Dropenling Products

Dropenling Handicraft Development Centre is dedicated to improving the lives of Tibetan artisans throughout Tibet by selling only unique, high quality handicrafts made in Tibet, by Tibetans.
The Tibetan word 'Dropenling' translates as 'giving back for the betterment of all sentient beings'. The purchase of these products directly supports Tibetan artisans and their families, and helps to preserve their culture. All of their products are made from high quality wool dyed with natural dying technique.
Browse Dropenling's products below and, if you see anything you like, make a note of the product name and click here to choose an ordering method!
<p>'Boar From Kongpo' Soft Toy&nbsp;</p>

'Boar From Kongpo' Soft Toy 

Price: ¥356
A wild Tibetan pig with pangden detail on the belly!
<p>Animal Felt Purse&nbsp;</p>

Animal Felt Purse 

Price: ¥76
Cute animal purses with a Tibetan 'flavour'!
<p>Misc Felt Purses&nbsp;</p>

Misc Felt Purses 

Price: ¥58
Clouds and Seashells adorn these small Tibetan purses in a variety of colours!
<p>Keyrings and Dangles</p>

Keyrings and Dangles

Price: ¥50-¥55
More Clouds and seashells, this time hand-made in Lhasa or Shangrila to hang on your phone, peys or Christmas tree!
<p>Mastiff Soft Toy&nbsp;</p>

Mastiff Soft Toy 

Price: ¥384
Distinctive Tibetan mastiff toy from Dropenling!
<p>Sheeple Doll Family&nbsp;</p>

Sheeple Doll Family 

Price: ¥501 each
Sheep/people hybrid dolls, featuring Mr. and Mrs. Sheeple!  
<p>Horse Soft Toy&nbsp;</p>

Horse Soft Toy 

Price: ¥541
Large, beautifully ornate creation from Dropenling!  Poseable limbs.
<p>Various Hand Puppets&nbsp;</p>

Various Hand Puppets 

Price: ¥146-¥286
Sheep, horses, snowlions and more! Prices vary; contact us for details!
<p>Tiger Soft Toy&nbsp;</p>

Tiger Soft Toy 

Price: ¥293- ¥501
Large tiger soft toy from Dropenling.  Moveable limbs.
<p>Sheep Soft Toy&nbsp;</p>

Sheep Soft Toy 

Price: ¥359
Unique poseable soft toy from Dropenling!  Two colours available - 'white' and 'red'.
<p>Small Dragon Finger Puppet&nbsp;</p>

Small Dragon Finger Puppet 

Price: ¥166
Small dragon toy from Dropenling.
Red or blue colours available.
<p>Large Dragon Toy&nbsp;</p>

Large Dragon Toy 

Price: ¥541
Large dragon toy from Dropenling.  All hand-made!
Monkey King Doll&nbsp;
Monkey King Doll 
Price: ¥395
Sun Wukong, the monkey king!  Beautiful and Ornate doll from Dropenling
Mastiff Glove Puppet Toy&nbsp;
Mastiff Glove Puppet Toy 
Price: ¥186
A glove puppet modelled on the Tibetan mastiff!
<p>Large Lion Soft Toy</p>

Large Lion Soft Toy

Price: ¥501
Beautifully ornate soft toy with  poseable limbs from Dropenling.  'Fire' and 'Snow' colours available!
<p>Small Lion Soft Toy&nbsp;</p>

Small Lion Soft Toy 

Price: ¥338
Smaller lion soft toy with poseable limbs from Dropenling. 'Fire' and 'Snow' colours available!
<p>Mastiff Soft Toy&nbsp;</p>

Mastiff Soft Toy 

Price: ¥266
Monks sitting on mats, in a huge variety of poses, from Dropenling!
<p>Sheeple Baby Doll&nbsp;</p>

Sheeple Baby Doll 

Price: ¥186
Possibly the cutest thing made by dropenling: a baby blue sheep!  
<p>Tibetan Doll Soft Toys&nbsp;</p>

Tibetan Doll Soft Toys 

Price: ¥416-501
Beautifully tibetan handmade dolls!  A variety of styles.
<p>Snowlion Purse With Sling&nbsp;</p>

Snowlion Purse With Sling 

Price: ¥170
Hand made snowlion's head purse wth starp of various lengths, in various colours.