Household Goods

Oven gloves, tablecloths, chopstick holders, pincushions and cushion covers! This section covers a wide selection of the household products supplied by our wonderful producers!
If you see anything you like, make a note of the product name and click here to choose an ordering method!
Remember that purchases help disadvantaged people to support themselves, and profits are used to help those in need!
Freeleaf "Dignity" Plant Hanger 
Freeleaf "Dignity" Plant Hanger 
Price: ¥145
Part of Freeleaf's expanding home decor range, this hand-knotted, ethical hanger helps to support rescued women and girls.
Blue Sheep Insulated Flasks
Blue Sheep Insulated Flasks
Price: ¥58 each
Screwtop vaccum-insulated 480ml flask with digital temperature display, etched with Blue Sheep logo.  Pink or Blue.  
Blue Sheep Mugs
Blue Sheep Mugs
Price: ¥27 each, ¥50 for 2
High-quality coffee mug with Blue Sheep logo design!  
Yakma Soaps
Yakma Soaps
Price: ¥42-¥50
Hand-made by Tibetan women from Yak milk, with strong, fragrant flavours such as Lemon and Mint, these soaps are a great way of keeping clean! Yakma empowers marginalised women in Tibetan areas by training and employing them in this craft!
<p>Kadhak Protective Hand Oil&nbsp;</p>

Kadhak Protective Hand Oil 

Price: ¥95 each
A blend of organic essential oils to moisturise and protect dry skin. two flavours available: Rose or Jasmine.
<p>Kadhak Travel Kit</p>

Kadhak Travel Kit

Price: ¥166/set
Includes: lip balm, protective hand oil, salve and roll-on perfume, all in handy travel sizes, and in a convenient travel pouch.
<p>Kadhak Yak Butter and Barley Soap&nbsp;</p>

Kadhak Yak Butter and Barley Soap 

Price: ¥68
Made from a blend of yak butter and oils, infused with crushed barley to gently exfoliate, leaving skin feeling clean and fresh! 100g
<p>Kadhak Honey and Yak Butter Soap</p>

Kadhak Honey and Yak Butter Soap

Price: ¥68
Honey has  anti-ageing, acne-fighting and clarifying properties which combine in this soap with the soothing, moisturising properties of yak butter.  Skin feels nourished and pampered!
<p>Kadhak Yak Butter and Charcoal Soap&nbsp;</p>

Kadhak Yak Butter and Charcoal Soap 

Price: ¥68
Helps to deep clean while reducing the size of pores!  Absorbs dirt and oil from the skin.  100g.
<p>Kadhak Sky Blue Yak Butter Soap</p>

Kadhak Sky Blue Yak Butter Soap

Price: ¥68
Contains olive oil, sweet almond oil, grapeseed oil, coconut and palm tree oils as well as yak butter and organic essential oils.
<p>Kadhak Himalayan Pink Salt Yak Butter Soap</p>

Kadhak Himalayan Pink Salt Yak Butter Soap

Price: ¥68
It is claimed that Himalayan pink salt has many benefits for the skin, including tetoxifying, exfoliating and treating acne!
<p>Kadhak Seabuckthorn Yak Butter Soap</p>

Kadhak Seabuckthorn Yak Butter Soap

Price: ¥68
It is claimed that seabuckthorn protects and revitalises skin by boosting collagen levels, reducing inflammation caused by UV exposure and sun damage.
<p>Kadhak Charcoal Yak Milk Soap&nbsp;</p>

Kadhak Charcoal Yak Milk Soap 

Price: ¥45
Charcoal is known to exfoliate the skin, and draw out impurities.
<p>Kadhak Turmeric Yak Milk Soap</p>

Kadhak Turmeric Yak Milk Soap

Price: ¥45
Turmeric is known for having naturally antiseptic properties. It is said to promote skin regeneration while limiting bacterial growth.
<p>Kadhak Yak Milk Baby Sheep Soaps&nbsp;</p>

Kadhak Yak Milk Baby Sheep Soaps 

Price: ¥55 each
Specially designed to be gentle on babies' skin, this organic soap is great for anyone, and in a fun shape!
<p>Kadhak Yak Butter Chapstick&nbsp;</p>

Kadhak Yak Butter Chapstick 

Price: ¥68
With moisturising yak butter and vitamin E to help moisturise chapped lips.  Helps to shield the lips from the effects of the cold of Tibetan plateau! 
<p>Kadhak Rose Yak Milk Soap</p>

Kadhak Rose Yak Milk Soap

Price: ¥45
Fragrant soap made from all natural ingredients by Kadhak Organics. 
<p>Kadhak Gardenia Yak Milk Soap&nbsp;</p>

Kadhak Gardenia Yak Milk Soap 

Price: ¥45
Gently scented, all-natural yak milk soap to moisturise and protect.
<p>Kadhak Sandalwood Yak Milk Soap</p>

Kadhak Sandalwood Yak Milk Soap

Price: ¥45
Aromatic and suitable for men and women alike, this organic soap is a great buy.
<p>Kadhak Lavender Yak Milk Soap&nbsp;</p>

Kadhak Lavender Yak Milk Soap 

Price: ¥45
With both the moisturising benefits of organic yak milk, and the soothing effect of lavender.
<p>Charu Tibetan Carpet Coasters&nbsp;</p>

Charu Tibetan Carpet Coasters 

Price: ¥76 each
Han-d made by nomadic people in Tibetan areas.  Like a little rug for your mug!  
<p>Relevant Art Yi Triangle Dangles&nbsp;</p>

Relevant Art Yi Triangle Dangles 

Price: ¥106- ¥269 each
Feature a 'hidden' pocket!  Based on traditional design, hand-made by Relevant Art's Nosu artisans. Total length approx. 80cm.
<p>Relevant Art Cushion Covers</p>

Relevant Art Cushion Covers

Price: ¥68 each
Velvet 39cm square cushion cover with Yi pattern (cushion not included!)
<p>Relevant Art Aprons&nbsp;</p>

Relevant Art Aprons 

Price: ¥108 each
Great looking and great to use, these aprons in  a range of colours feature striking, hand-sewn Yi patterns and two pockets.
Dancing Yak Placemat &amp; Coaster Pair
Dancing Yak Placemat & Coaster Pair
Price: ¥119/set
PLacemats and coasters, handmade with Tibetan materials, and a distinctly Tibetan design!
Dancing Yak Square Placemats
Dancing Yak Square Placemats
Price: ¥59 each
Square mats to adorn your table, ethically made by Dancing Yak's Tibetan team! 
<p>Yu Family 'Holy' Leather and Wood Coaster</p>

Yu Family 'Holy' Leather and Wood Coaster

Price: ¥109 each
Walnut wooden coasters designed and turned by Hebing, with leather inlay made by Mrs. Yu!  The result is beautiful.  Different patterns available.
<p>Freeleaf Cotton Coasters (Set of 4)</p>

Freeleaf Cotton Coasters (Set of 4)

Price: ¥178
Cotton coasters hand-made from a single thread!  Purchases help disadvanaged women to overcome their problems to become independent. Approx 14cm across.
Amdo Sheep Cushion Covers&nbsp;
Amdo Sheep Cushion Covers 
Price: ¥98-¥108
We love sheep-related designs!  These square cushion covers come in 40cm or 50cm sizes. cushions not included!
<p>Freeleaf Jute Placemat</p>

Freeleaf Jute Placemat

Price: ¥150
Large Jute placemat woven from a single thread.  One of the larger Freeleaf items, new to Blue Sheep for 2020! Approx. 38cm across.
Freeleaf Trivets&nbsp;
Freeleaf Trivets 
Price: ¥109 each
Hand-woven large placemat coasters, each made from a single thread of either jute or cotton. Approx 23cm across.
Freeleaf Big Jute Bowl
Freeleaf Big Jute Bowl
Price: ¥147
Large bowl made from a single jute rope.  Purchases help to support hard-working artisans. Approx. 21cm across.
<p>Hearts &amp; Hands Oven Gloves&nbsp;</p>

Hearts & Hands Oven Gloves 

Price: ¥58/pair
We use these to bake our cakes, so we know they work well!  Well insulated, comfortable and flexible for ease of use.
<p>Hearts &amp; Hands Pumpkin Pincushions&nbsp;</p>

Hearts & Hands Pumpkin Pincushions 

Price: ¥40-60
Ever-popular silk pincushion from Hearts & Hands!  Can be used as a storage device for needles and pins, or just left around the house beautifying the space!  
<p>Hearts &amp; Hands Chopsticks</p>

Hearts & Hands Chopsticks

Price: ¥17/pair
Silk Chopstick cover and one pair of chopsticks.  A huge array of colours!  Convenient take-home gift for holidaymakers!  
<p>Nepalese Felt Cute Coasters&nbsp;</p>

Nepalese Felt Cute Coasters 

Price: ¥30 each
Hand-fashioned from felt in Nepal, these coasters come in a variety of cute designs!
Hearts &amp; Hands Bottle Cover Costumes!&nbsp;
Hearts & Hands Bottle Cover Costumes! 
Price: ¥60 each
A fun gift!  Silk costumes designed as pairs, one male and one female.  Many different colours available!
<p>Hearts &amp; Hands 'Christmas' Tablecloth&nbsp;</p>

Hearts & Hands 'Christmas' Tablecloth 

Price: ¥252
Festive colours adorn this special tablecloth from Hearts&Hands!
Hearts &amp; Hands Photo Frames&nbsp;
Hearts & Hands Photo Frames 
Price: ¥29-¥60
Photo frames hand-made from silk or other cloth.  A variety of colours and sizes!
<p>Hearts &amp; Hands Silk Cushion Covers&nbsp;</p>

Hearts & Hands Silk Cushion Covers 

Price: ¥95 each
Square cushion covers in a variety of colours.
Amdo Short Table Runner (0.5m)&nbsp;
Amdo Short Table Runner (0.5m) 
Price: ¥ 83
Table runner, 50cm long, featuring yak's wool. Various designs.
Amdo Long Table Runner (1.5m)&nbsp;
Amdo Long Table Runner (1.5m) 
Price: ¥ 148
Beautiful table runner with pointed ends and tassles!  Feature yak's wool. 
Various colours! 
Amdo Pot Holder&nbsp;
Amdo Pot Holder 
Price: ¥49
Utilises yak's wool to protect surfaces from hot teapots, kettles and pots!  
<p>Hearts &amp; Hands Silk Placemat Sets</p>

Hearts & Hands Silk Placemat Sets

Price: ¥215
set includes: 6 each of placemats and coasters to match.Available in a huge range of colours!
Amdo Woven Coaster&nbsp;
Amdo Woven Coaster 
Price: ¥22 
Beautifully patterned coaster, featuring yak's wool heat pad! 
Amdo Oven Gloves&nbsp;
Amdo Oven Gloves 
Price: ¥84 
Who thought baking could get any more fun?  Keep fingers from being burnt whilst wearing these fun mitts!
Amdo Yak Coaster&nbsp;
Amdo Yak Coaster 
Price: ¥22 
Soft coaster featuring
yak design! 
Amdo Medium Table Runner (1m)
Amdo Medium Table Runner (1m)
Price: ¥123 
Table runner, 1m long, featuring yak's wool.  Various designs. 
Amdo Yak Milk Soap&nbsp;
Amdo Yak Milk Soap 
Price: ¥39 
A huge variety of flavours, both  fragrant and beautiful!  Hand made from yak's milk.
Amdo Cushion Cover&nbsp;
Amdo Cushion Cover 
Price: ¥88
Many designs available, features yak wool!
Amdo Coaster, Set of 2&nbsp;
Amdo Coaster, Set of 2 
Price: ¥31
Small, beautifully made coasters, sold in pairs, in a variety of designs.
Amdo Chopsticks Holder&nbsp;
Amdo Chopsticks Holder 
Price: ¥42 
Chopsticks included!
Liaochun Hand-Carved Wooden Tray
Liaochun Hand-Carved Wooden Tray
Price: ¥900
Liaochun lives in Chengdu and carves items from high-quality woods by hand, including Ebony, Zebrawood and  Rosewood.
Liaochun Hand-Carved Wooden Tray (long)
Liaochun Hand-Carved Wooden Tray (long)
Price: ¥1020
Each Liaochun piece is delicate and beautiful, looking like soft cloth or paper, but being made from hard wood.  
Liaochun Hand-Carved Wooden Plate
Liaochun Hand-Carved Wooden Plate
Price: ¥570
this Zebrawood plate has been hand-carved (not turned!). Beautifully thin and elegant.
Liaochun Hand-Carved Wooden Tray (round)
Liaochun Hand-Carved Wooden Tray (round)
Price: ¥900
This round tray by Liaochun shows his excellent wood-carving skills.  Can be used for Chinese teacups.
<p>Dali Batik Tablecloth&nbsp;</p>

Dali Batik Tablecloth 

Price: ¥80-¥239
Hand-made tableclothdesigns 

in a variety of shapes and designs

Liaochun Hand-Carved Wooden Spoon (straight)
Liaochun Hand-Carved Wooden Spoon (straight)
Price: ¥330
Simple and elegant, this decorative wooden spoon by Liaochun is hand-carved.
Liaochun Hand-Carved Wooden Spoon (lotus, loop)
Liaochun Hand-Carved Wooden Spoon (lotus, loop)
Price: ¥360
These spoons are both decorative and functional; these delicate spoons are designed to scoop tea leaves!  Lotus (pictured) and 'loop' designs. 
Liaochun Hand-Carved Wooden Spoon (curved)
Liaochun Hand-Carved Wooden Spoon (curved)
Price: ¥360
This beautifully curved spoon can also be ued to scoop tea leaves as part of a Chinese tea ceremony!
Nixi Black Pottery Candlestick&nbsp;
Nixi Black Pottery Candlestick 
Price: ¥136 each
Nixi Black Pottery is made in Shangrila, Yunnan.  It is part of Yunnan's Tibetan cultural heritage.  These candle holders are an example of Shangrila  'black-ware'.  Candles not included!
Nixi Black Pottery Candlestick&nbsp;
Nixi Black Pottery Candlestick 
Price: ¥136 each
Nixi Black Pottery is made in Shangrila, Yunnan.  It is part of Yunnan's Tibetan cultural heritage.  These candle holders are an example of Shangrila  'black-ware'.  Candles not included!
Nixi Black Pottery Square Pot
Nixi Black Pottery Square Pot
Price: ¥136 each
Traditional Nixi black-ware is earthenware which is put into a mixture of charcoal and sawdust immediately after firing, giving it its distinctive colour.  These sqaure pots could be used as desk tidies, or small plant pots!
Nixi Black Pottery 'Bottle'
Nixi Black Pottery 'Bottle'
Price: ¥270
The method of making Black Pottery dates back thousands of years!  This bottle makes a beautiful ornament; a modern slice of ancient TIbetan culture! 
<p>Dancing Yak Cushion Cover&nbsp;</p>

Dancing Yak Cushion Cover 

Price: ¥55
Square cushion cover, zip-up back. 
<p>Round Nepalese 10cm Felt Coasters&nbsp;</p>

Round Nepalese 10cm Felt Coasters 

Price: ¥22
Coasters fashioned by hand in Nepal from a pattern of coloured wool, hand-dyed, felted and and made into balls! 10cm in diameter!
<p>Nepalese Rug&nbsp;</p>

Nepalese Rug 

Price: ¥700
Small Nepalese-made rugs. Hand knotted from finest Australian sheep wool & bamboo silk. In purple and grey, approx. 82x60cm.
<p>Square Nepalese Felt Coasters&nbsp;</p>

Square Nepalese Felt Coasters 

Price: ¥25
Square version of the round coasters, 10cm square.
<p>Nepalese Felt 30cm&nbsp; Coasters&nbsp;</p>

Nepalese Felt 30cm  Coasters 

Price: ¥68 each
Square or round versions available
<p>20cm Nepalese Felt Ball Coasters&nbsp;</p>

20cm Nepalese Felt Ball Coasters 

Price: ¥45 each
Square or round versions of the Nepalese felt coasters, 20cm across.
<p>Nepalese Felt 40-50cm Coasters&nbsp;</p>

Nepalese Felt 40-50cm Coasters 

Price: ¥119-¥188 each
Giant felt coasters, round or square!
<p>Dancing Yak Cushion Cover</p>

Dancing Yak Cushion Cover

Price: ¥189
Handmade square cushion cover with relief pattern. 
<p>Relevant Art Pincushions&nbsp;</p>

Relevant Art Pincushions 

Price: ¥45 each
Embroidered pincushion, features typical Yi pattern in a variety of colours.
<p>Relevant Art Chopsticks&nbsp;</p>

Relevant Art Chopsticks 

Price: ¥38/pair
Hand-painted chopsticks in a hand-embroidered sleeve, perfect as a small gift, or as a 'greener' alternative to disposable chopsticks!
Relevant Art Coasters&nbsp;
Relevant Art Coasters 
Price: ¥78/set 4
A set of 4 hand-embroidered coasters, featuring Yi patten. 
<p>Relevant Art Placemat Sets&nbsp;</p>

Relevant Art Placemat Sets 

Price: ¥226/set 4
Handmade embroidered placemat/coasters with Yi pattern embroidery.
<p>Shenaini Adult/Children's Aprons&nbsp;</p>

Shenaini Adult/Children's Aprons 

Price: ¥200/set
One adult apron with two front pockets, and one children's sized apron with a single front pocket.  Adult aprons also sold separately.
<p>Shenaini Heat Pads&nbsp;</p>

Shenaini Heat Pads 

Price: ¥140 with Apron
Set of 2 potholders, padded with vertical quilting. 
<p>Shenaini Oven Gloves</p>

Shenaini Oven Gloves

Price: ¥120
Set of 2 sturdy oven mitts.  Tough enough to protect from high heats, but flexible for ease of handling.
<p>Relevant Art Tissue Dispensers&nbsp;</p>

Relevant Art Tissue Dispensers 

Price: ¥30 each
Designed to hold and dispense small tissues, these pouches feature hand-embroidered Yi design, and include a few tissues!
<p>Felt Slippers&nbsp;</p>

Felt Slippers 

Price: ¥80(kids') - ¥90(adult) 
Beautiful, creative slippers of Nepalese felt. A huge range of designs available. 
<p>Deluxe Felt Slippers&nbsp;</p>

Deluxe Felt Slippers 

Price: ¥106/pair 
Nepalese felt slippers with a more durable sole. Several colours available.
<p>Nepalese Rugs&nbsp;</p>

Nepalese Rugs 

Price: ¥700 each
Small Nepalese-made rugs.  Hand knotted from finest Australian sheep wool & bamboo silk.  In purple and grey, approx. 82x60cm.
<p>Lotus Candle Holders by Eugene Yu&nbsp;</p>

Lotus Candle Holders by Eugene Yu 

Price: ¥68 each
As the Yu family expand their hand-poured resin range, these beautiful candle holders are among their latest products. Lotus flower shape.
<p>Shigatse Large Cushion Cover</p>

Shigatse Large Cushion Cover

Price: ¥119
Large, handmade cushion cover from Shigatse.
Shigatse Small Cushion Cover&nbsp;
Shigatse Small Cushion Cover 
Price: ¥102
Small, hand-made cushion cover from Shigatse, with beautiful details and materials.
<p>Shigatse Table Blanket&nbsp;</p>

Shigatse Table Blanket 

Price: ¥239
Keep warm or protect yuour table from heat and wear with this hand-made square table blanket.  
<p>Tsedo &amp; Dawa Square Tray (small)&nbsp;</p>

Tsedo & Dawa Square Tray (small) 

Expertly carved and beautifully painted, this small tray brings an ornate piece of Tibetan culture into the room! Approx. 30cm across.
<p>Tsedo &amp; Dawa Octagonal Tray&nbsp;</p>

Tsedo & Dawa Octagonal Tray 

Hand-carved and hand-painted, each tray is unique; a variety of different colours and designs, subject to availability! Approx. 30cm across.
<p>Tsedo &amp; Dawa Square Tray (large)&nbsp;</p>

Tsedo & Dawa Square Tray (large) 

This heautifully hand-crafted tray was produced by Tsedo and Dawa.  Utilising the expert techniques of two craftsmen, each piece truly is a work of art! Approx 43cm across.
<p>Pu Hongxue Embroidered Coaster&nbsp;</p>

Pu Hongxue Embroidered Coaster 

Price: ¥69
Beautiful Coaster with flower motif designed and embroidered by Pu Hongxue!
<p>Yu Family Various Carved Leather Coasters&nbsp;</p>

Yu Family Various Carved Leather Coasters 

Price: $125 each
large (14cm) hand-carved leather coasters witha variety of designs.
Yu Family Coal Tit Carved Leather Coaster&nbsp;
Yu Family Coal Tit Carved Leather Coaster 
Price: ¥125
large (14cm) hand-carved leather coasters with bird and branch design.
LDWDC Placemats&nbsp;
LDWDC Placemats 
Price: ¥55
Cloth placemat coasters, hand-woven by the ladies of the LDWDC.
<p>LDWDC Coaster&nbsp;</p>

LDWDC Coaster 

Price: ¥20
Handmade and hand-wovencloth coaster, expertly hand-made by the ladies of the LDWDC.
Saoban Make Spoons Not War&nbsp;
Saoban Make Spoons Not War 
During the war of 1964-73 the equivalent of a planeload of bombs every 8 minutes, 24 hours a day for 9 years were dropped on Laos.  These products have been made from some of those bombs, reclaimed and melted down.
<p>Saoban Bamboo Straws</p>

Saoban Bamboo Straws

A plastic straw takes aboout 200 years to decompose, and cannot be recycled easily.  In 2017 390 million straws were used (and presumably thrown out) by Americans alone!  This environmentally-friendly straw can be washed and reused!
Handmade Cartoon Lip Balm
Handmade Cartoon Lip Balm
Fun lip balm aimed at children, though adults can use too! Handmade from gentle ingredients in Xichang, the proceeds from this healthy lip balm go to educate children from underprivileged families.
Camacraft Round Coasters&nbsp;
Camacraft Round Coasters 
Price: ¥68
Set of 6 round coasters, handmade by Camacraft.  Two colours available.  
Camacraft Square Coasters
Camacraft Square Coasters
Set of 6 square coasters, handmade by Camacraft. Two colours available.
Lauren Laos Coaster Sets&nbsp;
Lauren Laos Coaster Sets 
A project in Laos helping 10 women to earn a living through selling handcrafts.  Four beautifully embroidered coasters!
Handmade Lip Balm
Handmade Lip Balm
Price: ¥29 each
Handmade from gentle ingredients in Xichang, the proceeds from this healthy lip balm go to educate children from underprivileged families.
<p>Dancing Yak Large Yakwool Coaster</p>

Dancing Yak Large Yakwool Coaster

Price: ¥29 each
Larger (13.5cm) square coaster, harnessing the insulating properties of yakswool!
<p>Dancing Yak Small Yakwool Coaster&nbsp;</p>

Dancing Yak Small Yakwool Coaster 

Price: ¥25 each
Small (11.5cm) square yakswool coaster from Dancing Yak.
Dancing Yak Small Coaster Pair&nbsp;
Dancing Yak Small Coaster Pair 
Price: ¥22/pair
Colourful handmade coasters, 11.5cm square.
<p>MSI Yi Tissue Dispenser</p>

MSI Yi Tissue Dispenser

Price: ¥85
Tissue box cover featuring hand-embroidered Yi pattern in typically Yi colours.