Pencil cases, pens and notebooks! Browse a selection of our stationery below, from our wonderful suppliers.
Remember that every purchase goes to help disadvantaged people to support themselves, and profits are used to help people in need
<p>Eugene Yu Skateboard Pen</p>

Eugene Yu Skateboard Pen

Price: ¥180
Eugene Yu has begun making these striking pens from broken skateboards donated by the Chengdu skate-shop, Flow.  The first batch sold out very quickly!  Many colours available.
<p>Amdo Greetings Cards&nbsp;</p>

Amdo Greetings Cards 

Price: ¥15 each
handmade, with felt detail, cards available for Christmas and other occasions!
Amdo Pencil Case
Amdo Pencil Case
Price: ¥42 
Many designs available! 
Amdo Book Covers
Amdo Book Covers
Price: ¥45-¥56
Notebook included!
<p>Evergreen Greetings Cards</p>

Evergreen Greetings Cards

Price: ¥16
Various hand-crafted greetings cards from Evergreen.
<p>Evergreen Christmas Cards Card&nbsp;</p>

Evergreen Christmas Cards Card 

Price: ¥16
Various hand-crafted Christmas card from Evergreen.
<p>Xiaoqin Quilling Bookmarks</p>

Xiaoqin Quilling Bookmarks

Price: ¥25 each
Wooden bookmark with quilling design by an expert quiller!  Includes paper envelope sleeve.
Hearts &amp; Hands Photo Frames&nbsp;
Hearts & Hands Photo Frames 
Price: ¥25-¥60
Photo frames hand-made from silk or other cloth.  A variety of colours and sizes!
<p>Hearts &amp; Hands Silk Pencil Cases</p>

Hearts & Hands Silk Pencil Cases

Price: ¥40
Available in a huge range of colours to match chopsticks, purses etc.
<p>Hearts &amp; Hands Greetings Cards With Silk&nbsp;</p>

Hearts & Hands Greetings Cards With Silk 

Price: ¥22
A variety of designs for a variety of occasions! 
Hearts &amp; Hands Greetings Cards&nbsp;
Hearts & Hands Greetings Cards 
Price: ¥12
'Bicycle', 'Hello', 'Thanks' varieties and many more!
<p>Hearts &amp; Hands Plain Greetings Cards&nbsp;</p>

Hearts & Hands Plain Greetings Cards 

Price: ¥15
A range of printed cards on brown or white card!
<p>Hearts &amp; Hands Nativity Christmas Card&nbsp;</p>

Hearts & Hands Nativity Christmas Card 

Price: ¥25
Hand-cut and pasted material in the nativity design!
<p>Kangqiao Notebooks&nbsp;</p>

Kangqiao Notebooks 

Price: ¥12-¥32 each
Ring-bound notebooks with avariety of minority head-dress portraits printed on the inside cover. Available in two sizes.
<p>Kangqiao Minority Portrait Cards&nbsp;</p>

Kangqiao Minority Portrait Cards 

Price: ¥25
A huge variety of greetings cards with both English and Chinese greetings, in either portrait or landscape orientation, featuring minority headdresses on cartoon characters!
<p>Ruihua Book Stand</p>

Ruihua Book Stand

Price: ¥120
A huge variety of designs available.
<p>MSI Book cover</p>

MSI Book cover

Price: ¥68 each
Embroidered book cover with Yi-style pattern.  Colour may vary.
<p>MSI Wallet/Passport Cover&nbsp;</p>

MSI Wallet/Passport Cover 

Price: ¥28 each
Sewn Passport sleeve with convenient pockets, in a variety of colours!
<p>Relevant Art Bookmarks&nbsp;</p>

Relevant Art Bookmarks 

Price: ¥12 each
Small bookmark with a message on the back!
<p>Shenaini Bookmarks</p>

Shenaini Bookmarks

Price: ¥70 each
Hand-embroidered by the Miao women working in their home villages.  The pieces of cloth they collect to embroider have a printed pattern to follow, but they choose their own colours.
<p>Wendy Glyde Printed Greetings Cards</p>

Wendy Glyde Printed Greetings Cards

Price: ¥15 each
Wendy's artwork has also been reproduced in the form of these greetings cards. 

A huge variety of designs are available. 

<p>Yu Family&nbsp; Leather Pen&nbsp;</p>

Yu Family  Leather Pen 

Price: ¥180
Expertly fashioned from leather, this pen is a handcrafted gift of the hightst quality. Made by the oldest son of Mr. Yu.
<p>Pu Hongxue Embroidered Notebook&nbsp;</p>

Pu Hongxue Embroidered Notebook 

Price: ¥89-¥118 each
Beautiful notebook with small motif designed and embroidered by Beichuan's Pu Hongxue!
<p>Pann Nann Ein Couple Bookmarks</p>

Pann Nann Ein Couple Bookmarks

Price: ¥25/pair
Hand-cut and assembeld by the artisans at Pann Nann Ein, these bookmarks come in a range of colours.
<p>Pann Nann Ein Greetings Cards</p>

Pann Nann Ein Greetings Cards

Price: ¥16 each
Beautifully, expertly cut and assembeld by a team of artisans.  These greetings cards from Pann Nann Ein are stunning. 
Pann Nann Ein Journal
Pann Nann Ein Journal
Price: ¥35 each
Hand-cut and hand-assembled, these journals are from the team at Pann Nann Ein, Myanmar.
Camacraft Cross-stitch Pencil Case&nbsp;
Camacraft Cross-stitch Pencil Case 
Price: ¥50 each
Narrow zip-top bag, perfect for carrying your stationery!  Handmade by the women of Camacraft. 
Camacraft Pencil Case
Camacraft Pencil Case
Price: ¥56 each 
Beautiful pencil cases, handmade at Camacraft.
<p>Ruihua Deluxe Bookmark&nbsp;</p>

Ruihua Deluxe Bookmark 

Price: ¥35
Deluxe bookmarks feature tassle, and gold lettering.
<p>Ruihua Medium Wooden Bookmarks</p>

Ruihua Medium Wooden Bookmarks

Price: ¥26 each
A variety of designs, featuring tassle for ease of use!
<p>Ruihua Small Wooden Bookmarks&nbsp;</p>

Ruihua Small Wooden Bookmarks 

Price: ¥18 each
Small wooden bookmarks from Ruihua
<p>Ruihua Wooden Rulers</p>

Ruihua Wooden Rulers

Price: ¥50 each
A range of designs and wood finishes.
'Doll's House' Shenzhen Knitted Pencil Cases
'Doll's House' Shenzhen Knitted Pencil Cases
Price: ¥69 each
These pencil cases come in a variety of hand-made designs, including 'Frog King' and 'Monster'.