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Joy's Story!

Here is a story of Ray's friends - an example of amazing perseverance in the face of adversity and cheerfulness against the odds.

Joy was buried underneath the rubble of her house for 4 days during the 2008 Wenchuan earthquake. After she was rescued, she was sent to Chengdu for treatment. Unfortunately, she lost one arm and both legs. This did not defeat her, and she was determined to help others who also suffer from disability. Now unable to sew, she has become an inspiration to others and, well supported by her husband, is the President of 10 NGOs that do great work in partnership with the Dujiangyen Federation for the Disabled. They provide a range of activities and make various handcrafts including Qiang embroidery, and can give training in leather craft. They also provide daily care for mentally challenged children. Blue Sheep is happy to work with them and support those who are overcoming such adversities to improve their lives and their own economy. 

Joy, her English name, is very apt for her. Her face glows with a ready smile, despite her struggle with daily living activities.