Shangdrok Products

In this era we are overflowing with things, from the cheapest and most poorly made, to the most expensive and luxurious. Because physical objects are so easy to obtain today, we can sometimes overlook their own stories.
The ancient traditional craftsmanship of the Northern Nomads, serves perfectly to produce items with a quality that can remind us to see the world differently. It is this kind of quality that can draw us away from a world of routine familiarity and over-consumption, into a place of simplicity and wonderment.
Coarse yak wool, spun into black yarns, woven into long sheets of durable clothes or braided into ropes, has always been the material used by the Northern nomads to make their tents. However, under a layer of such long, coarse and tough fiber, lies another layer of delicate hair with an almost opposite quality, short and very fine, one of the finest in the animal world. The nomads call it “khu-le”, which provides an exceptionally high degree of insulation for these magnificent beasts to survive in the plateau winter. 
Shandrok produce a range of felt hats and other products in Tibet of the highest quality - products hand-made from hand-made 'khu-le' yak felt; a material as precious as cashmere.
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<p>Wide-brimmed Felt Hat&nbsp;</p>

Wide-brimmed Felt Hat 

Price: ¥950
Handmade from the finest felt, this hat comes in avariety of designs and colours
<p>Felt Hat&nbsp;</p>

Felt Hat 

Price: ¥950
Blue Sheep's best-selling Shangrok product. 
<p>Felt Fedora Hat&nbsp;</p>

Felt Fedora Hat 

Price: ¥950
Handmade from the highest quality material, this felt hat comes with an assortment of different detail finishes and in different colours.
<p>Yak Wool Scarf&nbsp;</p>

Yak Wool Scarf 

Price: ¥720
Super soft and warm yak felt scarf in a range of colours.