Laos Disabled Women's Development Centre Products

Founded in 1990 as a sewing group in the home of the Director, Madam Chanhpheng Sivila, disabled women were originally taught the skills of needlework and pattern making. In 2002 the Lao Women With Disabilities group became the Lao Disabled Women’s Development Centre.
The Center is a non-profit organisation, approved by the Lao Ministry of Social Welfare and Labour, which is staffed by disabled women for disabled women. The Centre is located near the Lao-Thai Friendship Bridge and is open 7 days a week.
LDWDC's vision is to be a successful organization of people with disabilities in Lao P.D.R. and empower people to engage their abilities by accessing education and employment. As a result, people with disabilities will have the knowledge, capacity and a means of gaining employment, generating income, helping themselves and contributing to the development of a sustainable society.
The Centre's primary objective is to create practical opportunities for people with disabilities through vocational training and life skills training. The Centre empowers individuals by facilitating understanding of their abilities and supports them by creating an environment of peer support and liberation.
The Centre's second objective is to be an active advocate for the rights, recognition and equal opportunity of disabled women by promoting awareness and raising the profile of disabled women. The Center works with the Lao P.D.R. government and other partners (such as international governments and NGOs) to achieve this and encourage the understanding and acceptance of people with disability in mainstream society.
This producer is from Laos, and when sold out re-ordering may take some time; consider all of these products to be of limited stock!
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Price: ¥18
Handmade tassle earrings from the LDWDC artisans.  
<p>Mini Tablet Bag&nbsp;</p>

Mini Tablet Bag 

Price: ¥55
A simple way to carry your e-reader, or notebook!  Long shoulder-strap, with a zip-top opening.
Price: ¥55
Cloth placemat coasters, hand-woven by the ladies of the LDWDC.
Coin Purses&nbsp;
Coin Purses 
Price: ¥28
Zip-top rectangular coin purses from LDWDC, feature a variety of colours, shapes and sizes, making each unique!


Price: ¥20
Handmade cloth coaster, expertly hand-made by the ladies of the DWDC.
iPad Bag&nbsp;
iPad Bag 
Price: ¥66
Beautiful, padded bag to carry your medium-sized electronics.  Shoulder strap, zip-top and button detail.  Hand-woven by the ladies of LDWDC!
<p>Cosmetic Bag&nbsp;</p>

Cosmetic Bag 

Price: ¥55
Medium-sized zip-top wallet for keeping all of your cosmetics, or pens and pencils!  However you use it, the purchase helps disabled people in Laos to support themselves.
<p>Long Wallet</p>

Long Wallet

Price: ¥90
Lao silk large trifold wallet/organiser, with plenty of room for credit cards, cash and more!