Norboo ནོར་བུ means “jewel” or “precious” and these words frequently come to mind when people encounter Tibetan culture.
When the founders of Norboo moved to Qinghai they wanted to turn their hobbies and skills into a profitable business, not only to support themselves, but also to give something back to the community, primarily through training in various practical skills. They wanted to help communities in remote areas, teaching them how to use the resources that are available to them, and to create original, high quality products that express the joy that they found in Qinghai and its people.
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<p>Hobo Bag&nbsp;</p>

Hobo Bag 

Price: ¥129 each
Shoulder-slung hand-made bag featuring a variety of Tibetan patterns!   


Price: ¥98 each
Trifold wide wallet/purse with Tibean silk detail.
<p>Phone Holder&nbsp;</p>

Phone Holder 

Price: ¥59 each
Smartphone-sized pouch for protecting your phone.  In a variety of  colours and designs


Price: ¥160 each
Shopping bag with pangaden-style detail strip.  Several colours available.