Satchels, totes, backpacks, purses and more. Below is a selection of our bags, hand-made by our wonderful producers!
If you see anything you like, make a note of the product name and click here to choose an ordering method!
Remember: every purchase helps disadvantaged people to support themselves, and profits go to help those in need!

Dancing Yak Woven K47 Bag
Dancing Yak Woven K47 Bag
Price: ¥299
Part of a new range for 2022 made from woven sheep's wool material. 
Dancing Yak K63 Bag
Dancing Yak K63 Bag
Price: ¥259
Part of a new range for 2022 made from woven sheep's wool material.
Dancing Yak Woven Shoulder Bags
Dancing Yak Woven Shoulder Bags
Price: ¥159 each
Part of a new range for 2022 made from woven sheep's wool material.
Dancing Yak K153 Bag
Dancing Yak K153 Bag
Price: ¥199
Part of a new range for 2022 made from woven sheep's wool material.
<p>Hearts &amp; Hands Underwear bag!</p>

Hearts & Hands Underwear bag!

NEW LOW Price: ¥29 each!
Keep your pants safe in this bag featuring lingerie pattern in a range of colours!
<p>Dancing Yak Felt Totes</p>

Dancing Yak Felt Totes

¥299-¥349 each
These bags, hand-made from Tibetan Felt and other materials, come in three different sizes and a huge range of designs! 
<p>Hearts &amp; Hands Tablet Wallet&nbsp;</p>

Hearts & Hands Tablet Wallet 

NEW LOW Price: ¥46 each!
Functional and beautiful, this hand-made iPad sleeve features many pockets and trifold design..
Hearts &amp; Hands Wine Bottle Gift Bag&nbsp;
Hearts & Hands Wine Bottle Gift Bag 
LOW Price: ¥25 each
A range of colours available, make that wine gift even more special with this re-usable gift bag!  Pass it on...
<p>Dancing Yak Yak Bags</p>

Dancing Yak Yak Bags

Price: ¥159 each
These bags are full of character!  Made from Tibetan felt, and featuring the unmistakable Yak design from Dancing Yak!
Dancing Yak Toiletry Bags&nbsp;
Dancing Yak Toiletry Bags 
Price: ¥69 each
Convenient cosmetic cases, made from ornate Tibetan cloth.  Various colours, including white, purple, blue, green, red, brown and black.
Dancing Yak Small Shoulder Bag&nbsp;
Dancing Yak Small Shoulder Bag 
Price: ¥99 each
Unmistakably Tibetan small side bags with zip and toggle, in 6 different colours! 
Dancing Yak Cord Shoulder Bag&nbsp;
Dancing Yak Cord Shoulder Bag 
Price: ¥69 each
Woven bag with a variety of coloured patterns!  Durable and practical. 
Hearts &amp; Hands Side Bag&nbsp;
Hearts & Hands Side Bag 
Price: ¥68
Simple design at a low price!  
<p>Hands of Hope Duffel Travel Bag</p>

Hands of Hope Duffel Travel Bag

Price: ¥309
Large travel bag, very durable.  High wuality manufacture and beautifully lined interior.  Several colours available (straps).
<p>Hands of Hope Adventure Travel Set&nbsp;</p>

Hands of Hope Adventure Travel Set 

Price: ¥426
Includes toiletries bag, small packing cube, large packing cube, zippered accessories bag, passport cover, luggage nametag and cotton shoe bag.
<p>Xie Xinxin Painted Shopping Bag</p>

Xie Xinxin Painted Shopping Bag

Price: ¥60 each
Xie Xinxin buys these canvas shopping bags and uses them as a canvas to hand-paint her own designs! Beautiful and environmentally friendly!
<p>Norboo Purse</p>

Norboo Purse

Price: ¥98 each
Trifold wide wallet/purse with Tibean silk detail.
<p>Norboo Phone Holder&nbsp;</p>

Norboo Phone Holder 

Price: ¥59 each
Smartphone-sized pouch for protecting your phone.  In a variety of  colours and designs
<p>Norboo Tote&nbsp;</p>

Norboo Tote 

Price: ¥160 each
Shopping bag with pangaden-style detail strip.  Several colours available.
<p>Zhangwei Leather Tote</p>

Zhangwei Leather Tote

Price: ¥986
Beautifully carved product from Zhangwei. Stock is limited, so buy quickly if interested!
<p>Yu Family Carved Leather Tote</p>

Yu Family Carved Leather Tote

Price: ¥988
High-quality leather tote with beautifully ornate hand-carved leather detail in beautiful colours!
<p>Yu Family Carved Leather Handbag</p>

Yu Family Carved Leather Handbag

Price: ¥898
Ornately carved 'patchwork' design with long leather strap included. 
<p>Norboo Hobo Bag&nbsp;</p>

Norboo Hobo Bag 

Price: ¥129 each
Shoulder-slung hand-made bag featuring a variety of Tibetan patterns!   
Amdo Velcro Bag&nbsp;
Amdo Velcro Bag 
Price: ¥90(Sm)-¥136(Md) 
Shoulder-slung, cloth bags with yak's wool detail. 
Amdo Shopping Bag&nbsp;
Amdo Shopping Bag 
Price: ¥153 
Cloth bag featuring yak's wool detail. 
Amdo Bag&nbsp;
Amdo Bag 
Price: ¥153 
Signature shoulder bag from Amdo, made from yak's wool.
Amdo Large Velcro Bag&nbsp;
Amdo Large Velcro Bag 
Price: ¥168 
Larger, shoulder-slung, small cloth bag with yak's wool detail.
Amdo Extra Large Bag&nbsp;
Amdo Extra Large Bag 
Price: ¥229 
Larger shoulder bag featuring areas of yak's wool material.  Various colours.
Amdo Small Computer Bag (13in)&nbsp;
Amdo Small Computer Bag (13in) 
Price: ¥37 
Typically beautiful Amdo design in a range of colours.
Amdo Pencil Case
Amdo Pencil Case
Price: ¥42 
Many designs available! 
Amdo Small Purse Bag
Amdo Small Purse Bag
Price: ¥88 
Amdo Small Woven &nbsp;Purse&nbsp;
Amdo Small Woven  Purse 
Tiny yak wool coin purse!

Two sizes.

Amdo Children's Bag&nbsp;
Amdo Children's Bag 
Price: ¥88
Soft bag with strap.
Amdo Satchel Bag&nbsp;
Amdo Satchel Bag 
Price: ¥125
Drawstring, single-shoulder-slung bag featuring yak wool detail.
Amdo Shoulder Bag&nbsp;
Amdo Shoulder Bag 
Price: ¥68 
Perfect shoulder-slung pouch for carrying your phone, money etc. 
<p>Amdo Medium Make-up Bag&nbsp;</p>

Amdo Medium Make-up Bag 

Price: ¥69 each
Beatuiful, zip-up purse.  Reminds us to stay beautiful on the inside!
Amdo Bottle/Flask Holder&nbsp;
Amdo Bottle/Flask Holder 
Price: ¥67
With yak wool detail.  Wine not included! 
<p>Amdo Phone case&nbsp;</p>

Amdo Phone case 

Price: $39 each
Beautifully made phone-holder from Amdo, matches their series of ziptop purses. Protects your phone beautifully in decorative silk.
Amdo Toiletry Bag&nbsp;
Amdo Toiletry Bag 
Price: ¥125
Larger zip-up bag, perfect for carrying those toiletries around!
<p>Amdo Small Make-up Purse&nbsp;</p>

Amdo Small Make-up Purse 

Smaller, beautiful purse with patterned cloth inside and out!
<p>Dancing Yak Tablet Cases (small)&nbsp;</p>

Dancing Yak Tablet Cases (small) 

Price: ¥119
Beautifully sewn tablet covers/cases.
Dancing Yak Phone Cases&nbsp;
Dancing Yak Phone Cases 
Price: ¥79-89
Beautiful phone bags with long strap for carrying.  In two sizes. 
<p>Amdo Coin Purse</p>

Amdo Coin Purse

Smallest version of the zip-up, patterned purse from Amdo Craft!
<p>Pann Nann Ein Coin Purse&nbsp;</p>

Pann Nann Ein Coin Purse 

Price: ¥19 each
Handmade coin purses from Pann Nann Ein
<p>Pann Nann Ein Pencil Case&nbsp;</p>

Pann Nann Ein Pencil Case 

Price: ¥29 each
Long, zip-top pencil cases handmade by the artisans at Pann Nann Ein.
<p>Pann Nann Ein Double-Zip Bag&nbsp;</p>

Pann Nann Ein Double-Zip Bag 

Price: ¥36 each
Handy bag for pencils, or cosmetics, or whatever will fit!  Handmade at Pann Nann Ein.
<p>Pann Nann Ein Shoulder Bag</p>

Pann Nann Ein Shoulder Bag

Price: ¥40
Useful bag to save on plastic waste when shopping, or just to carry your daily essentials around!  Handmade at Pann Nann Ein.
LDWDC Coin Purses&nbsp;
LDWDC Coin Purses 
Price: ¥28
Zip-top rectangular coin purses from LDWDC, feature a variety of colours, shapes and sizes, making each unique!
LDWDC iPad Bag&nbsp;
LDWDC iPad Bag 
Price: ¥66
Beautiful, padded bag to carry your medium-sized electronics.  Shoulder strap, zip-top and button detail.  Hand-woven by the ladies of LDWDC!
<p>LDWDC Mini Tablet Bag&nbsp;</p>

LDWDC Mini Tablet Bag 

Price: ¥55
A simple way to carry your e-reader, or notebook!  Long shoulder-strap, with a zip-top opening.
<p>LDWDC Cosmetic Bag&nbsp;</p>

LDWDC Cosmetic Bag 

Price: ¥55
Medium-sized zip-top wallet for keeping all of your cosmetics, or pens and pencils!  However you use it, the purchase helps disabled people in Laos to support themselves.
<p>Dancing Yak Shoulder Bag&nbsp;</p>

Dancing Yak Shoulder Bag 

Price: ¥219
Available in a variety of colours.  Zip-up, long-strap shoulder bags. 
<p>Dancing Yak Tablet Case (large)&nbsp;</p>

Dancing Yak Tablet Case (large) 

Price: ¥155
Patterned case for larger tablets.   
<p>Dancing Yak Leather Tablet Cases (large)&nbsp;</p>

Dancing Yak Leather Tablet Cases (large) 

Price: ¥225
For larger tablets, beautifully sewn cases in various colours and designs
<p>Dancing Yak Laptop Cases&nbsp;</p>

Dancing Yak Laptop Cases 

Price: ¥189
A short but informative description of the product
<p>Dancing Yak Large Wooly Shoulder Bag</p>

Dancing Yak Large Wooly Shoulder Bag

Price: ¥289
Wooly Larger Shoulder bag, in a various colours. Made with 100% machine-woven yak wool.
<p>Dancing Yak Felt Tablet Case</p>

Dancing Yak Felt Tablet Case

Price: ¥129
Soft yet sturdy tablet case made of Tibetan felt, magnetic pooer closing. 
<p>Dancing Yak Large Yak Wool Satchel&nbsp;</p>

Dancing Yak Large Yak Wool Satchel 

Price: ¥299
Made from 100% hand-woven yak wool.  Adjustable strap.
<p>Dancing Yak Drawstring Bag&nbsp;</p>

Dancing Yak Drawstring Bag 

Price: ¥49
Drawstring-style bag lovingly made from material with a popular pattern.
<p>Hearts &amp; Hands Silk Pencil Cases</p>

Hearts & Hands Silk Pencil Cases

NEW LOW Price: ¥30 each
Available ina  huge range of colours to match chopsticks, purses etc.
<p>Hearts and Hands Long Wallet&nbsp;</p>

Hearts and Hands Long Wallet 

NEW LOW Price: ¥39-¥49 each
Available in plain or deluxe (with clear ID pocket) varieties.
<p>Hearts &amp; Hands Silk Purses&nbsp;</p>

Hearts & Hands Silk Purses 

NEW LOW Price: ¥25 each
Perfect for cosmetics, crayons, coins, keys or other, smaller purses(!)
<p>Dancing Yak K52 Bag&nbsp;</p>

Dancing Yak K52 Bag 

Price: ¥219
Simple satchel bag with long shoulder strap, made from woven yakswool material.
Dancing Yak K48 Bag&nbsp;
Dancing Yak K48 Bag 
Price: ¥319
Deluxe, handmade yakswool side-bag, featuring silk detail in a variety of colours. 
Dancing Yak Monk Bag&nbsp;
Dancing Yak Monk Bag 
Price: ¥229
Very popular satchel at Blue Sheep! 
<p>Dancing Yak Bag&nbsp;</p>

Dancing Yak Bag 

Price: ¥269
Small satchel bag made from Yakswool, with iconic Tibetan pattern detail.
<p>Hearts &amp; Hands Shoulder Bag</p>

Hearts & Hands Shoulder Bag

NEW LOW Price: ¥56
Cross-body style bag for all your daily-carried things!  Available in two colours.
<p>Hearts &amp; Hands Shopping Totes&nbsp;</p>

Hearts & Hands Shopping Totes 

Price: ¥80 each
Save plastic, save the planet with these re-usable shopping bags!  Sturdy and comfortable.
<p>Hearts &amp; Hands Wallet Purse</p>

Hearts & Hands Wallet Purse

Price: ¥90 each
Wallet-style purse with long strap for convenient use, suitable for travel documents, cash and more! 
<p>Hearts &amp; Hands Diaper/Nappy Bags&nbsp;</p>

Hearts & Hands Diaper/Nappy Bags 

Price: ¥115-¥130
Large or Small sizes available.
<p>MSI Round Bag&nbsp;</p>

MSI Round Bag 

Price: ¥56
Barrel-shaped zip-up bag featuring a Yi style embroidered pattern.
<p>MSI Small Drawstring Bag&nbsp;</p>

MSI Small Drawstring Bag 

Price: ¥30 each
For keeping millet or spices in, but could also protect your phone or coins!  Featuring a range of patterns and colours in the Yi style
<p>MSI Small Bag&nbsp;</p>

MSI Small Bag 

Price: ¥28 each
Makes a nice cover for an e-reader or small tablet.
<p>MSI Crossbody 'Moon' Bag</p>

MSI Crossbody 'Moon' Bag

Price: ¥105
A smaller 'Moon' bag in the cross-body style, for smaller objects or a smaller number of larger objects(!)
<p>MSI Waist Bag&nbsp;</p>

MSI Waist Bag 

Price: ¥45
Bum-bag or fanny-pack, featuring embroidered Yi minority pattern in popular Yi colours!
<p>MSI Phone Bag With Strap&nbsp;</p>

MSI Phone Bag With Strap 

Price: ¥56
Great shoulder bag for small electronics.  
<p>MSI Drawstring Gym Bag&nbsp;</p>

MSI Drawstring Gym Bag 

Price: ¥45
Small drawstring sack with rope shoulder straps.  A bargain!
MSI Cross-body Bag&nbsp;
MSI Cross-body Bag 
Price: ¥45
Limited stock left, colours may vary.
<p>Relevant Art Embroidered Wallets&nbsp;</p>

Relevant Art Embroidered Wallets 

Price: ¥48 each
Trifold wallet featuring hand-embroidered Yi pattern.
<p>Shenaini Large Trifold Wallet&nbsp;</p>

Shenaini Large Trifold Wallet 

Price: ¥230
2 zippered pockets, one slip-in pocket, clear ID window and 9 credit card slots. Closed with a strong magnetic snap.
<p>Shenaini ID Wallet&nbsp;</p>

Shenaini ID Wallet 

Price: ¥100
Bifold wallet with a zippered pocket for bills, clear ID pocket and 3 credit card slots. Velcro closing.
<p>Mai Savanh Lao Side Bag&nbsp;</p>

Mai Savanh Lao Side Bag 

Price: ¥270 each
Silk shoulder-slung bags with long strap and button details from Mai Savanh Lao
<p>Mai Savanh Lao Small Pouch</p>

Mai Savanh Lao Small Pouch

Price: ¥80 each
Sall drawstring pouch from Mai Savanh Lao
Mai Savanh Lao Cosmetic Bags&nbsp;
Mai Savanh Lao Cosmetic Bags 
Price: ¥150 each
Little handmade toiletry bags from Mai Savanh Lao.
<p>Shenaini Turtles and Bears (Oh My!)&nbsp;</p>

Shenaini Turtles and Bears (Oh My!) 

Price: ¥120 each (1 turt+1 bear)
These cute turtles come with a soft little bear inside just for fun!
<p>Shenaini Small Essentials Bag</p>

Shenaini Small Essentials Bag

Price: ¥300
An all-time favourite.  Cross-body strap makes it a convenient travel bag.  Zippered pocket on back for secure phone stowage, 2 slip-in pockets and 3 interior pockets.
<p>Shenaini 'Soft Sak' Shopping Tote&nbsp;</p>

Shenaini 'Soft Sak' Shopping Tote 

Price: ¥96
A convenient alternative to plastic bags for shopping, these reusable, strong shopping totes roll up small with the help of a velcro strap.
Shenaini Large Zippered Tote&nbsp;
Shenaini Large Zippered Tote 
Price: ¥360
Convenient slip-in pockets on both sides, and 6 more pockets inside.
<p>Shenaini Backpack&nbsp;</p>

Shenaini Backpack 

Price: ¥230
Fully lined with quilted cloth, this backpack is top-opening with a double zipper, featuring side pockets and an extra secure zippered pocket on the back.
<p>Shenaini Coin Purse</p>

Shenaini Coin Purse

Price: ¥60
Soft zippered coin purse with colour-coordinated cotton lining.  Great for carrying credit cards, currency, cosmetics o a small camera.
<p>Shenaini Cosmetic Case</p>

Shenaini Cosmetic Case

Price: ¥70-¥100
Small, vinyl-lined, zippered cosmetic case.  Great organiser for your purse or carry-on bag.
<p>Shenaini Soft Zippered Purse</p>

Shenaini Soft Zippered Purse

Price: ¥135
Great little handbag with an easily adjustable strap for convenience.
<p>Shenaini Large Multi-Pocket Purse&nbsp;</p>

Shenaini Large Multi-Pocket Purse 

Price: ¥190 each
One of the most popular purses.  6 credit-card slots inside and a secure zippered pocket.  With both wrist strap and long strap. 
<p>Shenaini Mini Tablet Purse</p>

Shenaini Mini Tablet Purse

Price: ¥170
Designed to hold and protect a mini tablet or reader, with a designated slip-in pocket on the inside, and a secure zippered pocket on the back. 
Shenaini Smartphone Case&nbsp;
Shenaini Smartphone Case 
Price: ¥50 each
Beautifully embroidered bag with a colour-coordinated silk lining, available in a variety of designs and colours.
<p>Shenaini Sunglasses Case</p>

Shenaini Sunglasses Case

Price: ¥50 each
Beautifully embroidered bag easily holds a large pair of sunglasses.  Available in a variety of designs and colours.
<p>Shenaini Small Electronics Bag</p>

Shenaini Small Electronics Bag

Price: ¥160
Very convenient for e-readers, cameras and phones.  Featuring 3 securely zippered pockets.
<p>Shenaini Multi-Pocket Mini Purse</p>

Shenaini Multi-Pocket Mini Purse

Price: ¥130
A great small purse, featuring 4 ID cards and a zippered pocket in side, and a secure zippered pocket outside.
<p>Shenaini Smartphone Case</p>

Shenaini Smartphone Case

Price: ¥150
The soft plush lining will protect your smartpohne or small electronic device.  3 Zippered pockets, and an adjustable strap. 
<p>Shenaini Large Multi Pocket Purse</p>

Shenaini Large Multi Pocket Purse

Price: ¥170
6 credit-card slots inside and a secure zippered pocket. With both wrist strap and long strap.
<p>Shenaini Glasses Case</p>

Shenaini Glasses Case

Price: ¥50 each
Soft and well-cushioned, and witha drawsting to keep your glasses safe inside.  Hand embroidered!
<p>Shenaini Round Coin Purse</p>

Shenaini Round Coin Purse

Price: ¥80 each
A great gift for anyone!  Not just for coins; they can also hold USB drives, earphones or small treasures.  Each one is hand-embroidered by Miao women on soft black cloth with a quilted lining.
<p>Shenaini Case</p>

Shenaini Case

Price: ¥100.00
Small, vinyl-lined, zippered cosmetic case. Great organiser for your purse or carry-on bag.  Beautifully embroidered by hand.
<p>Shenaini Soft Zippered Purse</p>

Shenaini Soft Zippered Purse

Price: ¥100
Great little handbag with an easily adjustable strap for convenience.  Beautifully hand-embroidered!
<p>Shenaini Multi Pocket Purses</p>

Shenaini Multi Pocket Purses

Price: ¥130 each
A great small purse, featuring 4 ID cards and a zippered pocket in side, and a secure zippered pocket outside. Hand-embroiderd in a variety of designs and matching colours.
<p>Shenaini Coin Purse&nbsp;</p>

Shenaini Coin Purse 

Price: ¥80 each
For stashing cash, cards, receipts and small technological do-dads.  Both practical and beautiful!  
<p>Shenaini Key Wallet</p>

Shenaini Key Wallet

Price: ¥55 each
A very special and practical gift, these hand-embroidered bags are made using very soft black cloth.
<p>Shenaini Smartphone Case</p>

Shenaini Smartphone Case

Price: ¥165 each
The soft plush lining will protect your smartpohne or small electronic device. 3 Zippered pockets, and an adjustable strap.  Hand-embroidered by Miao women in Hunan!
<p>Shigatse&nbsp;Large Shoulder Bag</p>

Shigatse Large Shoulder Bag

Price: ¥340
Hand-made satchel-style side bag to carry all of your important items.
Camacraft Medium Drawstring Bag&nbsp;
Camacraft Medium Drawstring Bag 
Price: ¥56 
Drawstring bag from Camacraft, pouch for keeping your precious articles in!  
<p>White Yak Mustang Camelskin Bag (dark brown)&nbsp;</p>

White Yak Mustang Camelskin Bag (dark brown) 

Price: ¥1800
Made of eco-friendly leather (75%) and woolen or synthetic pangden (25%).Also available in tan.
Camacraft Cross-stitch Pencil Case&nbsp;
Camacraft Cross-stitch Pencil Case 
Price: ¥50 each
Narrow zip-top bag, perfect for carrying your stationery!  Handmade by the women of Camacraft. 
Camacraft Small Batik Cosmetic Bag&nbsp;&nbsp;
Camacraft Small Batik Cosmetic Bag  
Price: ¥60 
Batik products dyed with natural dyes. Indigo dye and bees wax are used to apply these beautiful designs! 
Camacraft Large Drawstring Bag
Camacraft Large Drawstring Bag
Price: ¥70 
Larger, sDrawstring bag from Camacrafts - all made by hand!
Inle Market Padded Cosmetic Bag&nbsp;
Inle Market Padded Cosmetic Bag 
Price: ¥74 each
Handmade zip-top padded bag for cosmetics, from Inle Market, supporting local craftsmen in Myanmar.
<p>Yu Family Carved Leather Leaf Pattern Handbag&nbsp;</p>

Yu Family Carved Leather Leaf Pattern Handbag 

Price: ¥1460
A beautifully and ornately carved leather handbag featuring leaf detailing and the highest quality finish.
<p>Yu Family Satchel Bag with Carved Leather Detail</p>

Yu Family Satchel Bag with Carved Leather Detail

Price: ¥1460
This leather satchel bag was Intricately and ornately crafted by the Yu family. 
Yu Family Carved Leather Round Handbag&nbsp;
Yu Family Carved Leather Round Handbag 
Price: ¥1189
This small, round leather handbag was hand-made by the Yu family and features a floral/butterfly scene,
<p>Yu Family Ornately Carved Leather Handbag&nbsp;</p>

Yu Family Ornately Carved Leather Handbag 

Price: ¥1359
Meticulously hand-crafted by the Yu family, this leather handbag features carved swirling leaf and flower patterns.
<p>Yu Family Carved Leather Large Handbag with Sling&nbsp;</p>

Yu Family Carved Leather Large Handbag with Sling 

Price: ¥2039
A beautifully decorated large leather handbag by the Yu family, featuring hand-carved geometric patterns and cherry blossoms. 
<p>Nepalese Felt Backpacks&nbsp;</p>

Nepalese Felt Backpacks 

Price: ¥69 each
Great Fun!  A variety of animal designs in Nepalese felt.
<p>Small Nepalese Felt Animal Purses&nbsp;</p>

Small Nepalese Felt Animal Purses 

Price: ¥43 each
A huge variety of animals and scenes on zip-top purses, fashioned from Nepalese felt.
<p>Large Nepalese Felt Animal Purses&nbsp;</p>

Large Nepalese Felt Animal Purses 

Price: ¥60 each
A huge variety of animals on zip-top purses with long felt straps, fashioned from Nepalese felt.
<p>Small Nepalese Hemp Bags</p>

Small Nepalese Hemp Bags

Price: ¥43
Bags lovingly fashioned by hand in Nepal from cotton and felt materials.  Perfect for small electronics!
<p>Nepalese Embroidered Cotton Side Bags</p>

Nepalese Embroidered Cotton Side Bags

Price: ¥46 each
Hand-made embroidered side-bags with long strap, with a huge variety of colours and designs!