Zhangwei Products

Zhangwei was born with a degenerative muscle disease, so his body is increasingly weak. Despite this, he has learnt how to do leatherwork, and has won countless prizes for his beautiful handiwork, including in Australia. He now also trains others to work with leather. He plans in the near future to open a workshop in Chengdu.
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NEWS (2021): many of Zhangwei's products are out of stock, but it may be possible to make them to order. Please contact us for stock levels and further information.
Leather Tote
Leather Tote
Price: ¥986
Shop in style with this beautifully decorated leather bag fro m Zhangwei and his team. 
Cat Handbag 
Cat Handbag 
Price: ¥986
A handmade leather handbag form Zhangwei, featuring elegant design, and a hand-carved 'escaping cat' flower motif.
<p>Dog Handbag</p>

Dog Handbag

Price: ¥986
Beautifully crafted, detailed and sturdy handbag from Zhangwei in blue or pink of colous.
Leather and Agate Necklace&nbsp;
Leather and Agate Necklace 
Price: ¥78 each
New to 2021, these necklaces are hand-made from high quality leather by Zhangwei in a variety of colours. 
Monster Keyrings&nbsp;
Monster Keyrings 
Price: ¥59 each
Containers for small coins or jewellery, or simply a fun dangle accessory, these zip-mouthed keyrings are eye opening!  
Carved Leather Cat Wallet
Carved Leather Cat Wallet
Price: ¥569
Another great wallet from Zhangwei with a new design.  Incorporates a cat into the detailed design.
Carved Leather Rose Organiser&nbsp;
Carved Leather Rose Organiser 
Price: ¥719
This organiser from Zhangwei features a beautifully hand-carved rose motif, and storage space for cards, cash and more!
Carved Leather Wallets&nbsp;
Carved Leather Wallets 
Price: ¥569 each
Experytly carved long wallets from Zhangwei, several designs available.
Zipped Key Holders
Zipped Key Holders
Price: ¥126 each
Simple but durable, the high-quality leather of these hand-made key holders will bnecome comfortably softer during long use! 
Carved Leather Floral Wallet&nbsp;
Carved Leather Floral Wallet 
Price: ¥449
A Wallet from Zhangwei with a  hand-carved floral pattern.  Incredible attention to detail and the best quality of leather.
Card Holder&nbsp;
Card Holder 
Price: ¥90
A beautifully crafted leather credit card/namecard holder  from Zhangwei. Various colours available.