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2019 China Social Impact Awards

We are excited to be named as a finalist for the 2019 China Social Impact Awards – Poverty Alleviation Award organised by the British Chamber of Commerce in China and partnered with the UN. The Awards recognise and celebrate the efforts and achievements of companies of all industries and sizes to have a positive impact on society and the environment in China. We look forward to the final results on the 7th November at the Gala dinner! 

 我们很高兴能够入围由英国商会与联合国合作举办的2019年中国社会影响力奖–扶贫奖的决赛。该奖项旨在表彰各行各业的公司对中国社会和环境产生积极影响的努力和成就。 我们期待11月7日晚宴的最终结果!