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Yang Chenhui's Therapy

If you've ever wondered what happens to Blue Sheep's net profits, this story is one example!

We met Yang Chenhui (pictured, before and after therapy) on a bridge in Chengdu, where she was singing Karaoke.  We gave her a namecard and invited her to come to our shop to visit when she had spare time.

When she did visit Blue Sheep with her mother, she told us more about herself.  Yang Chenhui has Cerebal Palsy and this has affected her speech and movement.  She spends her time singing for hours every night on the bridge in Chengdu where we met her, relying on donations from her busking to support herself.  

Being very good at connecting people, Dr. Ray put Yang Chenhui in touch with a group of Therapists,  who offered to treat her at reduced costs, provided that Yang Chenhui and her mother contributed something to the cost.  Blue Sheep decided to donate the majority of the costs and the deposit (for some specialist therapy equipment to use) to help Chenhui in her endeavours.  

As the therapy began, Yang Chenhui needed to persist, practising her exercises for hours every day, and having facetime lessons over the internet.  

After only 3 months of therapy, Chenhui has improved her abilities and motion immensely already!  Before beginning therapy, she was unable to lift a glass to her mouth to drink; she had to lower her head to the glass by bending her neck.  Now her posture looks great, and she is able to lift a glass to her mouth to drink!  We hope she will continue to improve, and Blue Sheep will continue to help her with her therapy costs.