From wallets and belts to bracelets and scarves, here is a selection of the accessories from our wonderful producers.
If you see anything you like, make a note of the product name and click here to choose an ordering method!
Remember that each purchase helps disadvantaged people to support themselves, and profits are used to help those in need.
Carved Leather Floral Wallet 
Carved Leather Floral Wallet 
Price: ¥449
A Wallet from Zhangwei with a  hand-carved floral pattern.  Incredible attention to detail and the best quality of leather.
Carved Leather Cat Wallet
Carved Leather Cat Wallet
Price: ¥569
Another great wallet from Zhangwei with a new design.  Incorporates a cat into the detailed design.
<p>Eden Hold Fast Keyring K104&nbsp;</p>

Eden Hold Fast Keyring K104 

Price: ¥77
Eden signature verse pendant, bronze-colored keychain and anchor pendant.
<p>Eden Speak Up Keyring K100</p>

Eden Speak Up Keyring K100

Price: ¥71
Eden signature 'speak up' verse
<p>Eden Seek Justice Keyring K102&nbsp;</p>

Eden Seek Justice Keyring K102 

Price: ¥77
Eden signature verse pendant, bronze colored key chain, 1.5"L pendant.
<p>Dropenling Animal Felt Purse&nbsp;</p>

Dropenling Animal Felt Purse 

Price: ¥76
Cute animal purses with a Tibetan 'flavour'!
<p>Dropenling Misc Felt Purses&nbsp;</p>

Dropenling Misc Felt Purses 

Price: ¥58
Clouds and Seashells adorn these small Tibetan purses in a variety of colours!
Hearts&amp;Hands Bottle Cover Costumes!&nbsp;
Hearts&Hands Bottle Cover Costumes! 
Price: ¥60 each
A fun gift!  Silk costumes designed as pairs, one male and one female.  Many different colours available!
<p>Norboo Purse</p>

Norboo Purse

Price: ¥98 each
Trifold wide wallet/purse with Tibean silk detail.
<p>Norboo Phone Holder&nbsp;</p>

Norboo Phone Holder 

Price: ¥59 each
Smartphone-sized pouch for protecting your phone.  In a variety of  colours and designs
'Doll's House' Shenzhen Knitted Toys
'Doll's House' Shenzhen Knitted Toys
Price: ¥46 each
These toys are cute beyond belief!  Hamster and Duckling are among their designs.  All hand-made by elderly people in Shenzhen.
<p>Flowers of Dongxiang Embroidered Headband&nbsp;</p>

Flowers of Dongxiang Embroidered Headband 

Price: ¥36 each
Beautiful tie-on headbands, hand-embroidered in colourful designs.
Zhangwei Carved Leather Rose Organiser&nbsp;
Zhangwei Carved Leather Rose Organiser 
Price: ¥719
This organiser from Zhangwei features a beautifully hand-carved rose motif, and storage space for cards, cash and more!
Zhangwei Carved Leather Wallets&nbsp;
Zhangwei Carved Leather Wallets 
Price: ¥569 each
Experytly carved long wallets from Zhangwei, several designs available.
Zhangwei Carved Leather Goldfish Wallet&nbsp;
Zhangwei Carved Leather Goldfish Wallet 
Price: ¥569
This trifold wallet feautures a beautifully hand-carved goldfish design.  
Zhangwei Leather License Holder&nbsp;
Zhangwei Leather License Holder 
Price: ¥79
This simple, elegant bifold wallet features a clear slot for driving license or ID card, and two card holing slots.  
Zhangwei Lotus Flower Handbag&nbsp;
Zhangwei Lotus Flower Handbag 
Price: ¥1088
A handmade leather handbag form Zhangwei, featuring elegant design, and a hand-carved lotus flower motif.
Zhangwei Zipped Key Holders
Zhangwei Zipped Key Holders
Price: ¥126 each
Simple but durable, the high-quality leather of these hand-made key holders will bnecome comfortably softer during long use! 
Zhangwei Monster Keyrings&nbsp;
Zhangwei Monster Keyrings 
Price: ¥45 each
Containers for small coins or jewellery, or simply a fun dangle accessory, these zip-mouthed keyrings are eye opening!  
Inle Market Padded Cosmetic Bag&nbsp;
Inle Market Padded Cosmetic Bag 
Price: ¥74 each
Handmade zip-top padded bag for cosmetics, from Inle Market, supporting local craftsmen in Laos.
<p>Yu Family Carved Leather Card Holder&nbsp;</p>

Yu Family Carved Leather Card Holder 

Price: ¥105
For holding bus/Metro cards, these card holders both protect and embellish the cards, and can be worn on a lanyard for security.
<p>Amdo Phone case&nbsp;</p>

Amdo Phone case 

Price: ¥39 each
Beautifully made phone-holder from Amdo, matches their series of ziptop purses.  Protects your phone beautifully in decorative silk.
<p>Yu Family Carved Leather Wallet With Fish Design</p>

Yu Family Carved Leather Wallet With Fish Design

Price: ¥256
Beautifully hand-crafted leather wallet from the Yu family with bold Fish design.
<p>Yu Family Carved Leather Key Holder&nbsp;</p>

Yu Family Carved Leather Key Holder 

Price: ¥90
Handy hard carved leather key holder, featuring maple leaf design.  Available in a range of colours.
<p>Coin Purse</p>

Coin Purse

Price: ¥29 each
Smallest version of the zip-up, patterned purse from Amdo Craft!
Amdo Small Woven &nbsp;Purse&nbsp;
Amdo Small Woven  Purse 
Price:¥49-59 each
Tiny yak wool coin purse!

Two sizes.

Amdo Small Computer Bag (13inch)&nbsp;
Amdo Small Computer Bag (13inch) 
Price: ¥37 each 
Typically beautiful Amdo design in a range of colours.
<p>Thanksgiving Wide Leather Belt&nbsp;</p>

Thanksgiving Wide Leather Belt 

Price: ¥70-¥98 each
Wide leather belt, both in plain or patterned varieties, and in a range of colours.  New belt-holes can be added at request!
<p>Thanksgiving Narrow Leather Belt&nbsp;</p>

Thanksgiving Narrow Leather Belt 

Price: ¥70
Elegant hand-carved leather belts.  A  variety of colours and designs. New belt-holes can be added at request!
<p>Thanksgiving Buscard Sleeve&nbsp;</p>

Thanksgiving Buscard Sleeve 

Price: ¥80
Hand-carved leather picture adorns this card holder, designed for Metro/bus/IC cards.  INcludes lanyard on request.
<p>Thanksgiving ID Card Holder&nbsp;</p>

Thanksgiving ID Card Holder 

Price: ¥15
Leatherette, bifold card holder with two clear window pockets. 
Dancing Yak Phone Cases&nbsp;
Dancing Yak Phone Cases 
Price: ¥79-89 each
Beautiful phone bags with long strap for carrying.  In two sizes. 
<p>Dancing Yak Tablet Cases (small)&nbsp;</p>

Dancing Yak Tablet Cases (small) 

Price: ¥109
Beautifully sewn tablet covers/cases.
<p>Dancing Yak Laptop Cases&nbsp;</p>

Dancing Yak Laptop Cases 

Price: ¥189
Beautiful laptop sleeves with a variety of designs with silk detail.
<p>Dancing Yak Leather Tablet Cases (large)&nbsp;</p>

Dancing Yak Leather Tablet Cases (large) 

Price: ¥225
For larger tablets, beautifully sewn cases in various colours and designs
<p>Dancing Yak Tablet Case (large)&nbsp;</p>

Dancing Yak Tablet Case (large) 

Price: ¥155
Patterned case for larger tablets.   
<p>Yu Family Carved Leather Belts&nbsp;</p>

Yu Family Carved Leather Belts 

Price: ¥295 each
A series of expertly carved leather belts in various sizes and colours.  Different designs also available! 
<p>Yu Family Leather Bracelets&nbsp;</p>

Yu Family Leather Bracelets 

Price: ¥35 each
Comfortable  adjustable leather bracelets, with a series of sayings in Chinese.
<p>Yu Family Leather Pen&nbsp;</p>

Yu Family Leather Pen 

Price: ¥180
Expertly fashioned from leather, this pen is a handcrafted gift of the hightst quality. 
<p>Yu Family Leather Bracelets&nbsp;</p>

Yu Family Leather Bracelets 

Price: ¥50 each
Comfortable, adjustable leather bracelets in a range of colours.
<p>Leather Blue Sheep Keyring&nbsp;</p>

Leather Blue Sheep Keyring 

Price: ¥39
Leather keyring by the Yu Family featuring our very own Blue Sheep logo! A variety of colours available.
<p>Dongxiang Embroidered Purse</p>

Dongxiang Embroidered Purse

Price: ¥25
Beautifully embroidered purse/small make-up bag from Dongxiang!
Dongxiang Embroidered Patch&nbsp;
Dongxiang Embroidered Patch 
Price: ¥32
Hand embroidered patch - for sewing onto clothing etc.  Two designs: butterfly, house.
<p>Dongxiang Headband&nbsp;</p>

Dongxiang Headband 

Price: ¥10
Headband from Flowers of Dongxiang!
<p>Dongxiang Flower Knitted Headbands</p>

Dongxiang Flower Knitted Headbands

Price: ¥45 each
Knitted Headband from Flowers of Dongxiang, fluffy and warm.
<p>Dongxiang Flower Knitted Wooly Hat&nbsp;</p>

Dongxiang Flower Knitted Wooly Hat 

Price: ¥128
Hand-knitted hat from the flowers of Dongxiang.  A variety of colours and patterns available.
<p>Dongxiang Flower Knitted Button-up Headband&nbsp;&nbsp;</p>

Dongxiang Flower Knitted Button-up Headband  

Price: ¥51
Hand-knitted headband from Flowers of Dongxiang.  
<p>Dongxiang Flower Knitted Baby Boots&nbsp;</p>

Dongxiang Flower Knitted Baby Boots 

Price: ¥51/pair
Hand-knitted baby booties from the flowers of Dongxiang to keep baby's toes warm!
<p>Hearts &amp; Hands Silk Purses&nbsp;</p>

Hearts & Hands Silk Purses 

Price: ¥39
Perfect for cosmetics, crayons, coins, keys or other, smaller purses(!)
<p>Hearts &amp; Hands Silk Pencil Cases</p>

Hearts & Hands Silk Pencil Cases

Price: ¥40
Available in a huge range of colours to match chopsticks, purses etc.
<p>Hearts &amp; Hands Long Wallet&nbsp;</p>

Hearts & Hands Long Wallet 

Price: ¥64-¥72
Available in plain or deluxe (with clear ID pocket) varieties.
<p>Hearts &amp; Hands Wallet Purse</p>

Hearts & Hands Wallet Purse

Price: ¥58
Wallet-style purse with long strap for convenient use, suitable for travel documents, cash and more! 
<p>Eden Leather Speak Up Bracelet C204&nbsp;</p>

Eden Leather Speak Up Bracelet C204 

Price: ¥118
Leather bracelet. Available in two sizes: 7.5" L and 9”.
<p>Eden Charm Bracelet C205&nbsp;</p>

Eden Charm Bracelet C205 

Price: ¥220
Stainless steel pendant and chain, 1.3" x 1" pendant, 18" chain, with 1.3" extension chain.
<p>Eden C192 Bracelet&nbsp;</p>

Eden C192 Bracelet 

Price: ¥98
This 'paracord' bracelet can be unwound and used as a handy piecemof rope in an emergency!
<p>Eden Change The World Bracelet C190&nbsp;</p>

Eden Change The World Bracelet C190 

Price: ¥106
Bronze colored 'Love' pendant, hand weaving, leather wrap, bronze colored buckle clasp. Adjustable - one size fits all.
<p>Blue Sheep Keyring</p>

Blue Sheep Keyring

Price: ¥25 each
A variety of handmade designs, designed by Sally!
<p>MSI Waist Bag&nbsp;</p>

MSI Waist Bag 

Price: ¥45
Bum-bag or fanny-pack, featuring embroidered Yi minority pattern in popular Yi colours!
<p>MSI Wallet/Passport Cover&nbsp;</p>

MSI Wallet/Passport Cover 

Price: ¥28 each
Sewn Passport sleeve with convenient pockets, in a variety of colours!
<p>MSI Phone Bag With Strap&nbsp;</p>

MSI Phone Bag With Strap 

Price: ¥56
Great shoulder bag for small electronics.  
<p>Nepalese Felt Animal Purses&nbsp;</p>

Nepalese Felt Animal Purses 

Price: ¥40
A huge variety of animals and scenes on zip-top purses, fashioned from Nepalese felt.
<p>Nepalese Felt Keyrings&nbsp;</p>

Nepalese Felt Keyrings 

Price: ¥20
A huge variety of animals and more attached to keyring, fashioned from Nepalese felt.
<p>Relevant Art Wallets&nbsp;</p>

Relevant Art Wallets 

Price: ¥54 each
Linen trifold wallet.  
<p>Relevant Art Hair Bands&nbsp;</p>

Relevant Art Hair Bands 

Price: ¥48 each
Elasticated stretchy headband, featuring hand-embroidered Yi pattern in various colours.
<p>Relevant Art Embroidered Wallets&nbsp;</p>

Relevant Art Embroidered Wallets 

Price: ¥48 each
Trifold wallet featuring hand-embroidered Yi pattern.
<p>Relevant Art Keyrings and Phone Dangles&nbsp;</p>

Relevant Art Keyrings and Phone Dangles 

Price: ¥20 each
A small piece of Yi culture on your keyring or phone!  Featuring hand-embroidered Yi pattern in a variety of colours.
<p>Relevant Art Tissue Dispensers&nbsp;</p>

Relevant Art Tissue Dispensers 

Price: ¥30 each
Designed to hold and dispense small tissues, these pouches feature hand-embroidered Yi design, and cinclude a few tissues!
<p>Rocking Yak Knitted Spring Cowl&nbsp;</p>

Rocking Yak Knitted Spring Cowl 

Price: ¥240
Hand knitted using yak down yarn.
<p>Rocking Yak Knitted Yak Wool Hats&nbsp;</p>

Rocking Yak Knitted Yak Wool Hats 

Price: ¥175-¥210
A series of hand-knitted hats in an assortment of colours
<p>Rocking Yak Classic Mittens</p>

Rocking Yak Classic Mittens

Price: ¥210
Hand knitted from Yak wool, these mittens will keep your mitts warm in the winter!
<p>Rocking Yak Butterfly Headband</p>

Rocking Yak Butterfly Headband

Price: ¥136.160
Knitted headband to keep your brain heated in the cold winter wind.
<p>Rocking Yak Stripey Scarves</p>

Rocking Yak Stripey Scarves

Price: ¥305
Knitted stripey scarf, lovingly fashioned from yakwool thread
<p>Shangdrok Floppy Felt Hat&nbsp;</p>

Shangdrok Floppy Felt Hat 

Price: ¥850
Handmade from the finest felt, this hat comes in avariety of designs and colours
<p>Shangdrok Felt Bowler Hat&nbsp;</p>

Shangdrok Felt Bowler Hat 

Price: ¥850
Handmade from the highest quality material, this felt hat comes with an assortment of different detail finishes and in different colours.
<p>Shangdrok Yak Wool Scarf&nbsp;</p>

Shangdrok Yak Wool Scarf 

Price: ¥720
Super soft and warm yak felt scarf in a range of colours.  
<p>Amdo Knitted Hats&nbsp;</p>

Amdo Knitted Hats 

Price: ¥85
Hand-knitted hats in a range of stylinsh colours!
<p>Amdo Small Make-up Purse&nbsp;</p>

Amdo Small Make-up Purse 

¥49 each 
Smaller, beautiful purse with patterned cloth inside and out!
<p>Amdo Little Mittens</p>

Amdo Little Mittens

Price: ¥50/pair
handmade mittens, with silk detail in a variet of colours.
<p>Shenaini Large Trifold Wallet&nbsp;</p>

Shenaini Large Trifold Wallet 

Price: ¥230
2 zippered pockets, one slip-in pocket, clear ID window and 9 credit card slots. Closed with a strong magnetic snap.
<p>Shenaini Coin Purse</p>

Shenaini Coin Purse

Price: ¥60
Soft zippered coin purse with colour-coordinated cotton lining.  Great for carrying credit cards, currency, cosmetics o a small camera.
<p>Shenaini Cosmetic Case</p>

Shenaini Cosmetic Case

Price: ¥70
Small, vinyl-lined, zippered cosmetic case.  Great organiser for your purse or carry-on bag.
<p>Shenaini ID Wallet&nbsp;</p>

Shenaini ID Wallet 

Price: ¥100
Bifold wallet with a zippered pocket for bills, clear ID pocket and 3 credit card slots. Velcro closing.
<p>Shenaini Coin Purse&nbsp;</p>

Shenaini Coin Purse 

Price: ¥80 each
For stashing cash, cards, receipts and small technological do-dads.  Both practical and beautiful!  
<p>Shenaini Smartphone Case</p>

Shenaini Smartphone Case

Price: ¥165 each
The soft plush lining will protect your smartpohne or small electronic device. 3 Zippered pockets, and an adjustable strap.  Hand-embroidered by Miao women in Hunan!
<p>Shenaini Large Multi-Pocket Purse&nbsp;</p>

Shenaini Large Multi-Pocket Purse 

Price: ¥190 each
One of the most popular purses.  6 credit-card slots inside and a secure zippered pocket.  With both wrist strap and long strap. 
Shenaini Smartphone Case&nbsp;
Shenaini Smartphone Case 
Price: ¥50 each
Beautifully embroidered bag with a colour-coordinated silk lining, available in a variety of designs and colours.
<p>Shenaini Sunglasses Case</p>

Shenaini Sunglasses Case

Price: ¥50 each
Beautifully embroidered bag easily holds a large pair of sunglasses.  Available in a variety of designs and colours.
<p>Shenaini Round Coin Purse</p>

Shenaini Round Coin Purse

Price: ¥80 each
A great gift for anyone!  Not just for coins; they can also hold USB drives, earphones or small treasures.  Each one is hand-embroidered by Miao women on soft cloth with a quilted lining.
<p>Shenaini Mini Tablet Purse</p>

Shenaini Mini Tablet Purse

Price: ¥180
Designed to hold and protect a mini tablet or reader, with a designated slip-in pocket on the inside, and a secure zippered pocket on the back. 
<p>Shenaini Small Electronics Bag</p>

Shenaini Small Electronics Bag

Price: ¥160
Very convenient for e-readers, cameras and phones.  Featuring 3 securely zippered pockets.
<p>Shenaini Smartphone Case</p>

Shenaini Smartphone Case

Price: ¥170
The soft plush lining will protect your smartpohne or small electronic device.  3 Zippered pockets, and an adjustable strap. 
<p>Shenaini Large Multi Pocket Purse</p>

Shenaini Large Multi Pocket Purse

Price: ¥140
6 credit-card slots inside and a secure zippered pocket. With both wrist strap and long strap.
<p>Shenaini Multi-Pocket Mini Purse</p>

Shenaini Multi-Pocket Mini Purse

Price: ¥110
A great small purse, featuring 4 ID cards and a zippered pocket in side, and a secure zippered pocket outside.
<p>Shenaini Glasses Case</p>

Shenaini Glasses Case

Price: ¥50 each
Soft and well-cushioned, and witha drawsting to keep your glasses safe inside.  Hand embroidered!
<p>Shenaini Cosmetic Case</p>

Shenaini Cosmetic Case

Price: ¥100
Small, vinyl-lined, zippered cosmetic case. Great organiser for your purse or carry-on bag.  Beautifully embroidered by hand.
<p>Shenaini Soft Zippered Purse</p>

Shenaini Soft Zippered Purse

Price: ¥100
Great little handbag with an easily adjustable strap for convenience.  Beautifully hand-embroidered!
<p>Shenaini Multi Pocket Purses</p>

Shenaini Multi Pocket Purses

Price: ¥130 each
A great small purse, featuring 4 ID cards and a zippered pocket in side, and a secure zippered pocket outside. Hand-embroiderd in a variety of designs and matching colours.
<p>Shenaini Key Wallet</p>

Shenaini Key Wallet

Price: ¥55 each
A very special and practical gift, these hand-embroidered bags are made using very soft black cloth.
<p>Shigatse Purse&nbsp;</p>

Shigatse Purse 

Price: ¥68
Small hand-made coin purse from Shigatse.
<p>Zhangwei Plain Belt&nbsp;</p>

Zhangwei Plain Belt 

Price: ¥390
Beautifully crafted 'plain' leather belt from Zhangwei.  Various Colourways available
Zhangwei Card Holder&nbsp;
Zhangwei Card Holder 
Price: ¥90
A beautifully crafted leather credit card/namecard holder  from Zhangwei. Various colours available.
<p>Zhangwei Eye Card Holder&nbsp;</p>

Zhangwei Eye Card Holder 

Price: ¥90
'Eye' think this card holder 'looks' great.   
<p>Tablet Bag&nbsp;</p>

Tablet Bag 

Price: ¥312
hand-embroidered tablet cover/bag.
Xinqicheng Coin Purse&nbsp;
Xinqicheng Coin Purse 
Price: ¥35 each
hinged coin purses in a 

variety of colours and designs

<p>Pu Hongxue Embroidered Purse&nbsp;</p>

Pu Hongxue Embroidered Purse 

Price: ¥98
Beautiful coin  purse with flower pattern designed and embroidered by Pu Hongxue!
<p>Yu Family Trifold Wallet (w/fish)&nbsp;</p>

Yu Family Trifold Wallet (w/fish) 

Price: ¥409
Hand-carved leather tirfold wallet from the Yu family! 
<p>Yu Family Trifold Wallet&nbsp;</p>

Yu Family Trifold Wallet 

Price: ¥439
Beautifully ornate hand-carved trifold wallet by the Yu family!
<p>Yu Family Passport Holder&nbsp;</p>

Yu Family Passport Holder 

Price: ¥185
Leather bifold wallet to house your passport, featuring Blue Sheep logo stamp!
Yu Family Leather Key Holder&nbsp;
Yu Family Leather Key Holder 
Price: ¥166
This leather key holder is designed to keep your keys from scratching the other things in your bag!  Beautifully hand-carved by the Yu family. 
LDWDC Coin Purses&nbsp;
LDWDC Coin Purses 
Price: ¥28
Zip-top rectangular coin purses from LDWDC, feature a variety of colours, shapes and sizes, making each unique!
<p>LDWDC Cosmetic Bag&nbsp;</p>

LDWDC Cosmetic Bag 

Price: ¥55
Medium-sized zip-top wallet for keeping all of your cosmetics, or pens and pencils!  However you use it, the purchase helps disabled people in Laos to support themselves.
<p>LDWDC Long Wallet</p>

LDWDC Long Wallet

Price: ¥90
Large Lao Silk trifold wallet/organiser, with plenty of room for credit cards, cash and more!  
LDWDC iPad Bag&nbsp;
LDWDC iPad Bag 
Price: ¥66
Beautiful, padded bag to carry your medium-sized electronics.  Shoulder strap, zip-top and button detail.  Hand-woven by the ladies of LDWDC, Laos!
<p>LDWDC Mini Tablet Bag&nbsp;</p>

LDWDC Mini Tablet Bag 

Price: ¥55
A simple way to carry your e-reader, or notebook!  Long shoulder-strap, with a zip-top opening.
<p>Saoban Tablet Cover&nbsp;</p>

Saoban Tablet Cover 

Price: ¥160
Handmade zip-up small iPad or e-reader cover from Saoban of Laos.
<p>Saoban 13" Laptop Cover</p>

Saoban 13" Laptop Cover

Price: ¥215
Handmade zip-up laptop sleeve from Saoban of Laos. Soft lining to keep your laptop safe! 
Harmonious New Home Coin Purse
Harmonious New Home Coin Purse
Price: ¥28 each
Sales of these HNH products help to support the elderly people who live in the centre.  These hinged coin purses come in a variety of colours.
Harmonious New Home Hair Band
Harmonious New Home Hair Band
Price: ¥10 each
HNH hand-makes a selection of products to give the elderly people under their care purpose and extra funding. 
Harmonious New Home Hair Clip
Harmonious New Home Hair Clip
Price: ¥5 each
These hair clips come in a variety of designs; sizes and colours.  Purchases help to support those in need.