products

Eden is a non-profit organisation that works with survivors of human trafficking & sexual exploitation to provide stable employment & vocational training through the international jewellery business. Eden jewellery is lovingly handmade by survivors of human trafficking. Each design carries a story of courage. 100% of the profit from your purchase will directly assist the woman who made your jewellery & others like her by funding the following programs: Prevention Programs Outreach Safe Houses Counselling and Health Vocational Training Economic Empowerment "We cannot end injustice without you!"
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<p>Olive Branch Ring R101</p>

Olive Branch Ring R101

Price: ¥95
The Promises of Hope Collection was inspired by the power of hope to declare new beginnings, possibilities, opportunities, and dreams. Sterling silver.
<p>Olive Branch Ring R101</p>

Olive Branch Ring R101

Price: ¥95
The Promises of Hope Collection was inspired by the power of hope to declare new beginnings, possibilities, opportunities, and dreams. Sterling silver.
<p>Restoring Justice Ring R104</p>

Restoring Justice Ring R104

Price: ¥108
When someone starts a new life, the gears turn and the clock hands tick toward a time when justice will prevail. available in gold or silver; 18K gold-plated stainless steel or stainless steel.
<p>Salt and Light Ring R102</p>

Salt and Light Ring R102

Price: ¥165
Solid sterling silver, or 18K gold-plated sterling silver. Set with Cubic Zirconia. The Salt & Light Collection is a reminder that even the tiniest pinprick of light can overcome the darkest places.
<p>Cross of Love Earrings E157</p>

Cross of Love Earrings E157

Price: ¥70
Sterling silver heart-filled crosses
<p>Swarovski Breathless Earrings E203&nbsp;</p>

Swarovski Breathless Earrings E203 

Price: ¥140
Swarovski beads, sterling silver hooks.
<p>Tree of Life Earrings E210&nbsp;</p>

Tree of Life Earrings E210 

Price: ¥89
Upside down trees on sterling silver hooks
<p>Cross of Hope Earrings E211</p>

Cross of Hope Earrings E211

Price: ¥83
Sterling silver crosses and hooks
<p>Olive Grove Earrings E229</p>

Olive Grove Earrings E229

Price: ¥59
Bronze coloured trees, nickel free and hypoallergenic.
<p>Olive Branch Earrings E222&nbsp;</p>

Olive Branch Earrings E222 

Price: ¥118
Branch pendants, moss agate beads.
<p>Classic Pearl Earrings E204</p>

Classic Pearl Earrings E204

Price: ¥140
Freshwater pearls on sterling silver hooks
<p>Delicate Drop Earrings E234&nbsp;</p>

Delicate Drop Earrings E234 

Price: ¥112
Freshwater pearls and sterling silver.
<p>Wings of Eagles Earrings E212&nbsp;</p>

Wings of Eagles Earrings E212 

Price: ¥89
Tibetan silver feather earrings on sterling silver hooks.
<p>Promises of Hope Earrings E291</p>

Promises of Hope Earrings E291

Price: ¥169
18K gold-plated sterling silver pendant with natural Garnet stones on 18k gold-plated stainless steel drop chain.
<p>Faith to Move Mountains Stud Earrings E281&nbsp;</p>

Faith to Move Mountains Stud Earrings E281 

Price: ¥118
18K gold-plated stainless steel posts.
<p>Dangle Justice Earrings E265&nbsp;</p>

Dangle Justice Earrings E265 

Price: ¥140
Stainless steel engraved pendants on sterling silver hooks.
<p>Midnight Solace Earrings E249&nbsp;</p>

Midnight Solace Earrings E249 

Price: ¥168
<p>Falling Leaves Earrings&nbsp;</p>

Falling Leaves Earrings 

Price: ¥84
hand-knotted earrings, Tibetan silver beads on sterling silver hooks and a leaf charm. 
<p>Eternal Truth Earrings E271&nbsp;</p>

Eternal Truth Earrings E271 

Price: ¥95-126
Pendants engraved with "Love" and "Justice" in stainless steel or gold-plated.
<p>Starlight Glimmer Earrings E249&nbsp;</p>

Starlight Glimmer Earrings E249 

Price: ¥168
Sterling Silver Charms and hooks, Black Onxy Beads.
<p>Shoshan Earrings E253&nbsp;</p>

Shoshan Earrings E253 

Price: ¥91
Shoshan is Hebrew for Lily freshwater pearls, calla lily metal charms.
<p>Burst of Joy Earrings E255&nbsp;</p>

Burst of Joy Earrings E255 

Price: ¥70
Carved cinnabar flowers.
<p>Love Each Other Earrings E251&nbsp;</p>

Love Each Other Earrings E251 

Price: ¥85
Synthetic lava beads.
<p>Beaded Justice Earrings E263&nbsp;</p>

Beaded Justice Earrings E263 

Price: ¥140
Lapis beads, pearls, assorted natural stone beads.
<p>Threads of Joy Earrings E270&nbsp;</p>

Threads of Joy Earrings E270 

Price: ¥98
Gold-plated pendant. Available in pink or teal.
<p>Leaves of Healing Earrings E260&nbsp;</p>

Leaves of Healing Earrings E260 

Price: ¥95
Silver-plated stainless steel engraved posts.
<p>Eternal Truth Earrings E264&nbsp;</p>

Eternal Truth Earrings E264 

Price: ¥98
Hand knotted, synthetic chalcedony and crystal beads.
<p>Branch of Peace Earrings E267&nbsp;</p>

Branch of Peace Earrings E267 

Price: ¥83
Sterling silver bird and leaf posts.
<p>&nbsp;Tassle Earrings E269&nbsp;</p>

 Tassle Earrings E269 

Price: ¥126
18K gold-plated pendant, pearl, hand-braided tassels.
<p>Desert Rose Earrings E285&nbsp;</p>

Desert Rose Earrings E285 

Price: ¥196
4K gold-plated stone, gold-plated hooks. Genuine rose quartz or amethyst.
<p>New Beginnings Earrings E278&nbsp;</p>

New Beginnings Earrings E278 

Price: ¥112
18k gold-plated stainless steel bird pendants.
<p>Eden Leaf Earrings E287&nbsp;</p>

Eden Leaf Earrings E287 

Price: ¥140
Leaf posts, 18K gold-plated sterling silver or sterling silver
<p>Courageous Heart Earrings E279</p>

Courageous Heart Earrings E279

Price: ¥93
18K gold-plated heart or sterling silver heart pendant.
<p>In The Stars Earring E74&nbsp;</p>

In The Stars Earring E74 

Price: ¥89
Sparkle beads.
<p>1000 Shattered Pieces Earrings E286&nbsp;</p>

1000 Shattered Pieces Earrings E286 

Price: ¥213
Hand woven sterling silver and gold-plated beads on gold-plated chain and hooks.
Restore Dignity Earrings E277&nbsp;
Restore Dignity Earrings E277 
Price: ¥126
Stainless steel pendants engraved with 'Restore Dignity'.
<p>Thriving Through Your Desert Earrings E282&nbsp;</p>

Thriving Through Your Desert Earrings E282 

Price: ¥98
Brass pendant with bronze colored hooks.
<p>Love and Justice Post Earrings E272&nbsp;</p>

Love and Justice Post Earrings E272 

Price: ¥95
18K gold-plated stainless post earrings,  available in silver or gold.
<p>Desert Wild Flower Earrings E284&nbsp;</p>

Desert Wild Flower Earrings E284 

Price: ¥126
18K gold-plated pendants and hooks.
One-of-a-Kind Earrings E273&nbsp;
One-of-a-Kind Earrings E273 
Price: ¥112
Natural leaf dipped in 24K gold. Leaf size varies.
<p>Wrapped in Courage Earrings E280</p>

Wrapped in Courage Earrings E280

Price: ¥133
Mosaic beads.
<p>Glimpse of Heaven Earrings E313</p>

Glimpse of Heaven Earrings E313

Price: ¥218
Sterling silver pendant set with Cubic Zirconia on sterling silver drop earring
<p>Falling Leaves Necklace N152&nbsp;</p>

Falling Leaves Necklace N152 

Price: ¥100
Leaf charms, 28"L hand knotted thread, 3"L pendant of falling leaves. Adjustable length.
<p>Graceful Pearl Necklace N149&nbsp;</p>

Graceful Pearl Necklace N149 

Price: ¥177
Freshwater pearls, Tibetan silver, lobster clasp, 21"L with 1"L extension chain.
<p>Olive Grove Necklace N201&nbsp;</p>

Olive Grove Necklace N201 

Price: ¥118
Bronze colored tree and leaves, 29"L with 1"L extension chain, 3.75"L pendants.
<p>Signs of Spring Necklace N182&nbsp;</p>

Signs of Spring Necklace N182 

Price: ¥140
Double stranded necklace with a captivating leaf pendant, offset with a tiny silver colored bead with jade beads.
<p>Reflections Necklace N184&nbsp;</p>

Reflections Necklace N184 

Price: ¥336
Subtle gold colored clear beads paired with fresh water pearls threaded on gold strand and hand knotted into a long necklace that can be wrapped twice, three or four times.
Olive Branch Neacklace N181&nbsp;
Olive Branch Neacklace N181 
Price: ¥126
Delicate silver colored branch pendant with jade stone beads on a silver colored chain and lobster clasp.
<p>Love and Justice Necklace N235</p>

Love and Justice Necklace N235

Price: ¥243
Lapis beads, pearls, gold-plated chain and engraved pendants. Adjustable.
<p>Growing in Love Necklace N185&nbsp;</p>

Growing in Love Necklace N185 

Price: ¥248
Single strand of freshwater pearls with a sterling silver lobster clasp and Eden’s delicate signature sterling silver pendant attached to the extension chain.
<p>Pearl of Great Worth Necklace N218&nbsp;</p>

Pearl of Great Worth Necklace N218 

Price: ¥168
Freshwater pearl, sterling silver 18"L chain.
<p>Shooting Star Necklace N189&nbsp;</p>

Shooting Star Necklace N189 

Price: ¥112
Intricate star designs carved on hollow circular disks and wove gracefully on grey thread with silver colored beads. Adjustable with maximum length of 28”.
<p>Shoshan Necklace N235&nbsp;</p>

Shoshan Necklace N235 

Price: ¥243
Shoshan is Hebrew for Lily freshwater pearls, calla lily charm.
<p>In the Stars Necklace N233&nbsp;</p>

In the Stars Necklace N233 

Price: ¥153
Sparkle beads, 18" L chain with 1.2" extension chain.
<p>Precious Treasure Necklace N204&nbsp;</p>

Precious Treasure Necklace N204 

Price: ¥126
Sterling silver pendants, 19"L or 27"L with 1"L extension chain.
<p>Hope in the Night Necklace N227&nbsp;</p>

Hope in the Night Necklace N227 

Price: ¥165
Hope pendant, leaf pendant, moon stone pendant with silver-plated setting.
<p>Cross of Life Necklace N246&nbsp;</p>

Cross of Life Necklace N246 

Price: ¥182
Stainless steel pendant and 18" chain, with 1.3" extension chain.
<p>Committed Necklace N245&nbsp;</p>

Committed Necklace N245 

Price: ¥231
18K gold-plated stainless steel pendant, gold-plated chain and clasp, with 1" extension chain. Available in 18" and 32".
<p>Threads of Joy Necklace N250&nbsp;</p>

Threads of Joy Necklace N250 

Price: ¥124
18k gold-plated pendant and 16" chain, with 1.3" extension chain. Available in teal or pink.
<p>New Beginnings Necklace N248&nbsp;</p>

New Beginnings Necklace N248 

Price: ¥177
Brass locket with magnetic closure, 'New Beginnings' engraving on inside, 32"L with 1.3" extension chain.
<p>Flying Home Necklace N251&nbsp;</p>

Flying Home Necklace N251 

Price: ¥182
18K gold-plated pendant and 15.5" chain, with 1" extension.
<p>Great Courage Necklace N265&nbsp;</p>

Great Courage Necklace N265 

Price: ¥175
Sterling silver cross pendant engraved with 'Courage' on the side.
<p>End Injustice Necklace N253&nbsp;</p>

End Injustice Necklace N253 

Price: ¥196
Sterling silver or 18K gold-plated chain and pendant engraved with 'Justice'.
<p>Desert Wildflower Necklace N262&nbsp;</p>

Desert Wildflower Necklace N262 

Price: ¥175
18K gold-plated pendants and chain. Adjustable 18" to 20".
<p>One-of-a-Kind Necklace N241&nbsp;</p>

One-of-a-Kind Necklace N241 

Price: ¥218
Natural leaf dipped in 24K gold, pearls, 33" chain. Leaf size varies.
<p>Courageous Love Necklace N252&nbsp;</p>

Courageous Love Necklace N252 

Price: ¥196
18K gold-plated chain or sterling silver chain with corresponding pendant engraved with 'Love'.
<p>Hold Fast Necklace N236&nbsp;</p>

Hold Fast Necklace N236 

Price: ¥118
Eden signature verse pendant, bronze-colored anchor pendant and chain.  Available in 16" or 32".
<p>Desert Rose Necklace N263</p>

Desert Rose Necklace N263

Price: ¥231
Gold-plated stone and 32" chain  with 1.3" extension. Genuine rose quartz or amethyst.
A Miraculous Freedom Necklace N268&nbsp;
A Miraculous Freedom Necklace N268 
Price: ¥252
Sterling silver or 18K matte gold-plated sterling silver. The slightly open cube design is suggestive of the cross shape that would appear if the necklace could unfold. It is a symbol of hope through the deepest darkness.
<p>Take Courage Pendant Necklace N267&nbsp;</p>

Take Courage Pendant Necklace N267 

Price: ¥329
This delicate jewelry piece carries a bold reminder to end injustice by living a life of courageous love. 18K gold-plated pendant and chain, natural garnet stone set in gold-plated sterling silver.
<p>Threads of Joy Necklace N240&nbsp;</p>

Threads of Joy Necklace N240 

Price: ¥154
18K gold-plated pendant, pearl, hand-braided tassels on a two-layered, gold-plated chain.
<p>Leather Speak Up Bracelet C204&nbsp;</p>

Leather Speak Up Bracelet C204 

Price: ¥118
Leather bracelet. Available in two sizes: 7.5" L and 9”.
<p>Growing in Love Bracelet C167&nbsp;</p>

Growing in Love Bracelet C167 

Price: ¥210
Single strand of freshwater pearls with a sterling silver lobster clasp and Eden’s delicate signature sterling silver pendant attached to the extension chain.
<p>Speak Up Bracelet C186&nbsp;</p>

Speak Up Bracelet C186 

Price: ¥118
Eden signature verse pendant, bronze colored leaf. Adjustable.
<p>Threads of Joy Bracelet C203</p>

Threads of Joy Bracelet C203

Price: ¥112
18K gold-plated pendant and chain, 0.5” extension chain. Available in teal or pink, 6.5" or 7".
<p>Change The World Bracelet C190&nbsp;</p>

Change The World Bracelet C190 

Price: ¥106
Bronze colored 'Love' pendant, hand weaving, leather wrap, bronze colored buckle clasp. Adjustable - one size fits all.
<p>Graceful Pearls Bracelet&nbsp;</p>

Graceful Pearls Bracelet 

Price: ¥118
reshwater pearls, Tibetan silver beads, lobster clasp, 7" with 1" extension chain.
<p>Eden Charm Bracelet C205&nbsp;</p>

Eden Charm Bracelet C205 

Price: ¥220
Stainless steel pendant and chain, 1.3" x 1" pendant, 18" chain, with 1.3" extension chain.
<p>Hidden Treasure Sapphire Bracelet C198</p>

Hidden Treasure Sapphire Bracelet C198

Price: ¥693
Genuine natural cabochon cut sapphire stone set in 14K gold. Hand braided, adjustable.
<p>End Injustice Bracelet C208&nbsp;</p>

End Injustice Bracelet C208 

Price: ¥169
Hand-braided thread, 18K gold-plated pendant engraved with 'Justice'. Adjustable. These delicate jewelry pieces carry a bold reminder to end injustice by living a life of courageous love.
<p>Eden C192 Bracelet&nbsp;</p>

Eden C192 Bracelet 

Price: ¥98
Paracord bracelet; this utility bracelet can be undone and used as a rope in emergencies. 
<p>Faith Like a Mustard Seed Bracelet C210&nbsp;</p>

Faith Like a Mustard Seed Bracelet C210 

Price: ¥196
18K gold-plated, adjustable. Small 6" Large 6.8".
<p>Desert Wild Flower Bracelet C213&nbsp; &nbsp;</p>

Desert Wild Flower Bracelet C213   

Price: ¥140
18K gold-plated pendants and chain. Small 6.5" Large 7". 0.5" extension chain.
<p>Wrapped in Courage Bracelet C197&nbsp;</p>

Wrapped in Courage Bracelet C197 

Price: ¥189
Turquoise colored beads, Nepal mosaic handmade bead. 27.5".
<p>Love and Justice Bracelet C201&nbsp;</p>

Love and Justice Bracelet C201 

Price: ¥219
Mei Mei, the brave young mother who inspired this collection, loves with inspiring courage.  Lapis beads, pearls, 18K gold-plated engraved pendants. Adjustable.
<p>Hold Fast Keyring K104&nbsp;</p>

Hold Fast Keyring K104 

Price: ¥77
Eden signature verse pendant, bronze-colored keychain and anchor pendant.
<p>Seek Justice Keyring K102&nbsp;</p>

Seek Justice Keyring K102 

Price: ¥77
Eden signature verse pendant, bronze colored key chain, 1.5"L pendant.
<p>Speak Up Keyring K100</p>

Speak Up Keyring K100

Price: ¥71
Eden signature 'speak up' verse
PLEASE NOTE: the products on this page is a guide to the range of Eden's products which we carry, based on the products we have had in stock in the past. It is neither exhaustive nor definitive; though we try to keep this website as current as possible, we may have products in stock by this producer not pictured here, and some of the ones included in this page may be out of stock currently. To avoid disappointment, please order products well in advance from this international producer and we will try our best to meet your request!