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<p>Dropenling 'Boar From Kongpo' Soft Toy&nbsp;</p>

Dropenling 'Boar From Kongpo' Soft Toy 

Price: ¥356
A wild Tibetan pig with pangden detail on the belly!
<p>Dropenling Animal Felt Purse&nbsp;</p>

Dropenling Animal Felt Purse 

Price: ¥76
Cute animal purses with a Tibetan 'flavour'!
<p>Dropenling Misc Felt Purses&nbsp;</p>

Dropenling Misc Felt Purses 

Price: ¥58
Clouds and Seashells adorn these small Tibetan purses in a variety of colours!
<p>Dropenling Mastiff Soft Toy&nbsp;</p>

Dropenling Mastiff Soft Toy 

Price: ¥384
Distinctive Tibetan mastiff toy from Dropenling!
<p>Dropenling Sheeple Doll Family&nbsp;</p>

Dropenling Sheeple Doll Family 

Price: ¥501 each
Sheep/people hybrid dolls, featuring Mr. and Mrs. Sheeple!  
<p>Dropenling Horse Soft Toy&nbsp;</p>

Dropenling Horse Soft Toy 

Price: ¥358-¥541
Large, beautifully ornate creation from Dropenling!  Poseable limbs.
<p>Dropenling Tiger Soft Toy&nbsp;</p>

Dropenling Tiger Soft Toy 

Price: ¥501
Large tiger soft toy from Dropenling.  Moveable limbs.
<p>Sheep Soft Toy&nbsp;</p>

Sheep Soft Toy 

Price: ¥359
Unique poseable soft toy from Dropenling!  Two colours available - 'white' and 'red'.
<p>Small Dragon Finger Puppet&nbsp;</p>

Small Dragon Finger Puppet 

Price: ¥166
Small dragon toy from Dropenling.
Red or blue colours available.
Dropenling Monkey King Doll&nbsp;
Dropenling Monkey King Doll 
Price: ¥345
Sun Wukong, the monkey king!  Beautiful and Ornate doll from Dropenling
Mastiff Glove Puppet Toy&nbsp;
Mastiff Glove Puppet Toy 
Price: ¥186
A glove puppet modelled on the Tibetan mastiff!
<p>Dropenling Large Lion Soft Toy</p>

Dropenling Large Lion Soft Toy

Price: ¥501
Beautifully ornate soft toy with  poseable limbs from Dropenling.  'Fire' and 'Snow' colours available!
<p>Dropenling Small Lion Soft Toy&nbsp;</p>

Dropenling Small Lion Soft Toy 

Price: ¥338
Smaller lion soft toy with poseable limbs from Dropenling. 'Fire' and 'Snow' colours available!
Amdo Oven Gloves&nbsp;
Amdo Oven Gloves 
Price: ¥84 
Who thought baking could get any more fun?  Keep fingers from being burnt whilst wearing these fun mitts!
Amdo Yak Ornament &nbsp;
Amdo Yak Ornament  
Price: ¥131 (big), ¥111 (small)
Yak yak yak...
Amdo Coloured Sling&nbsp;
Amdo Coloured Sling 
Price: ¥51
Replica of Tibetan sling for hurling objects!  In several colours.
Amdo Plain Sling&nbsp;
Amdo Plain Sling 
Price: ¥49
Replica of traditional Tibetan sling!  Grey and white colouring 
<p>Amdo Knitted Teddy Bears&nbsp;</p>

Amdo Knitted Teddy Bears 

Price: ¥84-¥89
Hand-knitted teddy bears in Sister(small) of Brother(larger) varieties!
<p>Hearts &amp; Hands&nbsp;Pumpkin Pincushions&nbsp;</p>

Hearts & Hands Pumpkin Pincushions 

Price: ¥40
Ever-popular silk pincushion from Hearts & Hands!  Can be used as a storage device for needles and pins, or just left around the house beautifying the space!  
<p>Hearts &amp; Hands Turtle Pincushions&nbsp;</p>

Hearts & Hands Turtle Pincushions 

Price: ¥42
Popular among seamstresses, tailors, habidasheries and children alike!  A versatile, cute gift, suitable for everyone!
<p>Hearts &amp; Hands Bunny Rabbit Stuffed Toys&nbsp;&nbsp;</p>

Hearts & Hands Bunny Rabbit Stuffed Toys  

Price: ¥48
Bunnies!  Rabbits!  Available in a range of colours.  Handmade in Yunnan by Hearts&Hands 
<p>Hearts &amp; Hands Minority Group Dolls&nbsp;</p>

Hearts & Hands Minority Group Dolls 

Price: ¥105 each
Dolls wearing minority group costume - many different minorities available!
<p>Hearts &amp; Hands Horse Toys&nbsp;</p>

Hearts & Hands Horse Toys 

Price: ¥54(small) ¥76(large)
Ever-popular plush toy from Hearts&Hands, in two sizes.
<p>Hearts &amp; Hands Silk Christmas Stockings&nbsp;</p>

Hearts & Hands Silk Christmas Stockings 

Price: ¥85
Have you been naughty or nice?  Hang one of these on your mantle on Christmas Eve and find out(?)
Hearts &amp; Hands Reindeer Stuffed Toys&nbsp;
Hearts & Hands Reindeer Stuffed Toys 
Price: ¥53-¥125
Ever-popular reindeer toys/ornaments.  Smallest version available in a huge range of colours!  Own your own reindeer fleet!
<p>Hearts &amp; Hands Plush Christmas Tree&nbsp;</p>

Hearts & Hands Plush Christmas Tree 

Price: ¥128
Plush Christmas tree in silk with bells!
<p>Ms. Li Llamas</p>

Ms. Li Llamas

Price: ¥50
Handmade llama/alpaca soft toy from Ms. Li, available in two colours.  Very popular!
<p>Ms. Li Totoro&nbsp;</p>

Ms. Li Totoro 

Price: ¥60
Another popular soft toy from Ms. Li!  'Dragon cat' holding a parcel of...?
<p>Ms. Li Stuffed Cactus Desk Pals&nbsp;</p>

Ms. Li Stuffed Cactus Desk Pals 

Price: ¥39 each
These cheerful, plantpot-dwelling stuffed toys from Ms. Li make excellent desk 'pets'! 
<p>Small Nepalese Felt Animals&nbsp;</p>

Small Nepalese Felt Animals 

Price: ¥35 each
Ornaments hand-made from Nepalese felt!  Many different designs available.
<p>Medium Nepalese Felt Animals&nbsp;</p>

Medium Nepalese Felt Animals 

Price: ¥45 each
Larger ornaments hand-made from Nepalese felt!  Many different designs available.
<p>Large Felt Animals&nbsp;</p>

Large Felt Animals 

Price: ¥50 each
Largest onaments hand-made from Nepalese felt!  Many different designs available.
<p>Nepalese Felt Keyrings&nbsp;</p>

Nepalese Felt Keyrings 

Price: ¥20
A huge variety of animals and more attached to keyring, fashioned from Nepalese felt.
<p>Nepalese Felt Animal Puppets&nbsp;</p>

Nepalese Felt Animal Puppets 

Price: ¥20-¥35
A huge variety of animal puppets hand-fashioned from Nepalese felt.
<p>Tibetan Doll Soft Toys&nbsp;</p>

Tibetan Doll Soft Toys 

Price: ¥416-501
Beautifully tibetan handmade dolls!  A variety of styles.
Rocking Yak Knitted Yak Toy&nbsp;
Rocking Yak Knitted Yak Toy 
Price: ¥195
Just like the real thing! 
' This yak is small,
those yaks are far away...'
<p>Turtles and Bears (Oh My!)&nbsp;</p>

Turtles and Bears (Oh My!) 

Price: ¥120 each (1 turt+1 bear)
These cute turtles come with a soft little bear inside just for fun!
<p>Monk Soft Toy&nbsp;</p>

Monk Soft Toy 

Price: ¥266
Monks sitting on mats, in a huge variety of poses, from Dropenling!
<p>Sheeple Baby Doll&nbsp;</p>

Sheeple Baby Doll 

Price: ¥186
Possibly the cutest thing made by dropenling: a baby blue sheep!