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Recycled Skateboard Pens by Eugene Yu

The Yu Family continue to demonstrate their creativity and industriousness! 

Eugene, the eldest of the three Yu children, suffers from Beta Talassemia and, along with his mother, began making leather crafts to support himself and his family.  His condition means that he needs regular, expensive blood transfusions in order to survive.

This latest craft is a pen made from old skateboard plywood; maple ply dyed in a variety of colours.  He glues many pieces of the wood together, along with hardwood 'plug' at each end of each oiece, before turning on a lathe. The result is beautiful!

Eugene has already turned many pieces from the wood given to him just a few days ago!  The broken skateboards from which the pens were made came from local Chengdu skate shop called Flow, who helped us to find the pieces with the most vibrant colours!

Thanks to both Flow and the Yu family for their help!