Beautify your household with this selection of ornamental handcrafts from our wonderful producers and artisans.
If you see anything you like, make a note of the product name and click here to choose an ordering method!
Remember: every purchase helps disadvantaged people to support themselves, and profits are used to help those in need!
<p>New Magnets by Daniel</p>

New Magnets by Daniel

Price: ¥22-¥25 each
Featuring Tibetan General Denma, or a pair of Himalayan blue sheep!
<p>Ball Decoration by 'Way of Nature'</p>

Ball Decoration by 'Way of Nature'

Scented, hand-woven geometric ball-shaped hangingd with hand-made bag and gift box! Made by Tibetan 'grannies' in Guangxi.
<p>Hearts &amp; Hands&nbsp; Ornament</p>

Hearts & Hands  Ornament

Price: ¥32 each
Embroidered by hand by a team in Yunnan of deaf artisans.
<p>Nepal Felt Christmas Felt Bells &amp; Beads&nbsp;</p>

Nepal Felt Christmas Felt Bells & Beads 

Price: ¥35-¥39each
Long thread with keyring top, bell at the bottom and felt ornaments inbetween!
<p>Tsedo Wooden Decoration</p>

Tsedo Wooden Decoration

Price: ¥199 each
Hand-painted decorative Tibetan panel to decorate your home!
<p>Tsedo Wooden Corner Panel</p>

Tsedo Wooden Corner Panel

Price: ¥299 each
"Phoenix" and "Flower" versions available. 
<p>Eugene Yu Resin Candle Holders</p>

Eugene Yu Resin Candle Holders

Price: ¥68 each
As the Yu family expand their hand-poured resin range, these beautiful candle holders are among their lates
Hebin x Mrs. Yu Paperweight&nbsp;
Hebin x Mrs. Yu Paperweight 
Price: ¥199 each
A modern spin on a traditional design, these heavy metal weights are housed in an expertly carved leather sleeve by Mrs. Yu. Beautiful and functional!
MSI Yi Hanging Pockets&nbsp;
MSI Yi Hanging Pockets 
Price: ¥68
Embroidered wall hanging featuring hand-embroidered Yi pattern and two handy pockets for displaying or stashing tools, pens or whatever you like!  A range of colours.
Carpenter Zhang Chinese Noah's Ark&nbsp;
Carpenter Zhang Chinese Noah's Ark 
Price: ¥3399
A Noah's Ark set hand-carved from camphor wood with a distinctive Chinese style.
<p>Relevant Art Yi Pocket Dangle&nbsp;</p>

Relevant Art Yi Pocket Dangle 

Price: ¥106-¥269
Large decoration, featuring Yi pattern embroidery, hides a triangular pocket!  Beautiful and practical handcraft.
<p>Wood-carver Small Nativity Plinth&nbsp;</p>

Wood-carver Small Nativity Plinth 

Price: ¥269
Pictured is just one from a huge range of plinth-style nativities, hand-carved by Zhang and his team!
Wood Carver Massive Nativity&nbsp;
Wood Carver Massive Nativity 
Price: ¥4888
Enormous nativity set, ideal for hotel or church use. Chinese style hand-carved characters made from camphor, and a stable building with a roof of straw.
<p>Hearts &amp; Hands Assorted Decorations&nbsp;</p>

Hearts & Hands Assorted Decorations 

Price: ¥25/set of 4
Various hand-made decorations for your tree, or just around the house!  Wholesale price available on leaf ornaments while stocks last!.
He Bing Sichuan Magnet&nbsp;
He Bing Sichuan Magnet 
Price: ¥10 each
He Bing is a friend and frequent visitor to Blue Sheep, connected to our leather-working group, Thanksgiving.  He makes magnets as well as wooden toys and other products.  These magnets depict scenes in Sichuan!
Charu Yak-pat Magnets!&nbsp;
Charu Yak-pat Magnets! 
Price: ¥28 each
Charu is a Tibetan restaurant near to Blue Sheep in Chengdu.  In the summer in Tibetan regions, locals collect yak pats and stick them to the walls of their homes to dry.  In the winter they can be burnt as fuel.  These yak-pats are a common sight in Tibet, and are iconically Tibetan!  Each includes a cloth bag.
<p>Wood-carver Nativity Knot&nbsp;</p>

Wood-carver Nativity Knot 

Price: ¥450
Chinese-style knot hanging.  Available in a variety of styles and colours (subject to availability) 
<p>Wood-carver Praying Hands Plate</p>

Wood-carver Praying Hands Plate

Price: ¥249
17.5cm diameter decorative camphor plate, carved by hand!
<p>Wood-carver Good Shepherd&nbsp;</p>

Wood-carver Good Shepherd 

Price: ¥399
This hand-carved free-standing ornament is available in one other design. 
<p>Wood-carver Sower Ornament&nbsp;</p>

Wood-carver Sower Ornament 

Price: ¥399
From the famous parable, this free-standing ornament is beautifully hand-carved from wood.  One alternative design is available.
<p>Wood-carver XL Nativity Set</p>

Wood-carver XL Nativity Set

Price: ¥2600
 All the main characters from the story are present.  The set is carved from camphor wood, and the characters have a very Chinese style! Also available without a stable for a lower price.
<p>Wood-carver Medium Nativity Set</p>

Wood-carver Medium Nativity Set

Price: ¥788
This medium-sized nativity form Woodcarver Zhang features sliding doors and bamboo features!  all the figures fit inside for storage.
Wood-carver Small Nativity Set&nbsp;
Wood-carver Small Nativity Set 
Price: ¥599
The smallest nativity 'set' frmo Woodcarver Zhang.  All the figures fit inside the 'stable' house!
<p>Wood-carver Fish and Loaves Knot</p>

Wood-carver Fish and Loaves Knot

Price: ¥199
Depicting two fish and five loaves, this Chinese-style knot ornament is a conversation starter!
<p>Wood-carver Christmas Tree Decorations&nbsp;</p>

Wood-carver Christmas Tree Decorations 

Price: ¥29 - ¥59 each
Pictured is only a small selection from a huge range of beautiful wooden tree ornaments are available.  
Tibetan Scene Magnets
Tibetan Scene Magnets
Price: ¥20 each
Atristic Tibetan scenes are depicted in these lens-shaped magnets, which each include a gift bag! 
<p>Noah's Ark Chinese Knot</p>

Noah's Ark Chinese Knot

Price: ¥99 each
Hand-carved wood depiction of Noah's ark, at a great price!  Chinese knot-style hanging.
Amdo Yak Ornament &nbsp;
Amdo Yak Ornament  
Price: ¥111 (big), ¥93 (small)
Yak yak yak... The fur of these yaks is man-made, but the bundles on their backs are made from real yak hair(!)
<p>Amdo Christmas Decorations&nbsp;</p>

Amdo Christmas Decorations 

Price: ¥34
Handmade from felt, 

available in 'star' or 'bell' varieties.  

<p>Amdo Nativity Tree Decoration&nbsp;</p>

Amdo Nativity Tree Decoration 

Price: ¥38
Just one of many Christmas tree decorations available from Amdo Craft! 
<p>Amdo Nativity&nbsp;</p>

Amdo Nativity 

Price: ¥280
Complete set features Wise men, shepherds, Mary and Joseph, camel, sheep... and little baby Jesus of course!
Liaochun Hand-Carved Wooden Tray
Liaochun Hand-Carved Wooden Tray
Price: ¥900
Liaochun lives in Chengdu and carves items from high-quality woods by hand, including Ebony, Zebrawood and  Rosewood.
Liaochun Hand-Carved Wooden Tray (long)
Liaochun Hand-Carved Wooden Tray (long)
Price: ¥1020
Each Liaochun piece is delicate and beautiful, looking like soft cloth or paper, but being made from hard wood.  
Liaochun Hand-Carved Wooden Plate
Liaochun Hand-Carved Wooden Plate
Price: ¥570
this Zebrawood plate has been hand-carved (not turned!). Beautifully thin and elegant.
Liaochun Hand-Carved Wooden Tray (round)
Liaochun Hand-Carved Wooden Tray (round)
Price: ¥900
This round tray by Liaochun shows his excellent wood-carving skills.  Can be used for Chinese teacups.
Wood-carver Large Noah's Ark Set
Wood-carver Large Noah's Ark Set
Price: ¥2200
Large Noah's Ark with pairs of animals!  Hand-carved camphor wood.
<p>Small Felt Animals&nbsp;</p>

Small Felt Animals 

Price: ¥35 each
Ornaments hand-made from Nepalese felt!  Many different designs available.
<p>Medium Felt Animals&nbsp;</p>

Medium Felt Animals 

Price: ¥45 each
Larger ornaments hand-made from Nepalese felt!  Many different designs available.
<p>Large Felt Animals&nbsp;</p>

Large Felt Animals 

Price: ¥50 each
Largest onaments hand-made from Nepalese felt!  Many different designs available.
<p>Daniel Yak Milking Ornament&nbsp;</p>

Daniel Yak Milking Ornament 

Price: ¥129
Beautiful diorama of a Tibetan lady milking a white Yak!
<p>Daniel Tibetan Tent Ornament</p>

Daniel Tibetan Tent Ornament

Price: ¥139
Diorama featuring hollow tent, Tibetan lady, mastiff and yak!
<p>Daniel Man With Dog Ornament&nbsp;</p>

Daniel Man With Dog Ornament 

Price: ¥54
Kham man with mastiff
<p>Daniel Man Leading Yak Ornament&nbsp;</p>

Daniel Man Leading Yak Ornament 

Price: ¥129
Tibetan man leading a fully-laden yak in this diorama.
Daniel Lady Making Tea Ornament&nbsp;
Daniel Lady Making Tea Ornament 
Price: ¥59
This ornament illustrates how the Tibetan butter tea is traditionally made!
<p>Daniel Magnets</p>

Daniel Magnets

Price: ¥22 each
A huge variety of magnets!  Pandas, landscapes, Tibetan people and writing and many, MANY more!
<p>Daniel Kailash Ornament&nbsp;</p>

Daniel Kailash Ornament 

Price: ¥39
Mount Kailash - free-standing ornament.
<p>Daniel Potala Ornament</p>

Daniel Potala Ornament

Price: ¥39
Potala free-standing ornament
<p>Daniel Tibetan Door Ornament</p>

Daniel Tibetan Door Ornament

Price: ¥59
Tibetan door-frame free-standing photo frame
<p>Daniel Scenic Pen Pot&nbsp;</p>

Daniel Scenic Pen Pot 

Price: ¥65
Pen pot featuring Tibetan mountain scene with lady and yak.
<p>Daniel Churn Pen Pot&nbsp;</p>

Daniel Churn Pen Pot 

Price: ¥39 each
This pen pot resembles a Tibetan tea churn.  Available in three colourways.
<p>Zhang Xiaoping Crochet Flowers&nbsp;</p>

Zhang Xiaoping Crochet Flowers 

Price: ¥31-¥51 each
Beautiful hand-made flowers, now in a variety of beautiful flower pots! Need no watering, unlikely to wilt!
Dongxiang Embroidered Patch&nbsp;
Dongxiang Embroidered Patch 
Price: ¥32 each
Hand embroidered patch - for sewing onto clothing etc.  Two designs: butterfly, house.
<p>Dongxiang Square Embroidered Magnet&nbsp;</p>

Dongxiang Square Embroidered Magnet 

Price: ¥20
Magnet with beautifully
hand-embroidered flower design!
<p>Dongxiang Embroidered Christmas Decoration&nbsp;</p>

Dongxiang Embroidered Christmas Decoration 

Price: ¥32
Hand embroidered decoration.  Doves and snowflakes in various colours!  Perfect to hang on the tree!
<p>Heart &amp; Hands Tiny Picture Frame&nbsp;</p>

Heart & Hands Tiny Picture Frame 

Price: Original Price ¥25 NEW low price: ¥18
Perfect for little pictures to display in your house
<p>Hearts &amp; Hands Pumpkin Pincushions&nbsp;</p>

Hearts & Hands Pumpkin Pincushions 

Price: ¥40-60 each
Ever-popular silk pincushion from Hearts & Hands!  Can be used as a storage device for needles and pins, or just left around the house beautifying the space!  
<p>H&amp;H Christmas 'Jester Bells'</p>

H&H Christmas 'Jester Bells'

Price: ¥109 each
Hand-crafted from three colours of silk, featuring bells and a ribbon which allows it to be hung around the house or from the tree...
Hearts &amp; Hands Christmas Quilts&nbsp;
Hearts & Hands Christmas Quilts 
Price: ¥144-¥419
Nativity, 'Merry Christmas' (in English or Chinese), and 'Star/Angel/Mary' designs, and many more!
<p>Hearts &amp; Hands Quilted Wall Hangings&nbsp;</p>

Hearts & Hands Quilted Wall Hangings 

Price: ¥256
A huge variety of designs in Chinese or English.  
Hearts &amp; Hands Bottle Cover Costumes!&nbsp;
Hearts & Hands Bottle Cover Costumes! 
NEW LOW Price: ¥49 each
A fun gift!  Silk costumes designed as pairs, one male and one female.  Many different colours available!
<p>Hearts &amp; Hands Circle of Friends Quilt&nbsp;</p>

Hearts & Hands Circle of Friends Quilt 

Price: ¥260
Just one of a huge range of square pictoral quilts. 
Hearts &amp; Hands Photo Frames&nbsp;
Hearts & Hands Photo Frames 
Price: ¥29-¥60
Photo frames hand-made from silk or other cloth.  A variety of colours and sizes!
Hearts &amp; Hands Reindeer Stuffed Toys&nbsp;
Hearts & Hands Reindeer Stuffed Toys 
Price: ¥53-¥125
Ever-popular reindeer toys/ornaments.  Smallest version available in a huge range of colours!  Own your own reindeer fleet!
Small Hand-Cut Picture by Liangxue&nbsp;
Small Hand-Cut Picture by Liangxue 
Price: ¥45
A huge variety of designs available, framed in a glass presentation frame.  
<p>Hearts &amp; Hands Nativity Set&nbsp;</p>

Hearts & Hands Nativity Set 

Price: ¥699
Deluxe set, includes wooden 'stable' which folds for convenience of storage.  Can feature Chinese Mary and Joseph!
Ms. Li Sand Pictures&nbsp;
Ms. Li Sand Pictures 
Price: ¥51-¥80
Medium sized glass containers with beautiful pictures hand-crafted by Ms. Li and her team!  A variety of colours and designs are available. 
<p>Ms. Li Small Sandpictures&nbsp;</p>

Ms. Li Small Sandpictures 

Price: ¥25 each
Small glass bottle filled with coloured sand by Ms.Li, expertly fashioned into a beautiful picture!
<p>Tsedo &amp; Dawa Square Tray (small)&nbsp;</p>

Tsedo & Dawa Square Tray (small) 

Expertly carved and beautifully painted, this small tray brings an ornate piece of Tibetan culture into the room!
<p>Tsedo &amp; Dawa Octagonal Tray&nbsp;</p>

Tsedo & Dawa Octagonal Tray 

Hand-carved and hand-painted, each tray is unique; a variety of different colours and designs available, subject to availability! 
<p>Tsedo &amp; Dawa Square Tray (large)&nbsp;</p>

Tsedo & Dawa Square Tray (large) 

This heautifully hand-crafted tray was produced by Tsedo and Dawa.  Utilising the expert techniques of two craftsmen, each piece truly is a work of art!
<p>Relevant Art Yi Magnet&nbsp;</p>

Relevant Art Yi Magnet 

Price: ¥20 each
Handmade, hand-embroidered Yi pattern magnet from Relevant Art! 
<p>Amdo Yakwool Yak Magnet</p>

Amdo Yakwool Yak Magnet

Price: ¥20
This magnet is made from yakwool felt and is a great addition to your fridge.
<p>Yu Family Carved Leather Coasters&nbsp;</p>

Yu Family Carved Leather Coasters 

Price: $125 each
large (14cm) hand-carved leather coasters witha variety of designs.
<p>Pu Hongxue Embroidered Coaster&nbsp;</p>

Pu Hongxue Embroidered Coaster 

Price: ¥69
Beautiful Coaster with flower motif designed and embroidered by Pu Hongxue!
Yu Family Bird Carved Leather Coaster&nbsp;
Yu Family Bird Carved Leather Coaster 
Price: ¥125
large (14cm) hand-carved leather coasters with bird and branch design.