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Archived: A Sheepish Update! 2018-07-11

Feeling slightly 'sheepish', as it has been such a long time since the last blog post... 

So much has happened since the last post that it is hard to know where to start. We have expanded into what was the noodle shop next-door. There are many new products from our producers, and some products made by new friends, too. 

Our menu has also expanded; we currently have affogato, kefir drinks, and smoothies on the menu, and often have limited specials like fresh-baked cakes and civet coffee! 

 We are currently preparing to offer 'experiences' through Airbnb, featuring craft lessons with producers, mushroom cultivation and tea ceremonies. Many old friends have left us, but many new friends have arrived to help here, and we continue to meet interesting customers and visitors - including those brave enough to try civet coffee! 

 Come and visit us in store for a warm welcome and more about how Blue Sheep continues to support disadvantaged people in China and abroad.