Thanksgiving Products

Thanksgiving are a group of disabled leather workers from Chengdu.
Blue Sheep met some of them begging on the streets, and offered some people work. Those of the beggars who were interested were supplied with accomodation, and training in leather-working was organised so that they could earn their own way.
The team is smaller now, but they still produce great leather products at reasonable prices.
Browse Thanksgiving's products below and, if you see anything you like, make a note of the product name and click here to choose an ordering method!

<p>Wide Leather Belt&nbsp;</p>

Wide Leather Belt 

Price: ¥70-¥98 each
Wide leather belt, both in plain or patterned varieties, and in a range of colours.  New belt-holes can be added at request!
<p>Narrow Leather Belt&nbsp;</p>

Narrow Leather Belt 

Price: ¥70
Elegant hand-carved leather belts.  A  variety of colours and designs. New belt-holes can be added at request!
<p>Bus Card Sleeve&nbsp;</p>

Bus Card Sleeve 

Price: ¥80
Hand-carved leather picture adorns this card holder, designed for Metro/bus/IC cards.  Includes lanyard on request.
<p>ID Card Holder&nbsp;</p>

ID Card Holder 

Price: ¥15
Leatherette, bifold card holder with two clear window pockets.