Satchels, totes, backpacks, purses and more. Below is a selection of our bags, hand-made by our wonderful producers!
If you see anything you like, make a note of the product name and click here to choose an ordering method!
Remember: every purchase helps disadvantaged people to support themselves, and profits go to help those in need!

Norboo Lolo Sling Bag 
Norboo Lolo Sling Bag 
Price: ¥159 each
These single-strap tiny backpacks can be seen everywhere now and are growing in popularity.  Big enough to hold your phone, cards, purse and other essentials, but not too bulky, these bags come in a range of colours.
<p>Norboo Totepack</p>

Norboo Totepack

Price: ¥269 each
These versatile bags can be used as a shopping tote or a backpack, due to their clever design.  Colours available.
Norboo "Origami" Tote Bag&nbsp;
Norboo "Origami" Tote Bag 
Price: ¥226 each
Various colours and patterns available.
Dancing Yak Woven K47 Bag
Dancing Yak Woven K47 Bag
Price: ¥299
Part of a new range for 2022 made from woven sheep's wool material. 
Dancing Yak K63 Bag
Dancing Yak K63 Bag
Price: ¥259
Part of a new range for 2022 made from woven sheep's wool material.
Dancing Yak Woven Shoulder Bags
Dancing Yak Woven Shoulder Bags
Price: ¥159 each
Part of a new range for 2022 made from woven sheep's wool material.
Dancing Yak K153 Bag
Dancing Yak K153 Bag
Price: ¥199
Part of a new range for 2022 made from woven sheep's wool material.
<p>Hearts &amp; Hands Underwear bag!</p>

Hearts & Hands Underwear bag!

NEW LOW Price: ¥29 each!
Keep your pants safe in this bag featuring lingerie pattern in a range of colours!
<p>Dancing Yak Felt Totes</p>

Dancing Yak Felt Totes

¥299-¥349 each
These bags, hand-made from Tibetan Felt and other materials, come in three different sizes and a huge range of designs! 
<p>Hearts &amp; Hands Tablet Wallet&nbsp;</p>

Hearts & Hands Tablet Wallet 

NEW LOW Price: ¥46 each!
Functional and beautiful, this hand-made iPad sleeve features many pockets and trifold design..
Hearts &amp; Hands Wine Bottle Gift Bag&nbsp;
Hearts & Hands Wine Bottle Gift Bag 
LOW Price: ¥25 each
A range of colours available, make that wine gift even more special with this re-usable gift bag!  Pass it on...
<p>Dancing Yak Yak Bags</p>

Dancing Yak Yak Bags

Price: ¥159 each
These bags are full of character!  Made from Tibetan felt, and featuring the unmistakable Yak design from Dancing Yak!
Dancing Yak Toiletry Bags&nbsp;
Dancing Yak Toiletry Bags 
Price: ¥69 each
Convenient cosmetic cases, made from ornate Tibetan cloth.  Various colours, including white, purple, blue, green, red, brown and black.
Dancing Yak Small Shoulder Bag&nbsp;
Dancing Yak Small Shoulder Bag 
Price: ¥99 each
Unmistakably Tibetan small side bags with zip and toggle, in 6 different colours! 
Dancing Yak Cord Shoulder Bag&nbsp;
Dancing Yak Cord Shoulder Bag 
Price: ¥69 each
Woven bag with a variety of coloured patterns!  Durable and practical. 
Hearts &amp; Hands Side Bag&nbsp;
Hearts & Hands Side Bag 
Price: ¥68
Simple design at a low price!  
<p>Hands of Hope Duffel Travel Bag</p>

Hands of Hope Duffel Travel Bag

Price: ¥309
Large travel bag, very durable.  High wuality manufacture and beautifully lined interior.  Several colours available (straps).
<p>Hands of Hope Adventure Travel Set&nbsp;</p>

Hands of Hope Adventure Travel Set 

Price: ¥426
Includes toiletries bag, small packing cube, large packing cube, zippered accessories bag, passport cover, luggage nametag and cotton shoe bag.
<p>Xie Xinxin Painted Shopping Bag</p>

Xie Xinxin Painted Shopping Bag

Price: ¥60 each
Xie Xinxin buys these canvas shopping bags and uses them as a canvas to hand-paint her own designs! Beautiful and environmentally friendly!
<p>Norboo Purse</p>

Norboo Purse

Price: ¥98 each
Trifold wide wallet/purse with Tibean silk detail.
<p>Norboo Phone Holder&nbsp;</p>

Norboo Phone Holder 

Price: ¥59 each
Smartphone-sized pouch for protecting your phone.  In a variety of  colours and designs
<p>Norboo Tote&nbsp;</p>

Norboo Tote 

Price: ¥160 each
Shopping bag with pangaden-style detail strip.  Several colours available.
<p>Zhangwei Leather Tote</p>

Zhangwei Leather Tote

Price: ¥986
Beautifully carved product from Zhangwei. Stock is limited, so buy quickly if interested!
<p>Yu Family Carved Leather Tote</p>

Yu Family Carved Leather Tote

Price: ¥988
High-quality leather tote with beautifully ornate hand-carved leather detail in beautiful colours!
<p>Yu Family Carved Leather Handbag</p>

Yu Family Carved Leather Handbag

Price: ¥898
Ornately carved 'patchwork' design with long leather strap included. 
<p>Norboo Hobo Bag&nbsp;</p>

Norboo Hobo Bag 

Price: ¥149 each
Shoulder-slung hand-made bag featuring a variety of Tibetan patterns!   
Amdo Velcro Bag&nbsp;
Amdo Velcro Bag 
Price: ¥90(Sm)-¥136(Md) 
Shoulder-slung, cloth bags with yak's wool detail. 
Amdo Shopping Bag&nbsp;
Amdo Shopping Bag 
Price: ¥153 
Cloth bag featuring yak's wool detail. 
Amdo Bag&nbsp;
Amdo Bag 
Price: ¥153 
Signature shoulder bag from Amdo, made from yak's wool.
Amdo Large Velcro Bag&nbsp;
Amdo Large Velcro Bag 
Price: ¥168 
Larger, shoulder-slung, small cloth bag with yak's wool detail.
Amdo Extra Large Bag&nbsp;
Amdo Extra Large Bag 
Price: ¥229 
Larger shoulder bag featuring areas of yak's wool material.  Various colours.
Amdo Computer Bag
Amdo Computer Bag
Price: ¥66-¥76 
Typically beautiful Amdo design in a range of colours.
Amdo Pencil Case
Amdo Pencil Case
Price: ¥42 
Many designs available! 
Amdo Small Purse Bag
Amdo Small Purse Bag
Price: ¥88 
Amdo Small Woven &nbsp;Purse&nbsp;
Amdo Small Woven  Purse 
Tiny yak wool coin purse!

Two sizes.

Amdo Children's Bag&nbsp;
Amdo Children's Bag 
Price: ¥88
Soft bag with strap.
Amdo Satchel Bag&nbsp;
Amdo Satchel Bag 
Price: ¥125
Drawstring, single-shoulder-slung bag featuring yak wool detail.
Amdo Shoulder Bag&nbsp;
Amdo Shoulder Bag 
Price: ¥68 
Perfect shoulder-slung pouch for carrying your phone, money etc. 
<p>Amdo Medium Make-up Bag&nbsp;</p>

Amdo Medium Make-up Bag 

Price: ¥69 each
Beatuiful, zip-up purse.  Reminds us to stay beautiful on the inside!
Amdo Bottle/Flask Holder&nbsp;
Amdo Bottle/Flask Holder 
Price: ¥67
With yak wool detail.  Wine not included! 
<p>Amdo Phone case&nbsp;</p>

Amdo Phone case 

Price: $39 each
Beautifully made phone-holder from Amdo, matches their series of ziptop purses. Protects your phone beautifully in decorative silk.
Amdo Toiletry Bag&nbsp;
Amdo Toiletry Bag 
Price: ¥125
Larger zip-up bag, perfect for carrying those toiletries around!
<p>Amdo Small Make-up Purse&nbsp;</p>

Amdo Small Make-up Purse 

Smaller, beautiful purse with patterned cloth inside and out!
<p>Dancing Yak Tablet Cases (small)&nbsp;</p>

Dancing Yak Tablet Cases (small) 

Price: ¥119
Beautifully sewn tablet covers/cases.
Dancing Yak Phone Cases&nbsp;
Dancing Yak Phone Cases 
Price: ¥79-89
Beautiful phone bags with long strap for carrying.  In two sizes. 
<p>Amdo Coin Purse</p>

Amdo Coin Purse

Smallest version of the zip-up, patterned purse from Amdo Craft!
<p>Pann Nann Ein Coin Purse&nbsp;</p>

Pann Nann Ein Coin Purse 

Price: ¥19 each
Handmade coin purses from Pann Nann Ein
<p>Pann Nann Ein Pencil Case&nbsp;</p>

Pann Nann Ein Pencil Case 

Price: ¥29 each
Long, zip-top pencil cases handmade by the artisans at Pann Nann Ein.
<p>Pann Nann Ein Double-Zip Bag&nbsp;</p>

Pann Nann Ein Double-Zip Bag 

Price: ¥36 each
Handy bag for pencils, or cosmetics, or whatever will fit!  Handmade at Pann Nann Ein.
<p>Pann Nann Ein Shoulder Bag</p>

Pann Nann Ein Shoulder Bag

Price: ¥40
Useful bag to save on plastic waste when shopping, or just to carry your daily essentials around!  Handmade at Pann Nann Ein.
LDWDC Coin Purses&nbsp;
LDWDC Coin Purses 
Price: ¥28
Zip-top rectangular coin purses from LDWDC, feature a variety of colours, shapes and sizes, making each unique!
LDWDC iPad Bag&nbsp;
LDWDC iPad Bag 
Price: ¥66
Beautiful, padded bag to carry your medium-sized electronics.  Shoulder strap, zip-top and button detail.  Hand-woven by the ladies of LDWDC!
<p>LDWDC Mini Tablet Bag&nbsp;</p>

LDWDC Mini Tablet Bag 

Price: ¥55
A simple way to carry your e-reader, or notebook!  Long shoulder-strap, with a zip-top opening.
<p>LDWDC Cosmetic Bag&nbsp;</p>

LDWDC Cosmetic Bag 

Price: ¥55
Medium-sized zip-top wallet for keeping all of your cosmetics, or pens and pencils!  However you use it, the purchase helps disabled people in Laos to support themselves.
<p>Dancing Yak Shoulder Bag&nbsp;</p>

Dancing Yak Shoulder Bag 

Price: ¥219
Available in a variety of colours.  Zip-up, long-strap shoulder bags. 
<p>Dancing Yak Tablet Case (large)&nbsp;</p>

Dancing Yak Tablet Case (large) 

Price: ¥155
Patterned case for larger tablets.   
<p>Dancing Yak Leather Tablet Cases (large)&nbsp;</p>

Dancing Yak Leather Tablet Cases (large) 

Price: ¥225
For larger tablets, beautifully sewn cases in various colours and designs
<p>Dancing Yak Laptop Cases&nbsp;</p>

Dancing Yak Laptop Cases 

Price: ¥189
A short but informative description of the product
<p>Dancing Yak Large Wooly Shoulder Bag</p>

Dancing Yak Large Wooly Shoulder Bag

Price: ¥289
Wooly Larger Shoulder bag, in a various colours. Made with 100% machine-woven yak wool.
<p>Dancing Yak Felt Tablet Case</p>

Dancing Yak Felt Tablet Case

Price: ¥129
Soft yet sturdy tablet case made of Tibetan felt, magnetic pooer closing. 
<p>Dancing Yak Large Yak Wool Satchel&nbsp;</p>

Dancing Yak Large Yak Wool Satchel 

Price: ¥299
Made from 100% hand-woven yak wool.  Adjustable strap.
<p>Dancing Yak Drawstring Bag&nbsp;</p>

Dancing Yak Drawstring Bag 

Price: ¥49
Drawstring-style bag lovingly made from material with a popular pattern.
<p>Hearts &amp; Hands Silk Pencil Cases</p>

Hearts & Hands Silk Pencil Cases

NEW LOW Price: ¥30 each
Available ina  huge range of colours to match chopsticks, purses etc.
<p>Hearts and Hands Long Wallet&nbsp;</p>

Hearts and Hands Long Wallet 

NEW LOW Price: ¥39-¥49 each
Available in plain or deluxe (with clear ID pocket) varieties.
<p>Hearts &amp; Hands Silk Purses&nbsp;</p>

Hearts & Hands Silk Purses 

NEW LOW Price: ¥25 each
Perfect for cosmetics, crayons, coins, keys or other, smaller purses(!)
<p>Dancing Yak K52 Bag&nbsp;</p>

Dancing Yak K52 Bag 

Price: ¥219
Simple satchel bag with long shoulder strap, made from woven yakswool material.
Dancing Yak K48 Bag&nbsp;
Dancing Yak K48 Bag 
Price: ¥319
Deluxe, handmade yakswool side-bag, featuring silk detail in a variety of colours. 
Dancing Yak Monk Bag&nbsp;
Dancing Yak Monk Bag 
Price: ¥229
Very popular satchel at Blue Sheep! 
<p>Dancing Yak Bag&nbsp;</p>

Dancing Yak Bag 

Price: ¥269
Small satchel bag made from Yakswool, with iconic Tibetan pattern detail.
<p>Hearts &amp; Hands Shoulder Bag</p>

Hearts & Hands Shoulder Bag

NEW LOW Price: ¥56
Cross-body style bag for all your daily-carried things!  Available in two colours.
<p>Hearts &amp; Hands Shopping Totes&nbsp;</p>

Hearts & Hands Shopping Totes 

Price: ¥80 each
Save plastic, save the planet with these re-usable shopping bags!  Sturdy and comfortable.
<p>Hearts &amp; Hands Wallet Purse</p>

Hearts & Hands Wallet Purse

Price: ¥90 each
Wallet-style purse with long strap for convenient use, suitable for travel documents, cash and more! 
<p>Hearts &amp; Hands Diaper/Nappy Bags&nbsp;</p>

Hearts & Hands Diaper/Nappy Bags 

Price: ¥115-¥130
Large or Small sizes available.
<p>MSI Round Bag&nbsp;</p>

MSI Round Bag 

Price: ¥56
Barrel-shaped zip-up bag featuring a Yi style embroidered pattern.
<p>MSI Small Drawstring Bag&nbsp;</p>

MSI Small Drawstring Bag 

Price: ¥30 each
For keeping millet or spices in, but could also protect your phone or coins!  Featuring a range of patterns and colours in the Yi style
<p>MSI Small Bag&nbsp;</p>

MSI Small Bag 

Price: ¥28 each
Makes a nice cover for an e-reader or small tablet.
<p>MSI Crossbody 'Moon' Bag</p>

MSI Crossbody 'Moon' Bag

Price: ¥105
A smaller 'Moon' bag in the cross-body style, for smaller objects or a smaller number of larger objects(!)
<p>MSI Waist Bag&nbsp;</p>

MSI Waist Bag 

Price: ¥45
Bum-bag or fanny-pack, featuring embroidered Yi minority pattern in popular Yi colours!
<p>MSI Phone Bag With Strap&nbsp;</p>

MSI Phone Bag With Strap 

Price: ¥56
Great shoulder bag for small electronics.  
<p>MSI Drawstring Gym Bag&nbsp;</p>

MSI Drawstring Gym Bag 

Price: ¥45
Small drawstring sack with rope shoulder straps.  A bargain!
MSI Cross-body Bag&nbsp;
MSI Cross-body Bag 
Price: ¥45
Limited stock left, colours may vary.
<p>Relevant Art Embroidered Wallets&nbsp;</p>

Relevant Art Embroidered Wallets 

Price: ¥48 each
Trifold wallet featuring hand-embroidered Yi pattern.
<p>Shenaini Large Trifold Wallet&nbsp;</p>

Shenaini Large Trifold Wallet 

Price: ¥230
2 zippered pockets, one slip-in pocket, clear ID window and 9 credit card slots. Closed with a strong magnetic snap.
<p>Shenaini ID Wallet&nbsp;</p>

Shenaini ID Wallet 

Price: ¥100
Bifold wallet with a zippered pocket for bills, clear ID pocket and 3 credit card slots. Velcro closing.
<p>Mai Savanh Lao Side Bag&nbsp;</p>

Mai Savanh Lao Side Bag 

Price: ¥270 each
Silk shoulder-slung bags with long strap and button details from Mai Savanh Lao
<p>Mai Savanh Lao Small Pouch</p>

Mai Savanh Lao Small Pouch

Price: ¥80 each
Sall drawstring pouch from Mai Savanh Lao
Mai Savanh Lao Cosmetic Bags&nbsp;
Mai Savanh Lao Cosmetic Bags 
Price: ¥150 each
Little handmade toiletry bags from Mai Savanh Lao.
<p>Shenaini Turtles and Bears (Oh My!)&nbsp;</p>

Shenaini Turtles and Bears (Oh My!) 

Price: ¥120 each (1 turt+1 bear)
These cute turtles come with a soft little bear inside just for fun!
<p>Shenaini Small Essentials Bag</p>

Shenaini Small Essentials Bag

Price: ¥300
An all-time favourite.  Cross-body strap makes it a convenient travel bag.  Zippered pocket on back for secure phone stowage, 2 slip-in pockets and 3 interior pockets.
<p>Shenaini 'Soft Sak' Shopping Tote&nbsp;</p>

Shenaini 'Soft Sak' Shopping Tote 

Price: ¥96
A convenient alternative to plastic bags for shopping, these reusable, strong shopping totes roll up small with the help of a velcro strap.
Shenaini Large Zippered Tote&nbsp;
Shenaini Large Zippered Tote 
Price: ¥360
Convenient slip-in pockets on both sides, and 6 more pockets inside.
<p>Shenaini Backpack&nbsp;</p>

Shenaini Backpack 

Price: ¥230
Fully lined with quilted cloth, this backpack is top-opening with a double zipper, featuring side pockets and an extra secure zippered pocket on the back.
<p>Shenaini Coin Purse</p>

Shenaini Coin Purse

Price: ¥60
Soft zippered coin purse with colour-coordinated cotton lining.  Great for carrying credit cards, currency, cosmetics o a small camera.
<p>Shenaini Cosmetic Case</p>

Shenaini Cosmetic Case

Price: ¥70-¥100
Small, vinyl-lined, zippered cosmetic case.  Great organiser for your purse or carry-on bag.
<p>Shenaini Soft Zippered Purse</p>

Shenaini Soft Zippered Purse

Price: ¥135
Great little handbag with an easily adjustable strap for convenience.
<p>Shenaini Large Multi-Pocket Purse&nbsp;</p>

Shenaini Large Multi-Pocket Purse 

Price: ¥190 each
One of the most popular purses.  6 credit-card slots inside and a secure zippered pocket.  With both wrist strap and long strap. 
<p>Shenaini Mini Tablet Purse</p>

Shenaini Mini Tablet Purse

Price: ¥170
Designed to hold and protect a mini tablet or reader, with a designated slip-in pocket on the inside, and a secure zippered pocket on the back. 
Shenaini Smartphone Case&nbsp;
Shenaini Smartphone Case 
Price: ¥50 each
Beautifully embroidered bag with a colour-coordinated silk lining, available in a variety of designs and colours.
<p>Shenaini Sunglasses Case</p>

Shenaini Sunglasses Case

Price: ¥50 each
Beautifully embroidered bag easily holds a large pair of sunglasses.  Available in a variety of designs and colours.
<p>Shenaini Small Electronics Bag</p>

Shenaini Small Electronics Bag

Price: ¥160
Very convenient for e-readers, cameras and phones.  Featuring 3 securely zippered pockets.
<p>Shenaini Multi-Pocket Mini Purse</p>

Shenaini Multi-Pocket Mini Purse

Price: ¥130
A great small purse, featuring 4 ID cards and a zippered pocket in side, and a secure zippered pocket outside.
<p>Shenaini Smartphone Case</p>

Shenaini Smartphone Case

Price: ¥150
The soft plush lining will protect your smartpohne or small electronic device.  3 Zippered pockets, and an adjustable strap. 
<p>Shenaini Large Multi Pocket Purse</p>

Shenaini Large Multi Pocket Purse

Price: ¥170
6 credit-card slots inside and a secure zippered pocket. With both wrist strap and long strap.
<p>Shenaini Glasses Case</p>

Shenaini Glasses Case

Price: ¥50 each
Soft and well-cushioned, and witha drawsting to keep your glasses safe inside.  Hand embroidered!
<p>Shenaini Round Coin Purse</p>

Shenaini Round Coin Purse

Price: ¥80 each
A great gift for anyone!  Not just for coins; they can also hold USB drives, earphones or small treasures.  Each one is hand-embroidered by Miao women on soft black cloth with a quilted lining.
<p>Shenaini Case</p>

Shenaini Case

Price: ¥100.00
Small, vinyl-lined, zippered cosmetic case. Great organiser for your purse or carry-on bag.  Beautifully embroidered by hand.
<p>Shenaini Soft Zippered Purse</p>

Shenaini Soft Zippered Purse

Price: ¥100
Great little handbag with an easily adjustable strap for convenience.  Beautifully hand-embroidered!
<p>Shenaini Multi Pocket Purses</p>

Shenaini Multi Pocket Purses

Price: ¥130 each
A great small purse, featuring 4 ID cards and a zippered pocket in side, and a secure zippered pocket outside. Hand-embroiderd in a variety of designs and matching colours.
<p>Shenaini Coin Purse&nbsp;</p>

Shenaini Coin Purse 

Price: ¥80 each
For stashing cash, cards, receipts and small technological do-dads.  Both practical and beautiful!  
<p>Shenaini Key Wallet</p>

Shenaini Key Wallet

Price: ¥55 each
A very special and practical gift, these hand-embroidered bags are made using very soft black cloth.
<p>Shenaini Smartphone Case</p>

Shenaini Smartphone Case

Price: ¥165 each
The soft plush lining will protect your smartpohne or small electronic device. 3 Zippered pockets, and an adjustable strap.  Hand-embroidered by Miao women in Hunan!
<p>Shigatse&nbsp;Large Shoulder Bag</p>

Shigatse Large Shoulder Bag

Price: ¥340
Hand-made satchel-style side bag to carry all of your important items.
Camacraft Medium Drawstring Bag&nbsp;
Camacraft Medium Drawstring Bag 
Price: ¥56 
Drawstring bag from Camacraft, pouch for keeping your precious articles in!  
<p>White Yak Mustang Camelskin Bag (dark brown)&nbsp;</p>

White Yak Mustang Camelskin Bag (dark brown) 

Price: ¥1800
Made of eco-friendly leather (75%) and woolen or synthetic pangden (25%).Also available in tan.
Camacraft Cross-stitch Pencil Case&nbsp;
Camacraft Cross-stitch Pencil Case 
Price: ¥50 each
Narrow zip-top bag, perfect for carrying your stationery!  Handmade by the women of Camacraft. 
Camacraft Small Batik Cosmetic Bag&nbsp;&nbsp;
Camacraft Small Batik Cosmetic Bag  
Price: ¥60 
Batik products dyed with natural dyes. Indigo dye and bees wax are used to apply these beautiful designs! 
Camacraft Large Drawstring Bag
Camacraft Large Drawstring Bag
Price: ¥70 
Larger, sDrawstring bag from Camacrafts - all made by hand!
Inle Market Padded Cosmetic Bag&nbsp;
Inle Market Padded Cosmetic Bag 
Price: ¥74 each
Handmade zip-top padded bag for cosmetics, from Inle Market, supporting local craftsmen in Myanmar.
<p>Yu Family Carved Leather Leaf Pattern Handbag&nbsp;</p>

Yu Family Carved Leather Leaf Pattern Handbag 

Price: ¥1460
A beautifully and ornately carved leather handbag featuring leaf detailing and the highest quality finish.
<p>Yu Family Satchel Bag with Carved Leather Detail</p>

Yu Family Satchel Bag with Carved Leather Detail

Price: ¥1460
This leather satchel bag was Intricately and ornately crafted by the Yu family. 
Yu Family Carved Leather Round Handbag&nbsp;
Yu Family Carved Leather Round Handbag 
Price: ¥1189
This small, round leather handbag was hand-made by the Yu family and features a floral/butterfly scene,
<p>Yu Family Ornately Carved Leather Handbag&nbsp;</p>

Yu Family Ornately Carved Leather Handbag 

Price: ¥1359
Meticulously hand-crafted by the Yu family, this leather handbag features carved swirling leaf and flower patterns.
<p>Yu Family Carved Leather Large Handbag with Sling&nbsp;</p>

Yu Family Carved Leather Large Handbag with Sling 

Price: ¥2039
A beautifully decorated large leather handbag by the Yu family, featuring hand-carved geometric patterns and cherry blossoms. 
<p>Nepalese Felt Backpacks&nbsp;</p>

Nepalese Felt Backpacks 

Price: ¥69 each
Great Fun!  A variety of animal designs in Nepalese felt.
<p>Small Nepalese Felt Animal Purses&nbsp;</p>

Small Nepalese Felt Animal Purses 

Price: ¥43 each
A huge variety of animals and scenes on zip-top purses, fashioned from Nepalese felt.
<p>Large Nepalese Felt Animal Purses&nbsp;</p>

Large Nepalese Felt Animal Purses 

Price: ¥60 each
A huge variety of animals on zip-top purses with long felt straps, fashioned from Nepalese felt.
<p>Small Nepalese Hemp Bags</p>

Small Nepalese Hemp Bags

Price: ¥43
Bags lovingly fashioned by hand in Nepal from cotton and felt materials.  Perfect for small electronics!
<p>Nepalese Embroidered Cotton Side Bags</p>

Nepalese Embroidered Cotton Side Bags

Price: ¥46 each
Hand-made embroidered side-bags with long strap, with a huge variety of colours and designs!