We sell goods from so many excellent producers! Check below for a little information about some of our wonderful producers, and click the link to find out more and to browse their products.

Amdo Craft 

<p>Amdo Craft&nbsp;</p>
Bags, soap and other accessories made by Tibetan nomads in Qinghai.
A social enterprise in Laos, providing sustainable sources of income for women. 

Dancing Yak 

<p>Dancing Yak&nbsp;</p>
Chengdu-based company selling handcrafts made from exclusively Tibetan materials.  Bags, household goods.

Dali Cloth 

<p>Dali Cloth&nbsp;</p>
Cloth, tablecloths and scarves dyed using traditional methods in Yunnan.

Daniel & Gail 

<p>Daniel &amp; Gail&nbsp;</p>
Resin, hand-painted ornaments and magnets with a TIbetan theme.


High quality handicrafts made in Tibet, by Tibetans.  Handmade stuffed toys, puppets, cushion covers and more.
Eden Project 
Eden Project&nbsp;
Jewellery handmade by women rescued from slavery, trafficking and the sex industry in Asia.
Beautiful hand-cut greetings cards which help to fund rural economic development.

Flowers of Dongxiang

<p>Flowers of Dongxiang</p>
Providing illiterate, unemployed Dongxiang women with an income, selling embroidered products.


Freeleaf rescue girls and women from trafficking and give them dignity and the means to stand on their own two feet. 
Gail Xiaoqin
Gail Xiaoqin
Quilling products made by Bluesheep's good friend Gail!
Grace Chocolates 
Grace Chocolates&nbsp;
Belgian chocolates hand-made by disabled people in Changsha, Hunan.
Hands of Hope
Hands of Hope
Disabled women around China sewing durable and beautiful products
Hearts & Hands 
Hearts &amp; Hands&nbsp;
Helping the deaf and disabled in Yunnan, producing a huge range of products.
Individual Producers 
Individual Producers&nbsp;
Hand made products made by individuals and sold in Blue Sheep.
Supporting development of women to work in safe environments in Southeast Asia. 
Jewellery for Bema 
Jewellery for Bema&nbsp;
Jewellery hand-made by Dawa to help fund her daughter Bema's education. 
Hand-made Yak butter soaps and more!  Helping women on the plateau.
Kang Qiao 
Kang Qiao&nbsp;
Printed products and hand-made papercrafts. 
Lisa of Kunming 
Lisa of Kunming&nbsp;
Hand-painted Chinese brushwork on a huge variety of scrolls! 
Laos DWDC 
Laos DWDC&nbsp;
Disabled Women's Development Centre.  Hand-painted Chinese brushwork on a huge variety of scrolls! 
Mai Savanh Lao 
Mai Savanh Lao&nbsp;
Fairly traded silk products from Laos. 
Yi minority fashion and handcrafts made by  people trained at a vocational training centre.
Ms. Li 
Ms. Li&nbsp;
A small team of skillful disabled artisans, making hugely popular sand pictures and toys in Chengdu.
Bags, coasters and more made from Nepalese felt.
Various products made by hand by Tibetans in Qinghai.
Pann Nann Ein 
Pann Nann Ein&nbsp;
Handcrafts made by disabled artisans in Myanmar.
Pu Hongxue 
Pu Hongxue&nbsp;
Qiang embroidered products painstakingly hand-made by a disabled girl from Beichuan.
Relevant Art 
Relevant Art&nbsp;
Products of a high quality made by Yi minority people in Yunnan.
Rocking Yak 
Rocking Yak&nbsp;
Yak wool and products which help to alleviate poverty in rural Tibetan communities.
Village handcrafts from the heart of Laos.
Yak wool and products which help to alleviate poverty in rural Tibetan communities.
Yak wool and products which help to alleviate poverty in rural Tibetan communities.
Starfish Project
Starfish Project
Jewellery made by rescued victims of human trafficking and slavery.


AKA Thanksgiving, this team make carved leather items such as belts, wallets and card-holders.
Tsedo & Dawa 
Tsedo &amp; Dawa&nbsp;
Hand-carved and hand-painted tibetan wooden trays.
Wendy Glyde 
Wendy Glyde&nbsp;
Originals and prints of an English lady's work, inspired by her love of Chinese culture. 
Woodcarver Zhang 
Woodcarver Zhang&nbsp;
Hand-carved wooden nativities and other products.
White Yak 
White Yak&nbsp;
Leather and handmade 'pangden' textile bags made in Nepal.
Yu Family 
Yu Family&nbsp;
Leather products lovingly hand-carved by this family to cover the constant medical expenses of their three children.
Expertly hand-carved leather items of the highest quality.
2nd Life
2nd Life
Recycled paper products.