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<p>Xiaoqin Framed Quilling Picture</p>

Xiaoqin Framed Quilling Picture

Price: ¥398
Wonderfully designed and meticulously hand-made by Xiaoqin! 

3D quilling artwork. 

SY "Rachel" Watercolour Painting <span style="font-style: italic;">Bees and Peony</span>
SY "Rachel" Watercolour Painting Bees and Peony
Price: ¥249
SY also plays piano very well.  Painting is but one of her artistic talents!  We are proud to be able to sell her paintings.  
<p>MSI Small Framed Yi Embroidery&nbsp;</p>

MSI Small Framed Yi Embroidery 

Price: ¥100
Traditional hand-embroiderd Yi pattern, framed.
<p>MSI "Love" Framed Yi Embroidery&nbsp;</p>

MSI "Love" Framed Yi Embroidery 

Price: ¥150
Chinese "Love" character in hand-embroiderd Yi colours, framed .
<p>Wendy Glyde Chicken Framed Print&nbsp;</p>

Wendy Glyde Chicken Framed Print 

Price: ¥58
Framed print of chicken artwork by Wendy glyde.

A huge variety of card-framed prints of Wendy's artwork are available.

<p>Wendy Glyde Original Artwork!&nbsp;</p>

Wendy Glyde Original Artwork! 

Price: ¥249
Hand-painted pictures, expertly designed and made by Wendy. Own a true original work of art! Now framed and ready to hang on your wall.
<p>Wendy Glyde Printed Greetings Cards</p>

Wendy Glyde Printed Greetings Cards

Price: ¥15 each
Wendy's artwork has also been reproduced in the form of these greetings cards. 

A huge variety of designs are available. 

Wendy Glyde Pheasants Framed Print&nbsp;
Wendy Glyde Pheasants Framed Print 
Price: ¥58
Framed print of golden pheasant  artwork by Wendy glyde. 

 A huge variety of card-framed prints of Wendy's artwork are available.

<p>Quilling Bookmarks by Xiaoqin</p>

Quilling Bookmarks by Xiaoqin

Price: ¥25 each
Hand-quilled wooden bookmarks by Xiaoqin(Gale),
each comes in its own envelope!
<p>Framed Quilling  Pictures by Xiaoqin</p>

Framed Quilling Pictures by Xiaoqin

Price: ¥365
Painstakingly hand-quilled artwork by Gail (Xiaoqin)
<p>Xiaoqin Framed Quilling Noah's Ark Picture&nbsp;</p>

Xiaoqin Framed Quilling Noah's Ark Picture 

Price: ¥365
A very popular picture, especially with our CEO, Ray!
<p>Hearts &amp; Hands Circle of Friends Quilt&nbsp;</p>

Hearts & Hands Circle of Friends Quilt 

Price: ¥144
Just one of a huge range of square pictoral quilts. 
<p>Hearts &amp; Hands Quilted Wall Hangings&nbsp;</p>

Hearts & Hands Quilted Wall Hangings 

Price: ¥144
A huge variety of designs in Chinese or English.  
<p>Embroidery by Granny Wong</p>

Embroidery by Granny Wong

Price: ¥200
Meticulously hand-embroidered designs by Granny Wong! A variety of designs available
Coloured Hand-Cut Picture by Liangxue (landscape)&nbsp;&nbsp;
Coloured Hand-Cut Picture by Liangxue (landscape)  
Price: ¥520
Expertly cut and coloured by Liangxue, master paper-cutter! 
Small Hand-Cut Picture by Liangxue&nbsp;
Small Hand-Cut Picture by Liangxue 
Price: ¥45
A huge variety of designs available, framed in a glass presentation frame.  
Hearts &amp; Hands Christmas Quilts&nbsp;
Hearts & Hands Christmas Quilts 
Price: ¥144-¥345
Nativity, 'Merry Christmas' (in English or Chinese), and 'Star/Angel/Mary' designs, and many more!