Freeleaf Products

75% of trafficking victims are women and girls. 1 in 3 women globally experience sexual or physical abuse. Risk factors include poverty, low education, previous abuse, gender inequality and disabilities.
Freeleaf provide economic empowerment through employment with fair wages and fair working conditions, as well as holistic care. Freeleaf also provide support and encouragement as their employees overcome their history of abuse.
Feeleaf products are all handmade by women and knotted from a single strand to symbolise the potential of a life being shaped into something extraordinary. As well as helping to support hard-working women, each product is also beautiful & unique.
Browse Freeleaf products below and, if you see anything you like, make a note of the product name and click here to choose an ordering method!
<p>Bag Hanger</p>

Bag Hanger

Price: ¥75
A perfect accessory for the ethical shopper, these dangles come in a variety of colours and are all expertly hand-woven by the female  artisans at Freeleaf.
Jute Keyring&nbsp;
Jute Keyring 
Price: ¥32
Entry-level Freeleaf product that you can carry with you everywhere, reminding you of the women at  Freeleaf who turn out these beautiful products; symbol of hope.
"Dignity" Plant Hanger&nbsp;
"Dignity" Plant Hanger 
Price: ¥145
Part of Freeleaf's expanding home decor range, this hand-knotted, ethical hanger helps to support rescued women and girls.
<p>'In The Loop' Earrings</p>

'In The Loop' Earrings

Price: ¥129/pair
Not only beautiful, but a great conversation starter to bring your friends "in the loop" on the issue of justice in our world! Hand crafted from rose gold plated metal and string from a local merchant. 3.5cm in diameter. Available in olive, teal, black, mustard or green.
<p>Journey Necklace&nbsp;</p>

Journey Necklace 

Price: ¥199 each
Help rescued girls to stand firm and achieve their dreams.
<p>Carrick Bracelets&nbsp;</p>

Carrick Bracelets 

Price: ¥98 each
Italian cord and copper plated clasp.  Purchases help artisans to support themselves.
<p>Trio Necklace&nbsp;</p>

Trio Necklace 

Price: ¥188 each
Available in a variety of colours,  Purchases help artisans to support themselves.
<p>Tassel Earrings</p>

Tassel Earrings

Price: ¥83/pair
If you're looking for sass and color these tassel earrings are for you! Each earring is hand crafted from rose gold plated metal and string from our local merchant. Approx. 3" long. Burgundy, mustard, teal, green, and black.
Freeleaf Trivets&nbsp;
Freeleaf Trivets 
Price: ¥109 each
Hand-woven large placemat coasters, each made from a single thread of either jute or cotton. Approx 23cm across.
Big Jute Bowl
Big Jute Bowl
Price: ¥147
Large bowl made from a single jute rope.  Purchases help to support hard-working artisans. Approx. 21cm across.
<p>Jute Placemat</p>

Jute Placemat

Price: ¥150
Large Jute placemat woven from a single thread.  One of the larger Freeleaf items, new to Blue Sheep for 2020! Approx. 38cm across.
<p>Eternity Necklace&nbsp;</p>

Eternity Necklace 

Price: ¥188 each
Available in various colours.  Purchases help artisans to support themselves.
<p>Cotton Coasters (Set of 4)</p>

Cotton Coasters (Set of 4)

Price: ¥178
Cotton coasters hand-made from a single thread!  Purchases help disadvanaged women to overcome their problems to become independent. Approx 14cm across.
Monkey Knot Bowl
Monkey Knot Bowl
Price: ¥149
Can be used to hold your keys, small change or succulents!  Purchases help to support hard-working artisans. Approx. 21cm across.