Kadhak Products

Kadhak means 'primordially pure' in Tibetan language. As the name implies, Kadhak is dedicated to working towards creating a better world in their small way, hoping for a lasting positive impact.
Kadhak was founded in 2018 by a Tibetan woman with the purpose of addressing the limited opportunities which Tibetan women face on the plateau. Without safe and sustainable opportunities for economic and life choices, women remain subjected to outdated attitudes that define what they can and cannot do.
At the same time, Kadhak deeply values the harmonious, communal and nature-based way of life of their nomadic community and seek to preserve these practices while sharing traditional holistic culture.
Through primarily engagin women with near-home income opportunities and skill training that will enhance their economic independence and self-worth, Kadhak creates a range of locally sourced, sustainable organic products like yak milk soaps, moisturisers, chapsticks, lip balm, perfume, apple cider vinegar, apple wine and jams.
All their products are hand-made with love and care using the most natural local ingredients, many of which are harvested in the wild. No parabens, animal fat, petrolium, GMOs or preservatives are used.
Kadhak aims not only to have a positive impact on the lives of women on the plateau, but also to create an alternative choice for customers; an opportunity to purchase an ethical, organic product that is good for you and the environment.
Browse Kadhak's products below and, if you see anything you like, make a note of the product name and click here to choose an ordering method!
<p>Kadhak Yak Butter and Charcoal Soap&nbsp;</p>

Kadhak Yak Butter and Charcoal Soap 

Price: ¥68
Helps to deep clean while reducing the size of pores!  Absorbs dirt and oil from the skin.  100g.
<p>Kadhak Yak Butter and Barley Soap&nbsp;</p>

Kadhak Yak Butter and Barley Soap 

Price: ¥68
Made from a blend of yak butter and oils, infused with crushed barley to gently exfoliate, leaving skin feeling clean and fresh! 100g
<p>Kadhak Honey and Yak Butter Soap</p>

Kadhak Honey and Yak Butter Soap

Price: ¥68
Honey has  anti-ageing, acne-fighting and clarifying properties which combine in this soap with the soothing, moisturising properties of yak butter.  Skin feels nourished and pampered!
<p>Kadhak Sky Blue Soap</p>

Kadhak Sky Blue Soap

Price: ¥68
Contains olive oil, sweet almond oil, grapeseed oil, coconut and palm tree oils as well as yak butter and organic essential oils.
<p>Kadhak Charcoal Yak Milk Soap&nbsp;</p>

Kadhak Charcoal Yak Milk Soap 

Price: ¥45
Organic, ethically traded, and gently exfoliating!
<p>Kadhak Goat Milk Baby Soaps&nbsp;</p>

Kadhak Goat Milk Baby Soaps 

Price: ¥55 each
Turquoise necklace with a large beautiful stone pendant available, all hand-made by Dawa.
<p>Kadhak Yak Butter Chapstick (Sea Buckthorn)</p>

Kadhak Yak Butter Chapstick (Sea Buckthorn)

Price: ¥68
With moisturising yak butter and vitamin E to help moisturise chapped lips.  Helps to shield the lips from the effects of the cold of Tibetan plateau! 
<p>Kadhak Yak Butter Chapstick (Original)&nbsp;</p>

Kadhak Yak Butter Chapstick (Original) 

Price: ¥68
With moisturising yak butter and vitamin E to help moisturise chapped lips.  Helps to shield the lips from the effects of the cold of Tibetan plateau! 
<p>Kadhak Rose Yak Milk Soap</p>

Kadhak Rose Yak Milk Soap

Price: ¥45
Fragrant soap made from all natural ingredients by Kadhak Organics. 
<p>Kadhak Gardenia Yak Milk Soap&nbsp;</p>

Kadhak Gardenia Yak Milk Soap 

Price: ¥45
Gently scented, all-natural yak milk soap to moisturise and protect.
<p>Kadhak Sandalwood Yak Milk Soap</p>

Kadhak Sandalwood Yak Milk Soap

Price: ¥45
Aromatic and suitable for men and women alike, this organic soap is a great buy.
<p>Kadhak Lavender Yak Milk Soap&nbsp;</p>

Kadhak Lavender Yak Milk Soap 

Price: ¥45
With both the moisturising benefits of organic yak milk, and the soothing effect of lavender.