Hands of Hope Products

Hands of Hope creates uniquely designed products to support the livelihood of women with disabilities in China. At Hands of Hope, the women who stitch these fabric creations are transformed through the provision of housing, technical training and steady income. You can join them in changing lives by purchasing their products.
Hands of Hope started as a small sewing school where women affected by leprosy could learn marketable skills, enabling them to care for their families. The project began in the mid-1990s when founder Ruth Winslow travelled throughout China with a medical team to provide treatment for people living in leprosy rehabilitation villages. During these visits, Ruth heard stories from numerous women who faced discrimination because of this disease. Many of them were illiterate with very few skills, and left without any means to provide for themselves or their children,
Heartbroken by this reality, Ruth started a sewing school as a place where these women could gain self-esteem and learn new skills. Through this project more than 100 women were taught to sew and started home businesses or found work in nearby factories. Eventually, this project developed into the micro-enterprise known as Hands of Hope.
Today, the women with whom Hands of Hope work endure a variety of disabilities including scoliosis, polio and severe burn injuries.
Browse a selection of Hands of Hope products below. Remember that purchases help disadvantaged artisans to support themselves, and profits go to help those in need!
Brocade Jewelry Bags 
Brocade Jewelry Bags 
Price: ¥68 each
Beautiful and practical.  Drawstring closing jewelry bags can also be used for carrying other delicates, like small teacups or rice bowls.  
<p>Duffel Travel Bag</p>

Duffel Travel Bag

Price: ¥309
Large travel bag, very durable.  High wuality manufacture and beautifully lined interior.  Several colours available (straps).
<p>Adventure Travel Set&nbsp;</p>

Adventure Travel Set 

Price: ¥426
Includes toiletries bag, small packing cube, large packing cube, zippered accessories bag, passport cover, luggage nametag and cotton shoe bag.
<p>Glamour Travel Set&nbsp;</p>

Glamour Travel Set 

Price: ¥426
Includes: large cosmetic bag, small cosmetic bag, drawstirng lingerie bag, jewelry bag, eye mask, luggage nametag and cotton shoe bag!