Nepalese Products

Our founder, Dr. Ray, once lived in Nepal. This year, we have begun to source our Nepalese products from "Student Handicraft Enterprises".
Student Handcraft Enterprises focus not only on profit, but also have an important role on the part of corporate social responsibility by providing employment opportunities to Nepalese men and women. They have women's groups, mostly from remote villages. Some of these women are poor, some marginalised, some the victim of social disorders. Student Handcraft Enterprises provide training to these women and then employ them in their production process, providing them with skills and income.
Student Handcraft Enterprises,as their name suggests, has also employed large numbers of students from various parts of Nepal. They provide training to students who come to Kathmandu for higher studies, and provide them with part-time employment to help to fund their education.
Student Handcraft Enterprises ethically produce affordable, beautiful hand-crafts; each purchase helps disadvantaged people to support themselves!
This producer is from Nepal, and when sold out re-ordering may take some time; consider all of these products to be of limited stock!
Browse our Nepalese Producer's products below and, if you see anything you like, make a note of the product name and click here to choose an ordering method!

<p>Cotton and Hemp Clothing</p>

Cotton and Hemp Clothing

Price: ¥106 each
A huge variety of clothing from Nepal, all at one low price!  Get in touch if you'd like to know more!
<p>Felt Purses (wide)</p>

Felt Purses (wide)

Price: ¥39 each
New to 2022, a wider (19cm) version of our best-selling coin purses.  
<p>Felt Wizard Hats(!)</p>

Felt Wizard Hats(!)

Price: ¥59 each
Colourful and/or eccentric!
<p>Nepalese Felt 30cm Coasters&nbsp;</p>

Nepalese Felt 30cm Coasters 

Price: ¥68 each
Felt Ball coasters, 30cm in diameter, either square or round.
<p>20cm Nepalese Felt Ball Coasters&nbsp;</p>

20cm Nepalese Felt Ball Coasters 

Price: ¥45 each
Square or round versions of the Nepalese felt coasters, 20cm across.
<p>40-50cm Nepalese Felt Placemats&nbsp;</p>

40-50cm Nepalese Felt Placemats 

Price: ¥119-¥188  each
Huge coasters!  Mug in the picture for scale
<p>Felt Christmas Bells &amp; Beads</p>

Felt Christmas Bells & Beads

Price: ¥35-¥39 each
Christmas versions of the ever-popular decorative ornaments from Nepal!
<p>Leather/Cotton Bag&nbsp;</p>

Leather/Cotton Bag 

Price: ¥69 each
Made in Nepal by students and women in need of extra income, these small, practical bags come in a variety of colours and designs. 
<p>Round Felt 10cm Coasters&nbsp;</p>

Round Felt 10cm Coasters 

Price: ¥22
Coasters fashioned by hand in Nepal from a pattern of coloured wool, hand-dyed, felted and and made into balls!  From 10cm in diameter!
<p>Square Felt 10cm Coasters&nbsp;</p>

Square Felt 10cm Coasters 

Price: ¥25 each
Square version of the round coasters, 10cm square.
<p>Hemp Flat-peaked Baseball Caps&nbsp;</p>

Hemp Flat-peaked Baseball Caps 

Price: ¥66 each
Hand-made from 100% hemp, apart from the optional addition of a Blue Sheep logo!  Velcro-adjustable to fit most head sizes!
<p>Small Felt Animals&nbsp;</p>

Small Felt Animals 

Price: ¥35 each
Ornaments hand-made from Nepalese felt!  Many different designs available.
<p>Medium Felt Animals&nbsp;</p>

Medium Felt Animals 

Price: ¥45 each
Larger ornaments hand-made from Nepalese felt!  Many different designs available.
<p>Large Felt Animals&nbsp;</p>

Large Felt Animals 

Price: ¥50-60 each
Largest onaments hand-made from Nepalese felt!  Many different designs available.
<p>Small Felt Animal Purses&nbsp;</p>

Small Felt Animal Purses 

Price: ¥43 each
A huge variety of animals and scenes on zip-top purses, fashioned from Nepalese felt.
<p>Large Felt Animal Purses&nbsp;</p>

Large Felt Animal Purses 

Price: ¥60 each
A huge variety of animals on zip-top purses with long felt straps, fashioned from Nepalese felt.
<p>Small 'Passport' Bags</p>

Small 'Passport' Bags

Price: ¥43
Bags lovingly fashioned by hand in Nepal from cotton and felt materials.  Perfect for small electronics!
<p>Felt Hats!</p>

Felt Hats!

Price: ¥59 each
Feel like a pixie in these beautiful hand-made hats!
<p>Hemp Hats</p>

Hemp Hats

Price: ¥39
A huge variety of designs!  Beautifully colourful hats for men or women!
<p>Felt Keyrings&nbsp;</p>

Felt Keyrings 

Price: ¥20
A huge variety of animals and more attached to keyring, fashioned from Nepalese felt.
<p>Felt Backpacks&nbsp;</p>

Felt Backpacks 

Price: ¥69 each
Great Fun!  A variety of animal designs in Nepalese felt.
<p>Felt Slippers&nbsp;</p>

Felt Slippers 

Price: ¥80(kids') - ¥90(adult) 
Beautiful, creative slippers of Nepalese felt. A huge range of designs available. 
<p>Felt Christmas Accessories&nbsp;</p>

Felt Christmas Accessories 

Price: ¥25-¥30 
Perfect for hanging on the tree!
<p>Cute Animal Coasters</p>

Cute Animal Coasters

Price: ¥30 each 
Nepalese felt coaster with cute designs! New to 2021.
<p>Felt Cat Houses(!)</p>

Felt Cat Houses(!)

Price: ¥209
A popular felt product in a variety of designs.  Cat not included(!)
<p>Felt Bells &amp; Beads&nbsp;</p>

Felt Bells & Beads 

Price: ¥39 each
Long thread with keyring top, bell at the bottom and cute animals and Nepalese felt balls in between!  Feature a variety of animals.