White Yak Products

The White Yak is an ethical textile and leather goods company committed to empowering the peoples of the Himalayas through combining traditional textiles with modern designs.
White Yak products are derived from two primary sources. The pangden (Tibetan apron cloth) is designed, handwoven, and worn by the the women of each Tibetan ethnic group. Each pangden possesses distinct characteristics to communicate the woman's marital status and place of origin. Every pangden used is directly purchased from the women who have handcrafted them.
The leather is sourced from M/s. Sheong Shi Tannery, which is an ethical, fair wage tannery. Patrick Lee who owns the tannery goes above and beyond to create what is called "eco leather" which means he takes into account the environmental impacts of his tannery and works to minimize them. For example, what makes White Yak leather different is that it is not treated by any harsh chemicals that most other leathers are treated with, and is instead treated with natural vegetable extracts. This gives the leather a more natural look and feel.
White Yak believe the best way to positively impact the community they are a part of is to create a sustainable business model, provide dignified jobs, pay fair wages, and offer ways for employees to grow and learn in skills that allow them to provide for themselves.
White Yak's vision is the improvement of life for those we are working with in Nepal. Whether it be monetary stability or learning skills, White Yak believe everyone deserves the chance to know their true worth.
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<p>White Yak Carry-all Leather Bag&nbsp;&nbsp;</p>

White Yak Carry-all Leather Bag  

Price: ¥1799
Perfect for keeping all your essentials to hand all day.  Made of eco-friendly leather (75%) and woolen or synthetic pangden (25%).
<p>White Yak Leather Saddle Bag</p>

White Yak Leather Saddle Bag

Price: ¥1199 each
Functonal and unique.  Made of eco-friendly leather (67%) and woolen or synthetic pangden (33%). Interior zip pocket and exterior pocket.
<p>White Yak Envelope Clutch&nbsp;</p>

White Yak Envelope Clutch 

Price: ¥749 each
Can fit mini tablet or e-reader.  Made of eco-friendly leather (75%) and woolen or synthetic pangden (25%). Each is hand crafted and may vary slightly.
<p>White Yak Leather Tote Bag</p>

White Yak Leather Tote Bag

Price: ¥1499 each
Meet your new favourite tote!  Between the expertly crafted, handwoven pangden (25%) and the high quality, eco-friendly leather (75%) you can expect this tote to only look better with age.