Food & Drink

Chocolates, coffee and more! A selection of our edibles and drinkables from our wonderful producers. Remember that every purchase helps disadvantaged people to support themselves, and profits are used to help those in need.

Hani Roasted Coffee Beans 
Hani Roasted Coffee Beans 
Price: ¥69-¥99
454g or 272g bag of finest quality roasted coffee beans from Yunnan.  Different roast levels are available.  We use these beans in our store to make our coffee, so if you've had coffee in our shop recently you know how good these beans are! Also available ground
Hani Organic Drip Coffee 
Hani Organic Drip Coffee 
Price: ¥69
10 x 10g drip coffee bags, either medium or dark roasted.  Simply open, place on your mug and slowly pour over hot (a little cooler than boiling) water.  You can add sugar and milk to taste.. if that's your "bag".
<p>Yunnique Drip Coffee Bags&nbsp;</p>

Yunnique Drip Coffee Bags 

Price: ¥68/box 10
Convenient way to make good coffee on the move.  Each  box contains 10 bags of high-grade ground coffee - all you need to do is add hot water to make great coffee!  Available in two different roast levels. 
<p>Yunnique Coffee Beans&nbsp;</p>

Yunnique Coffee Beans 

Price: ¥85/454g
Great tasting coffee beans from Yunnan, made by a team of deaf and disabled artisans.  Medium and Dark roast are both available!
<p>NIDUMA Tibetan Tea&nbsp;</p>

NIDUMA Tibetan Tea 

Price: ¥65/box
Smoky, delicious Tibetan tea which helps to empower the Tibetan women who make it!  10 bags in a box, each bag can make about 2 pots of tea. 
<p>Grace Chocolate Tin&nbsp;</p>

Grace Chocolate Tin 

Price: ¥268
Large Tin of expertly made chocolates from Grace!  Beautiful tin, 265g.
Organic Millet&nbsp;&nbsp;
Organic Millet  
Price: ¥20/bag
The millet we sell is from Lisa's home community in Pingshun County, west of Taihang Mountain, Shanxi.  Pingshun 'golden' millet is excellent quality and very nutritious. 500g.
<p>Grace 130g Chocolate Tubs&nbsp;</p>

Grace 130g Chocolate Tubs 

Price: ¥45 each
Dark or White chocolate 'beans'.
<p>Grace 150g Chocolate Tubs&nbsp;</p>

Grace 150g Chocolate Tubs 

Price: ¥68
Flavours include: Dark or White chocolate coated almonds.
<p>Grace Dark Choc Bites.&nbsp;</p>

Grace Dark Choc Bites. 

Price: ¥18/bag
Available in 'Coffee Toffee', 'Almond Toffee' or 'Soft Dark' flavour dark chocolates.  Delicious! 
<p>Grace White Chocolate Lollypops&nbsp;</p>

Grace White Chocolate Lollypops 

Price: ¥12 each
Star, Matcha Tree or Cane varieties.
<p>Grace Dark Chocolate Lollypops&nbsp;</p>

Grace Dark Chocolate Lollypops 

Price: ¥18 each
Santa or House varieties
<p>Grace 3-in-1 chocolate boxes.&nbsp;</p>

Grace 3-in-1 chocolate boxes. 

Price: ¥30
Three small pots of chocolate in a presentation box!  Many flavours available.
<p>Grace Heart-shaped chocolate box&nbsp;</p>

Grace Heart-shaped chocolate box 

Price: ¥128
Heart shaped box, prefect for anniversary or Valentine's day! 95g.
Yu Family Honey&nbsp;&nbsp;
Yu Family Honey  
Price: ¥99/jar
Honey made by the brother of Mr. Yu!
Grace Cocoa Powder&nbsp;&nbsp;
Grace Cocoa Powder  
Price: ¥69
400g of the finest cocoa powder from Grace.
Grace Dark Choc Bites (bulk)&nbsp;
Grace Dark Choc Bites (bulk) 
Price: ¥60-¥100
Chocolate in larger quantities!  Almond, Coffee, 'Original' or Mint flavours, 250g and 500g available.
<p>Grace 'Fresh' Chocolate Ganache.</p>

Grace 'Fresh' Chocolate Ganache.

Price: ¥88
Chocolate box includes cocoa, matcha or strawberry flavoured chocolate slab, 120g, and knife and fork!
<p>Grace Chocolate Bkaing Chips</p>

Grace Chocolate Bkaing Chips

Price: ¥36-¥69
Dark chocolate chips that taste as good straight from the bag as they do bked into muffins! 170g or 340g bags.
<p>Grace Cat Cartoon Chocolate Box&nbsp;</p>

Grace Cat Cartoon Chocolate Box 

Price: ¥118
Small selection box with a cute lid!  105g of finest Belgian-style chocolates!
<p>Grace Small Chocolate Boxes.&nbsp;</p>

Grace Small Chocolate Boxes. 

Price: ¥49
Small box (4) chocolates in rose (44g) or heart (48g) varieties.  Delicious!