Hani Coffee Products

Hani Coffee Co exists to provide its customers with excellence in specialty coffee while promoting sustainable community development among regional coffee growers.
Producing great coffee is only one of Hani Coffee's goals. They are also committed to inspiring, facilitating and partnering with local communities to see positive change. Each time you drink a cup of Hani Coffee, you are partnering with Hani Coffee to make a difference in the lives of regional farming communities. Some of the projects they coordinate among local coffee-growing communities include medical clinics, clean water strategies and educational assistance. 
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<p>Drip Coffee Bags&nbsp;</p>

Drip Coffee Bags 

Price: ¥69
Convenient way to make good coffee on the move.  Each  box contains 10 12g bags of high-grade ground coffee - all you need to do is add hot water to make great coffee!  Available in several different roast levels. 
Roasted Ground Coffee/Coffee Beans&nbsp;
Roasted Ground Coffee/Coffee Beans 
Price: ¥69-¥99
454g or 272g bag of finest quality roasted coffee beans from Yunnan.  Different roast levels are available.  We use these beans in our store to make our coffee, so if you've had coffee in our shop recently you know how good these beans are! Ground coffee or beans available at the same price!