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Donations arrive at Liangshan!

Recently, Blue Sheep heard that a school in Liangshan was in need of some supplies - namely personal care products such as soap and toothpaste, and some toys and materials for education.  We sent the news out to our friends on social media, and all of the things needed had arrived from kind-hearted donors one day later!  Stuff continued to roll in for about a week after, and in the end three cars were needed to take all the things and a team of volunteers to the school!

The photo shows donations being unloaded in Liangshan.

Liangshan is an area currently still developing, and many of the roads were thick with mud, which made the travel there trecherous!  However, Blue Sheep staff member Sherap did eventually arrive at the destination with the other volunteers, and the kind donations.  The children in the school were overjoyed!  

Thanks to everyone who donated, and for the team of volunteers who told us about the needs there, and for enabling the event!  We look forward to hearing Sherap's stories when she arrives back in Chengdu!