Happy Chinese New Year of the Mouse from Blue Sheep!

Happy new year!  

Blue Sheep Craft Shop and our new Eco Hub will be closed for Spring Festival from 8pm on the 23rd of January, opening again for business at 10am on the 28th.  

We hope everyone enjoys seeing in the new year!

Blessings from us all.

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Blue Sheep Christmas Meal

Ray likes to take the opportunity to thank the employees, volunteers and friends of Blue Sheep during the festive season. 

This year we went to a restaurant not far from the shop, and everyone enjoyed the meal, as well as various snacks, presents(!) and a chance to catch up with who has been doing what.

Cheers to everyone who came, and to everyone who was unable to make it this time - you were missed!  

Warmest festive greetings from all at Blue Sheep to all our customers, volunteers and friends!  

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Nordica sale, Kunming

We had a great time at the Nordica Christmas Sale this weekend in Kunming!  The cold weather didn't keep the visitors away, and we met lots of similarly-minded sellers; we bought almost as much as we sold!  

Thanks to everyone who came to buy, to the organisers for inviting us, and to whoever was making the coffee and the Glögg , and to Danyun for making tea for us all day!

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Blue Sheep at The 6th Chengdu Creativity & Design Expo

Blue Sheep were delighted to be invited back to the Creativity & Design Expo this year.  Though our stand was much smaller than last year's, we had a great time.

We are grateful to everyone who volunteered to help us with the stand whilst the Shop is so busy(!).  Thanks also to all the customers who came to  see us and buy at the Expo!  You all made our time there worthwhile!  

Hope to be there again next year! 

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2019 China Social Impact Awards

We are excited to be named as a finalist for the 2019 China Social Impact Awards – Poverty Alleviation Award organised by the British Chamber of Commerce in China and partnered with the UN. The Awards recognise and celebrate the efforts and achievements of companies of all industries and sizes to have a positive impact on society and the environment in China. We look forward to the final results on the 7th November at the Gala dinner! 

 我们很高兴能够入围由英国商会与联合国合作举办的2019年中国社会影响力奖–扶贫奖的决赛。该奖项旨在表彰各行各业的公司对中国社会和环境产生积极影响的努力和成就。 我们期待11月7日晚宴的最终结果! 

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Pu Hongxue Visits Blue Sheep!

Our producer Pu hongxue - a Qiang minority lady from Beichuan who makes lovely hand-embroidered products - came to visit us at Blue Sheep!

Hongxue was trapped during the 2008 earthquake under rubble in her classrom for 72 hours, which led to the amputation of her left arm and right leg.  Despite this, after she graduated form university, she took an interest in preserving her cultural heritage; namely the Qiang embroidery which she learnt as a child.  Despite her limitations she turns out beautiful products (designed by herself) which she meticulously hand-embroiders.

We were excited to finally meet Pu Hongxue in person, having stocked her products for some time now!

Thanks for visiting, Hongxue!  Come again soon!

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Zero Waste Day, October 2019 @Bluesheep!

A very successful Zero Waste Day Second Hand Sale last Saturday, 12th of Ocotober!

Thanks to everyone who came, brought, sold and bought!

Through our Zero Waste Day we encourage our friends, colleagues and neighbours to "reduce, re-use, recycle" waste and unwanted goods through a second hand sale and sometimes other activities including short videos or talks about environmental issues.

Hope to see everyone next month! 

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Double Ninth Festival at Blue Sheep!

A friend of Blue Sheep, "Teacher Li", decided to throw a small party to celebrate 重阳节 or "Double Ninth Festival".  He invited all staff and volunteers to eat some food he cooked himself and to learn about the culture and history of the festival.  

Ray gave thanks for the food and everyone tucked in to dishes including "pepper goose" and rabbit meat as well as fresh fruit and home-baked bread.

Double Ninth Festival is observed on the ninth day of the ninth lunar month.

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"Rachel" and her paintings

Rachel (her English name) was abandoned by her parents at a young age and was brought up in a 'Welfare Centre' in China, which was home to around 100 other abandoned children, most of whom have a disability.  Rachel herself was struck by polio when she was young, which left her needing to use a wheelchair to get around.

Despite her difficulties, Rachel grew up into a very cheerful and lovely young lady, and soon was working as a therapist in the Welfare Centre where she grew up, treating small babies.  

Rachel has always been creative, playing musical instruments including piano and ukelele, and also painting and making hand-crafts.  She is currently teaching craft classes to some of the more able children in the Welfare Centre.  We hope that in the future Blue sheep might be able to help the craft class to sell their products, so watch this space!

Rachel has been making beautiful watercolour paintings, which Blue Sheep is proud to be able to sell for her.  In fact, one of Rachel's paintings sold on the very first day that it was displayed in the shop!  

Rachel's joy is contagious, and we a Blue Sheep hope are proud to have the opportunity to encourage her creativity! 

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Yang Chenhui's Therapy

If you've ever wondered what happens to Blue Sheep's net profits, this story is one example!

We met Yang Chenhui (pictured, before and after therapy) on a bridge in Chengdu, where she was singing Karaoke.  We gave her a namecard and invited her to come to our shop to visit when she had spare time.

When she did visit Blue Sheep with her mother, she told us more about herself.  Yang Chenhui has Cerebal Palsy and this has affected her speech and movement.  She spends her time singing for hours every night on the bridge in Chengdu where we met her, relying on donations from her busking to support herself.  

Being very good at connecting people, Dr. Ray put Yang Chenhui in touch with a group of Therapists,  who offered to treat her at reduced costs, provided that Yang Chenhui and her mother contributed something to the cost.  Blue Sheep decided to donate the majority of the costs and the deposit (for some specialist therapy equipment to use) to help Chenhui in her endeavours.  

As the therapy began, Yang Chenhui needed to persist, practising her exercises for hours every day, and having facetime lessons over the internet.  

After only 3 months of therapy, Chenhui has improved her abilities and motion immensely already!  Before beginning therapy, she was unable to lift a glass to her mouth to drink; she had to lower her head to the glass by bending her neck.  Now her posture looks great, and she is able to lift a glass to her mouth to drink!  We hope she will continue to improve, and Blue Sheep will continue to help her with her therapy costs.

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