Gail Xiaoqin Products

Xiaoqin is a master in paper quilling! She is so talented and creative, her art is so full of energy and vitality. An accident when she was 19 left her legs paralysed, but this hasn’t stopped her ambition and passion for the pursue of art. Now she can make stunning quilling pictures and she speaks very good English. She is also passionate about helping other disabled people to rebuild their self-esteem and confidence. Like any other brave girl, Xiaoqin likes running marathons (in her wheel chair) and challenging herself.
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<p>Quilling Aeolian Bells</p>

Quilling Aeolian Bells

Price: ¥109-¥119 each
A new design from Gail for 2020: a wind chime with floral decoration designed and made by Xiaoqin herself.
<p>Quilling Bookmarks</p>

Quilling Bookmarks

Price: ¥25 each
Wooden bookmark with design expertly applied in quilling by Gail!
<p>Quilling Earrings&nbsp;</p>

Quilling Earrings 

Price: ¥35/pair
A Series of cute earrings expertly quilled by Gail!
<p>Framed Quilling Floral Picture</p>

Framed Quilling Floral Picture

Price: ¥398
Designed and hand-made by our good friend, Xiaoqin!  Beautiful 3D floral scene.
<p>Framed Quilling  Pictures&nbsp;</p>

Framed Quilling Pictures 

Price: ¥365
A huge range of scenes and pictures quilled by Xiaoqin!  Very popular!
<p>Quilling Magnets</p>

Quilling Magnets

Price: ¥22 each
New from Xiaoqin, these cute magnets bring Xioqin's quilling to your fridge door!  Various designs. 
<p>Framed Quilling Noah's Ark Pictures&nbsp;</p>

Framed Quilling Noah's Ark Pictures 

Price: ¥365
A very popular picture, especially with our CEO, Ray!