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Archived: Introducing Pu Hongxue 2018-01-14

Blue Sheep are proud to introduce our newest producer: Pu Hongxue. 

In 2008, Pu Hongxue was 15 years old. While she attended class, a huge earthquake rocked her hometown of Beichuan. Of her class of 52, she was one of only 7 survivors.Trapped in the rubble for 72 hours, she was rescued, but needed 14 operations to treat her injuries. Her wounds were so badly infected that her left arm and right leg needed to be amputated. 

Hongxue learnt Qiang embroidery at a young age. When she graduated from university, she resolved to help to preserve the traditional skill of Qiang embroidery by designing and embroidering products for sale.Despite her limitations, she now painstakingly embroiders motifs of her own design onto these beautiful products. 

Pu Hongxue is an inspiration in her bravery and determination, and we are delighted to support her endeavours. Come to Blue Sheep to see Hongxue's handicrafts!