Daniel and Gail Products

In some areas of Tibet the altitude is over 4800 meters. At this altitude if children become ill, they often do not survive. Many small children suffer from delayed growth and heart conditions at this high - an environment almost uninhabitable by humans. Doctors recommend that they be sent to lower altitude areas to recover and grow.
Years ago, a nomad family asked Daniel and his wife to bring an 18 month old child to Sichuan and raise him. The child was oxygen starved and about to die, weighing only 5 kgs. After staying with them for about a year, he completely recovered.
News spread, and there were soon more families asking for help. Now Daniel and his family look after many children in their home. In order to fund their medical expenses and care, Daniel and his friends design Tibetan style magnets and ornaments. These popular products speak of the special connection between Tibet and this couple.
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<p>New Magnets&nbsp;</p>

New Magnets 

Price: ¥22-25 ¥each
Designed by Blue Sheep. these magnets, new to 2021, feature General Denma of Gesar, or Blue Sheep's eponym on a mountain!
<p>Yak Milking Ornament&nbsp;</p>

Yak Milking Ornament 

Price: ¥129
Beautiful diorama of a Tibetan lady milking a white Yak!
<p>Tibetan Tent Ornament</p>

Tibetan Tent Ornament

Price: ¥189
Diorama featuring hollow tent, Tibetan lady, mastiff and yak!
<p>Man With Dog Ornament&nbsp;</p>

Man With Dog Ornament 

Price: ¥54
Kham man with mastiff
Lady Making Tea Ornament&nbsp;
Lady Making Tea Ornament 
Price: ¥59
This ornament illustrates how the Tibetan butter tea is traditionally made!


Price: ¥22 each
A huge variety of magnets!  Pandas, landscapes, Tibetan people and writing and many, MANY more!
<p>Kailash Ornament&nbsp;</p>

Kailash Ornament 

Price: ¥36
Mount Kailash - free-standing ornament.
<p>Potala Ornament</p>

Potala Ornament

Price: ¥59
Potala free-standing ornament
<p>Man Leading Yak Ornament&nbsp;</p>

Man Leading Yak Ornament 

Price: ¥139
Tibetan man leading a fully-laden yak in this diorama.
<p>Tibetan Door ornament</p>

Tibetan Door ornament

Price: ¥59
Tibetan door-frame free-standing photo frame
<p>Scenic Pen Pot&nbsp;</p>

Scenic Pen Pot 

Price: ¥65
Pen pot featuring Tibetan mountain scene with lady and yak.
<p>Churn Pen Pot&nbsp;</p>

Churn Pen Pot 

Price: ¥39
This pen pot resembles a Tibetan tea churn.  Available in three colourways.