Hearts & Hands Products

Hearts and Hands is a social enterprise serving the deaf and disabled community in Kunming, China. It was founded in 2000 with the hope of giving a better future for those who are disadvantaged in Kunming.
Today, their team has grown to 25, creating beautiful products that are sold around the world. Their workers are all deaf or disabled from local communities in the Yunnan province. It is their goal to continue to provide a safe and healthy working environment for the staff, along with fair wages and adequate training - at the same time producing high-quality products. 
Browse Hearts & Hands' products below and, if you see anything you like, make a note of the product name and click here to choose an ordering method!

<p>Silk Tie&nbsp;</p>

Silk Tie 

Price: ¥33 each
A range of bright ties from Hearts & Hands!.
<p>Assorted Decorations&nbsp;</p>

Assorted Decorations 

Price: ¥25/set of 4
Various hand-made decorations for your tree, or just around the house!  Wholesale price available on leaf ornaments while stocks last!.
<p>Underwear bag!</p>

Underwear bag!

NEW LOW Price: ¥29 each!
Keep your pants safe in this bag featuring lingerie pattern in a range of colours!
<p>Hand-made wallets&nbsp;</p>

Hand-made wallets 

NEW LOW Price: ¥30-¥40 each!
Made from silk or 'minority' fabrics, these wallets come with or without ID windows.  Many colours available!
<p>Tablet Wallet&nbsp;</p>

Tablet Wallet 

NEW LOW Price: ¥46 each!
Functional and beautiful, this hand-made iPad sleeve features many pockets and trifold design..
<p>Multipurpose Tray&nbsp;</p>

Multipurpose Tray 

Price: ¥25 each
Can be used to hold small change, keys, or play dice-realted tabletop games!  many colours, reversible design.
<p>Silk Bathrobe</p>

Silk Bathrobe

Price: ¥149
Several colours available!
Wine Bottle Gift Bag&nbsp;
Wine Bottle Gift Bag 
LOW Price: ¥25 each
A range of colours available, make that wine gift even more special with this re-usable gift bag!  Pass it on...
<p>'Yunnique' Coffee Beans 454g&nbsp;</p>

'Yunnique' Coffee Beans 454g 

Price: ¥85/bag
Expertly roasted coffee beans from Yunnan.  Having tasted these in our own shop, we can vouch for their quality and flavour!  Medium or dark roast.
<p>'Yunnique' Drip Coffee&nbsp;</p>

'Yunnique' Drip Coffee 

Price: ¥68/box 10
Convenient drip coffee bags from Yunnique (Hearts & Hands team). Medium or dark roast available.
<p>Handy Travel Organiser</p>

Handy Travel Organiser

Original Price: ¥60 NOW ¥30 each!
This handy, small sling bag opens up to reveal two zippered pockets (big enough for passport and travel documents) and many slots.  
<p>Quilted Wall Hangings&nbsp;</p>

Quilted Wall Hangings 

Price: ¥144- ¥260
A huge variety of designs in Chinese or English.  


Price: ¥17/pair
Silk chopstick cover and one pair of chopsticks.  A huge array of colours!  Convenient take-home gift for holiday-makers!  
<p>Oven Gloves&nbsp;</p>

Oven Gloves 

Price: ¥139/pair
We use these to bake our cakes, so we know they work well!  Well insulated, comfortable and flexible for ease of use.
<p>Silk Cushion Covers&nbsp;</p>

Silk Cushion Covers 

Price: ¥95 each
Square cushion covers in a variety of colours.
<p>Circle of Friends Quilt&nbsp;</p>

Circle of Friends Quilt 

Price: ¥260
Just one of a huge range of square pictorial quilts. 
<p>Minority Group Dolls&nbsp;</p>

Minority Group Dolls 

Price: ¥105 each
Dolls wearing minority group costume - many different minorities available!
Bottle Cover Costumes!&nbsp;
Bottle Cover Costumes! 
Original Price:¥60 NOW ¥49 each!
A fun gift!  Silk costumes designed as pairs, one male and one female.  Many different colours available!
<p>Turtle Pincushions&nbsp;</p>

Turtle Pincushions 

Popular among seamstresses, tailors, haberdasheries and children alike!  A versatile, cute gift, suitable for everyone!
Photo Frames&nbsp;
Photo Frames 
Price: ¥29-¥60
Photo frames hand-made from silk or other cloth.  A variety of colours and sizes!
<p>Silk Purses&nbsp;</p>

Silk Purses 

Original Price:¥39 NOW ¥25 each!
Perfect for cosmetics, crayons, coins, keys or other, smaller purses(!)
<p>Silk Pencil Cases</p>

Silk Pencil Cases

Original Price:¥40 NOW ¥30 each!
Available in a huge range of colours to match chopsticks, purses etc.
<p>Long Wallet&nbsp;</p>

Long Wallet 

Original Price: ¥64-¥72 NOW ¥39-¥49 each!
Available in plain or deluxe (with clear ID pocket) varieties.
<p>Diaper/Nappy Bags&nbsp;</p>

Diaper/Nappy Bags 

Price: ¥115-¥130 each
Large or Small sizes available.
<p>Greetings Cards With Silk&nbsp;</p>

Greetings Cards With Silk 

Original Price: ¥22 Now ¥18 each!
A variety of designs for a variety of occasions! 
Greetings Cards&nbsp;
Greetings Cards 
Original Price: ¥12 NOW ¥10 each!
'Bicycle', 'Hello', 'Thanks' varieties and many more!
<p>Plain Greetings Cards&nbsp;</p>

Plain Greetings Cards 

Original Price: ¥15 NOW ¥12 each!
A range of printed cards on brown or white card!
<p>Nativity Christmas Card&nbsp;</p>

Nativity Christmas Card 

Price: ¥25
Hand-cut and pasted material in the nativity design!
<p>Wallet Purse</p>

Wallet Purse

Original Price: ¥153 NOW ¥90 each!
Wallet-style purse with long strap for convenient use, suitable for travel documents, cash and more! 
<p>'Tricolour' Moon Bag</p>

'Tricolour' Moon Bag

NEW LOW Price: ¥56 each!
Cross-body style bag for all your daily-carried things!  Available in two colours.
<p>Shopping Totes&nbsp;</p>

Shopping Totes 

Price: ¥80 each
Save plastic, save the planet with these re-usable shopping bags!  Sturdy and comfortable.
<p>Crossbody 'Moon' Bag</p>

Crossbody 'Moon' Bag

Price: ¥169
A smaller 'Moon' bag in the cross-body style, for smaller objects or a smaller number of larger objects(!)
<p>Floral Side Bag&nbsp;</p>

Floral Side Bag 

Price: ¥68
Simple design at a low price!
<p>Plush Christmas ‘Jester Bell’&nbsp;</p>

Plush Christmas ‘Jester Bell’ 

Price: ¥109 each
Plush Christmas decoration in three colours of silk with bells!
Christmas Quilts&nbsp;
Christmas Quilts 
Price: ¥144-¥419
Nativity, 'Merry Christmas' (in English or Chinese), and 'Star/Angel/Mary' designs, and many more!
Silk Table Runners&nbsp;
Silk Table Runners 
Price: ¥279
Long silk table runner to embellish any tabletop!  Available in many colurs!
<p>Pumpkin Pincushions&nbsp;</p>

Pumpkin Pincushions 

Price: ¥40-60 each
Ever-popular silk pincushion from Hearts & Hands!  Can be used as a storage device for needles and pins, or just left around the house beautifying the space!  
<p>Silk Christmas Stockings&nbsp;</p>

Silk Christmas Stockings 

Price: ¥85 each
Have you been naughty or nice?  Hang one of these on your mantle on Christmas Eve and find out(?)
<p>Christmas Wreaths&nbsp;</p>

Christmas Wreaths 

Price: ¥369
Available in Large and Small varieties.  
Little Picture Frames&nbsp;
Little Picture Frames 
NEW LOW Price: ¥18 each
Perfect for displaying little pictures around the house or on the tree! 
<p>Nativity Set&nbsp;</p>

Nativity Set 

Price: ¥699
Deluxe set, includes wooden 'stable' which folds for convenience of storage.  Can feature Chinese Mary and Joseph!
<p>'Christmas' Tablecloth&nbsp;</p>

'Christmas' Tablecloth 

Price: ¥252
Festive colours adorn this special tablecloth from Hearts&Hands!
<p>Silk Placemat Sets</p>

Silk Placemat Sets

Price: ¥276
set includes: 6 each of placemats and coasters to match.Available in a huge range of colours, inluding blue, red/black (pictured), green and more!
<p>Embroidered Decorations&nbsp;</p>

Embroidered Decorations 

Price: ¥32 each
Expertly hand-embroidered in Yunnan by a team of artisans, many of whom have a hearing impairment.